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March 10, 2017

Are we facing a future without antibiotics?

Spider web of cancer proteins reveals new drug possibilities

Toddlers with autism don't avoid eye contact but do miss its significance

Study determines how long Zika virus remains in body fluids


October 24, 2016

Sustained control of SIV achieved through antibody supplement to drug therapy

Bile acid uptake inhibitors may prevent nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Vaccine may be achievable against many cold viruses at once

Annual Emory research funding tops $574.6 million


August 1, 2016

New Drugs Work with the Immune System to Fight Cancer

After Heart Attack, Chymase Inhibitors Could Extend Cell Survival

Learning How Zika Enters the Placenta Could Help with Vaccines, Drugs

How a Natural Sugar Could Help Preserve Brain Cells


May 19, 2016

Zika Research Shows How Virus Could Affect the Developing Brain

Elevated troponin linked to mental stress ischemia in heart disease

Fooling the Test: Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria May Look Susceptible

Probiotics stop menopause-like bone loss in mice


February 16, 2016

New Clinical Trials Website Creates Easy Access to Nearly 1,000 Emory Studies

Prairie Voles' Consoling Behavior Could Lead to Autism Insights

Emory Researchers Play Key Role in Development of Better Transplant Drug

Inflammation Biomarkers Could Guide Depression Treatment


December 11, 2015

Simple Blood Test Could Predict Future Kidney Disease

Brain's "Failure to Communicate" in Depression is Linked to Inflammation

Statin Use May Negatively Impact Effects of Flu Vaccination

Orange Lichens Are Source for Potential Anti-Cancer Drug


September 11, 2015

A year after first patients, a dedicated team reflects on its success, while continuing research and training

Ebola virus hides in a recovered patient's eye, nearly stealing his sight

Banked blood and plasma from Ebola survivors fuels continuing research

Year-long timeline chronicles patient care, research, training, partnerships


May 29, 2015

Gates Foundation names Emory Global Health Institute as lead partner in network to track and reduce childhood mortality

Clinical trial uses patients' cells to fight complications of bone marrow transplant

Measles causes long-lasting effects of "immune amnesia"

New Molecular Approach Promotes Death of Lung Cancer Cells


February 27, 2015

NIH Partnership Aims to Stop Tuberculosis by Unraveling Immune Responses in Latent and Active Cases

Survival of Premature Infants Increases, with Fewer Dying of Lung Problems

Salt Intake Among Older Americans Not Linked to Heart Disease or Death

Rapidly Replicating HIV Strains Drive Inflammation and Disease Progression


January 9, 2015

Emory-Developed Drug Approved for Acquired Hemophilia

Clot Buster's Tardy Twin Could Aid in Stroke Recovery

More Cells = Better Outcomes in Cell Therapy for Heart Attack

Fecal Transplants Heal Intestinal Infections by Upping Microbial Diversity


October 23, 2014

Tech Transfer Survey of 72 Emory Start-up Companies Shows Broad Health and Economic Impact

One-Minute Disposable Anemia Test Could Allow At-Home Monitoring

Routine Screening Could Diagnose Diabetes Much Earlier, Impact Millions

Discoveries about Platelets Could Improve Blood Thinners and Help Prevent Clotting With Medical Devices


June 19, 2014

CRISPR Gene-Editing System Leading to Innovations in Lab and Clinic

Precise Brain Mapping Improves Deep Brain Stimulation for Depression

Children with Autism Have More GI Disorders

Growth Spurt in Young Heart Muscle Cells Could Help Childhood Treatment

Younger Women More Affected by Emotional Stress After Heart Attack  

March 26, 2014

Younger Women More Affected by Emotional Stress After Heart Attack

Parkinson's Disease Study Looks for Effects of Genetic Mutations in Ethnic Populations

Imprint of Chemotherapy Linked to Inflammation in Breast Cancer Survivors

Self-Administration of Flu Vaccine with a Patch Grows Closer

Georgia ImmunoEngineering Consortium Aims to Improve Immune Response to Diseases

Kindergarten Weight Strong Indicator of Childhood Obesity  

February 3, 2014

Kindergarten Weight Strong Indicator of Childhood Obesity

DDT Exposure is Potential Risk Factor for Alzheimer's Disease

Parkinson's Drugs Could Provide New Ways to Treat Vision Problems in Diabetes

Nanoparticles Could Become Powerful Tool to Prevent Cancer

Oxytocin Gene Plays Role in Ability to Remember Faces

 Vaccine Gene Chip Could Speed Testing and Development of New Vaccines  

December 20, 2013

Crohn's Disease Study Uses Patients' Bone Marrow for Personalized Treatment

Vaccine "Gene Chip" Could Speed Testing and Development of New Vaccines

Inheriting Sensitivity to a Smell

Laser Surgery Shows Better Results for Medication-Resistant Epilepsy

New Strategy for Alzheimer's Shuts Down Production of Beta-Amyloid

Newly Found Brain Tangles are Breakthrough in Alzheimer's Understanding  

November 11, 2013

Eye Tracking Shows Declining Attention in Infants Later Diagnosed with Autism

Clinical Trial Begins for Latest Flu Threat: H7N9

Encapsulated Stem Cells Could Help Regenerate Diseased Hearts

Phase II of ALS Stem Cell Trial Under Way

Pushing the Immune System into Overdrive

Newly Found Brain Tangles are Breakthrough in Alzheimer's Understanding  

September 26, 2013

Newly Found Brain Tangles are Breakthrough in Alzheimer's Understanding

Clinical Trial Begins for Latest Flu Threat: H7N9

HERCULES: Exposome Research Center will Track Lifetime Exposures and Health Effects

Molecular Beacons Light Path to Cardiac Repair

Lung Cancer Genetic Profile Helps Provide Individualized Treatment

New Genetic Risk Factor Found for Schizophrenia  

August 28, 2013

New Genetic Risk Factor Found for Schizophrenia

Chronic Stress Causes Biological Changes in Pregnant Women

Oxytocin Could be Basis of Improved Autism Treatment

Lampreys Provide Hints to Immune System Evolution

Eye Movement Rhythm Important to Eye-Tracking Diagnosis

DRIVE links academic drug discovery to business ventures  

July 9, 2013

DRIVE links academic drug discovery to business ventures

Brain scans may help predict best depression treatment

VA obesity study shows lifestyle change can work in a large health care system

Study links PTSD and cardiovascular disease

New AIDSVu maps give detailed view of HIV impact in the United States

PTSD risk could be lower with new compound  

June 14, 2013

PTSD risk could be lower with new compound

Blood test for autism gauges genetic risk factor

White matter imaging gives insight into brain aging in humans and chimpanzees

Biomarker trio predicts near-term heart risk

A new role for tPA as brain protector

Genomics distinguishes toxic from harmless freshwater bacteria  

May 7, 2013

Genomics distinguishes toxic from harmless freshwater bacteria

Researchers accurately predict cognitive decline

Marrow stem cell injections may relieve arthritis pain

Fetal exposure to antiepileptic drug valproate impairs cognitive development

Measuring the metabolome

Pursuing Promising New Approaches to an HIV Vaccine  

March 21, 2013

Pursuing Promising New Approaches to an HIV Vaccine

Cooling Treatment for Ischemic Strokes Shows Promise

H1N1 Vaccination Led to Fewer Premature Births, Healthier Babies

New Drug Could Limit Ongoing Damage Following Seizures

Canine Study Tests New Treatment for Brain Tumors

Queensland Emory Alliance Will Boost Drug and Vaccine Development  

January 16, 2013

Queensland Emory Alliance Will Boost Drug and Vaccine Development

Ebola Virus Uses Protein Decoy to Thwart the Immune Response

Molecule May Protect Against Nerve Cell Damage in Parkinson's Disease

Certain Mutations Give HIV an Advantage That Sticks

New Prenatal Test Provides More Information Than Current Method

Health Services Research  

November 29, 2012

An Antidote for Hypersomnia

New Alzheimer's Risk Gene Identified

iPSC Lab Reprograms Cells for Personalized Medicine and Drug Discovery

Saving Children's Lives Through Metabolic Screening, Nutrition, and Research

Exercise is Powerful Antidote to Heart Failure

Health Services Research  

October 19, 2012

NIH-Funded Center of Excellence Aims for Autism Diagnosis in Early Infancy

iPhone Attachment Could Allow At-Home Ear Infection Diagnosis

Targeting Inflammation to Treat Depression

Non-Medical Exemptions Increasing for School Vaccinations

Immune System Can Stave Off Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases Despite Risk

Health Services Research  

August 21, 2012

Musical Training Helps Prevent Cognitive Decline in Later Life

Overcoming 'Original Sin' in Flu Vaccine Research

New Clinical Trials Provide Hope for Children and Families with Fragile X Syndrome

Blood Test for Alzheimer's Gaining Ground

Modified tPA Could Be Effective Stroke Treatment Without Bleeding Risk

Health Services Research  

July 2, 2012

Islet Transplant Clinical Trials Create New Chances for Diabetes Patients

New Anti-inflammatory Drugs Shut Down Reactive Oxygen Species at the Source

Four-Year Nursing Project Will Improve Pregnancy and Newborn Care in Ethiopia

Pregnant Women Smoking Less Due to Cigarette Taxes, Smoking Bans

Emory and Bristol-Myers Squibb Begin Clinical Trials Partnership

Health Services Research  

June 8, 2012

Sleepless Flies Point to Genetic Link for Restless Legs Syndrome

Cancer Genomics Center Targets Protein Networks for Drug Discovery

Gene Therapy Research Shows Potential as Hearing Loss Treatment

Restricting Iron in Cells Could Help Shut Down Genes as Therapy for Challenging Diseases

Breath Test Shows Promise for Early Diagnosis in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Health Services Research  

May 14, 2012

Singing the Blues for Aggressive Brain Tumors

Improving Health Literacy in HIV/AIDS

Founder of Modern Immunology

Drug-Induced Cooling Decreases Brain Damage in Research Model of Stroke

Medications Can Ease Depression in Parkinson's Without Worsening Symptoms

Health Services Research  

February 29, 2012

Research Can Improve Quality while Saving Money in Health Care

Uncovering Mutations Common to Autism

Blood Biomarkers May Serve as Predictors in Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury

Potential New Drugs May Halt Brain Inflammation in Neurological Conditions

Younger Women Have Uncommon Heart Attack Symptoms, Higher Death Risk

Helen Mayberg  

January 24, 2012

Deep Brain Stimulation Shows Promise in Treating Bipolar Depression

Microneedle Technology Could Help Deliver Drugs within the Eye

Treating the Psychological and Emotional Scars of War

Lifestyle Interventions Can Delay or Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Strengthening Bone with Silica Nanoparticles

Christine Moe  

December 14, 2011

Sound Science: Putting Pressure on Norovirus

Full Potential for Those with Down Syndrome is Clinical and Research Goal

Transplant Study Induces Immune Cells to Switch Sides

Garlic Oil Component May Protect Hearts at Risk

TB Treatment Could Limit Infection and Reduce Drug Resistance

David Sheps  

November 16, 2011

Sound Science: Is Ischemia in the Genes?

Depression in Young People Increases Risk of Heart Disease Mortality

Technology Targets Genetic Disorders Linked to X Chromosome

Newly Discovered DNA Letter Affects Brain Development and Disorders

Can Mindfulness Help Cancer Patients Cope?

Sharon Weiss  

October 17, 2011

Sound Science: Genetic Discovery May Lead to Targeted Treatment of Vascular Tumor

Robots as Rehab Assistants

Research Funding Tops $511 Million in Health Sciences

 At the Ready: The Science Behind Emergency Preparedness

More Obese Americans Suffering from Diabetes

Beau Bruce  

September 27, 2011

Sound Science: Intracranial Hypertension: Abnormal Pressure in the Brain's Fluid

X-Ray Protein Probe Leads to Potential Anti-Cancer Tactic

Strengthening Fragile Immune Memories to Fight Chronic Infections

Consolidating Memory Requires Dance of Molecules in the Brain

Rays of Hope for Some Lung Cancer Patients

Robin Bostick  

August 30, 2011

Sound Science: Linking Vitamin D Deficiency to Colon Cancer Risk

What Really Happens When We Sleep?

Protecting Parkinson's Brains with Experimental Gene Therapy

Study Shows Protective Benefits of DHA Taken During Pregnancy

Chimpanzees Are Spontaneously Generous After All

Field Willingham  

August 5, 2011

Sound Science: A Hybrid Approach to Ousting Esophageal Tumors

Blocking the Escape Route for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Progesterone Halts Neuroblastoma in Lab Research

Solving the Mystery of Stillbirths

Stressed Cells Can Promote Prion Formation

Randy Trumbower  

July 14, 2011

Sound Science: Can Less Oxygen = More Movement in Spinal Cord Injuries?

 FDA Approves Transplant Drug That Preserves Kidneys, Avoids Toxicity

Microneedle Vaccine Protects Better Against H1N1 Flu Than Injection

Mutant Flies Shed Light on Inherited Intellectual Disability

Quick Test Can Predict Immune Response to Flu Shots

Michael Kuhar  

June 16, 2011

Sound Science: The Chemistry of Addiction

New Online Tool Provides Detailed Map of U.S. HIV Prevalence

Flu Vaccine During Pregnancy May Reduce Premature Birth Risk

Roots Compound Could Help Fight Breast Cancer Metastasis

Beneficial Bacteria Help Repair Intestinal Injury with Reactive Oxygen

Arshed Quyyumi  

May 19, 2011

Sound Science: When Mental Stress Leads to Restricted Blood Flow '

WHSC Research Strategic Plan Celebrates Success, Guides Future

Molecular Matchmakers Advance Emory Drug Discovery

Social Bonding in Prairie Voles Guides Autism Research

Exercise Protects the Heart Via Nitric Oxide

Mark Rigby  

April 25, 2011

Sound Science: When T-Cells Run Amok in Diabetes

New Clue Found for Fragile X – Epilepsy Link

Antidepressant Use Is Connected to Thicker Arteries

Pediatric Nanomedicine Center Links Children's, Georgia Tech, Emory

Chimpanzees' Contagious Yawning Shows Empathy With Peers

David Rye  

March 30, 2011

Sound Science: Restless Legs Syndrome is an Annoying Health Hazard

Jekyll and Hyde: Cells' Executioner Can Also Stave Off Cell Death

Tech Transfer Celebration Honors Scientist Entrepreneurs

Fishing for Whale Shark DNA

Full-Court Press on a Possible Prostate Cancer-Related Virus

Ann E. Rogers  

February 24, 2011

Sound Science: Weighing In on Sleep and Body Mass

Study Ranks Emory Among Top Five Public Contributors to Drug Discovery

Mitochondria Protein May Play Early Role in Parkinson's Disease

Nanoparticles May Help Detect Circulating Tumor Cells

Brain Chemical Linked to Migraines Could Be Target for Anxiety Therapy

Nancy Collop, MD  

January 28, 2011

Sound Science: Saying Good Night to Sleep Disorders

H1N1 2009 Influenza Holds Surprising Clues to a Universal Vaccine

Too Much Sugar for Teens Could Equal Later Heart Disease Risk

Viewing Art Activates Brain's Reward Circuits

Oxygen Deprivation Could Help Restore Limb Function

Claire Sterk, PhD  

December 15, 2010

Sound Science: Why Do Americans Still Smoke?

Confusion in Dosing Instructions for Children's Medicines Spells Danger

'Shotgun' Method Helps Dissect Cells' Sugar Coatings

Biomedical Informatics Demystified

Tackling the HIV/AIDS Pandemic From All Directions

Guido Silvestri, MD  

November 3, 2010

Sound Science: Searching for HIV's Lethal Ways

SpectroPen Could Help Surgeons Detect Edges of Tumors

New Emory GRA Eminent Scholar Will Head Marcus Autism Center

New Hope for Slowing and Preventing Alzheimer's

Can Compassion Meditation Help Relieve Stress?

Marian Evatt, MD  

October 12, 2010

Sound Science: Shedding Light on Vitamin D - Parkinson's Disease Link

Virtual Reality Therapy May Help Veterans with PTSD

New Graduate Program Offers PhD Focus on Cancer Biology

Linking the Combined Risks of Genes and Social Environment

 Predictive Health Shows Promise for Changing U.S. Health Care Delivery

Lucky Jain, MD  

September 10, 2010

Sound Science: The Consequences of Caesarians

Slowing Alzheimer's Before Symptoms Appear

Ashkenazi Jewish Genomes Reveal Diversity, History

Blood and Bone Marrow Cells Provide Blood Vessel Healing

Deep Brain Stimulation Offers Hope for Resistant Depression

Sagar Lonial, MD  

August 13, 2010

Sound Science: Clinical Trials Improving Survival in Multiple Myeloma

Nanoparticles May Be Tools for Brain Tumor Imaging and Treatment

New Report Highlights ACTSI Programs

Targeting Antioxidants Against Hypertension

Vaccine Patch With Dissolving Microneedles Could Simplify Immunizations

Bali Pulendran, PhD  

July 15, 2010

Sound Science: Your Immune System Calls the Shots

Multicolor Quantum Dots Aid in Cancer Diagnosis

To Predict Atherosclerosis, Follow the Disturbed Blood Flow

"Jumping Genes" Are a Common, But Risky Instability

Low Vitamin D Levels May Be Risk for Parkinson's Disease

Viola Vaccarino  

June 23, 2010

Sound Science: Depression and Heart Disease

Immune System Could Be Culprit in Insomnia

Responsible Use of Antibiotics is Key to Resistance Prevention

eBIRT is One-Stop Virtual Shop for Research Resources

Mosquito-Borne Killer Malaria Requires a Multi-Pronged Research Attack

Lary Walker, PhD  

June 3, 2010

Sound Science: Untangling the Mysteries of Alzheimer's Disease

Why Can Some Transplant Recipients Forego Immunosuppressive Drugs?

Chimps Mimic Their Own Celebrities

Genes and the Environment: A Combined Parkinson's Risk

Tuberculosis Anywhere is Tuberculosis Everywhere

Conrad Cole, MD, MPH  

May 12, 2010

Sound Science: Micronutrients: Food for Thought

Landmark Study Treats ALS Patients

Clot-Busting Drug May Be Natural Stroke Protector

More Sugar = Heart Disease Risk

Safer Childbirth in Developing Countries

Saad Omer  

April 19, 2010

Sound Science: The Maximization of Vaccinations

Leading HIV Scientist is Newest GRA Eminent Scholar

HIV Drugs Could Work Against Prostate Cancer

Celebration of Technology and Innovation Recognizes Tech Transfer Success

Two Birds with One Stone to Treat Alzheimer's

Paul Wolpe  

March 31, 2010

Sound Science: Marrying Ethics and Medicine

Decades of Fragile X Research Lead to Testing of Targeted Treatment

Chymase Inhibitors Could Boost Treatment for Damaged Hearts

Are Obesity and Metabolic Disease Contagious?

New National Science Foundation Center Advances Cell Systems Research

Ted Johnson  

March 3, 2010

Sound Science: A New Look at Old Age

Discovering the Origins of Deadly Aneurysms

Galectins Cover Immune Blind Spot

Reversing Resistance to Breast Cancer Drugs

Metro Area HIV Cases Clustered in Downtown Atlanta 

Cynthia Anderson  

February 11, 2010

Sound Science: Surgery without the steel

New Class of Brain-Protecting Drugs Emerges

Gene Therapy Treatment Aims to Slow Progress of Alzheimer's Disease

"Research Highlights" Features Innovations, Leadership, Funding

Drug Discovery Partnership Takes Aim at Neglected Tropical Diseases

Jana MacLeod, MD  

January 21, 2010

Sound Science: Preventing Trips to the Trauma Unit

New Research Centers Link Children's Healthcare, Emory Pediatrics

Pediatric Cancer Survivors May Be at Risk for Heart Disease

Scientists Take a Step Towards Uncovering the "Histone Code"

Vaccinating Against Bacterial Infections May Reduce Flu-Related Pneumonia Deaths

Joel Saltz, MD, PhD  

December 18, 2009

Biomedical Informatics May Be Rx for Health Care

Health Literacy is Key to Positive Patient Outcomes

Overcoming Fear Through Biology

Green Tea/Drug Combo Could Help Prevent Head and Neck Cancer

Prairie Voles May Unlock Genetic Secrets of Pair Bonding and Monogamy

Dr. Charles Raison  

December 4, 2009

Sound Science: Mind Does Matter

New Tools of Cancer Diagnosis

Fifth Predictive Health Symposium: Human Health: Molecules to Mankind

Marker of Oxidative Stress Predicts Heart Disease Outcomes

Cancers' Sweet Tooth May Be Weakness

Dr. David Schulman  

November 11, 2009

Sound Science: Putting Sleep Disorders to Rest

Improving Health for Pregnant Farmworkers

Emory Ranked 5th Best Place to Work for Life Scientists

ALS Researchers Seek a Breakthrough

"Conveyor Belt" Cell May Be Key to Improved Oral and Nasal Vaccines

Dr. Donald Stein  

October 23, 2009

Sound Science: Progesterone Is More Than a Sex Hormone

Depression Boosts Heart Disease Risk by Affecting Stress-Induced Blood Flow

Potential Drug Kills Cancer Cells by Preventing Response to Low Oxygen

Powerful Genomics Database Creates New Clinical and Research Tool for Autism

Why Vaccine Compliance Matters

Dr. Sharma  

September 30, 2009

Sound Science: Preparing for novel H1N1

Emory External Research Funding Increases 18 Percent, Tops $482 Million

Emory CFAR Will Serve as Atlanta Host for Global AIDS Vaccine 2010 Conference

Evolution Doesn't Run Backwards

Uncovering Schizophrenia Genes

David Stephens  

August 31, 2009

Sound Science: Gained in Translation

NIH Stimulus Funds Support Research Discoveries, Scientists, Trainees

A Caution Light for AIDS

Emory Flu Fighters

Yerkes Researchers Propose Ambitious New Strategies for AIDS Vaccine Research

Rafi Ahmed  

July 23, 2009

Sound Science: A New and Faster Way to Fight Flu

Emory Injury Control Center Joins CDC National Network

Seers of Cancer Trials

Solving the Dominican Paradox

Emory Joins National HIV Prevention Trials Network, Begins New Clinical Trials

Javed Butler  

July 1, 2009

Sound Science: Predicting and Preventing Heart Failure

Progesterone vs.Traumatic Brain Injury Gets Nationwide Evaluation

Move Over Free Radicals; Sulfur Takes Center Stage in Oxidative Stress

Genetically Engineered Mouse Helps Sort Out Parkinson's Non-Montor Symptoms

Transplant Drug Stimulates Immune Memory, Could Help Strengthen Vaccines

Venkat Narayan  

June 11, 2009

Sound Science: Tracking and Treating Diabetes and Heart Disease in South Asia

Advancing Cancer Research in Georgia

"Vaccinating" Roundworms Illustrates Links Between Immunity and Lifespan

New HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials Begin at Vaccine Center's Hope Clinic

Neuroscience Core Facilities Offer Scientific Services for Emory Investigators

Winship Cancer Institute  

May 13, 2009

Sound Science: Technology Transfer –– Bringing Reseach to the People

Emory Plays Leading Role in National H1N1 Research Effort

Genomics Core Lab Brings "Next-Generation DNA Sequencing" to Emory

Geneticists Work With Clinicians to Unravel Autism and Its Triggers, One Gene at a Time

Sleep Apnea Increases Heart Disease Risk

Winship Cancer Institute  

April 15, 2009

Winship Cancer Institute Achieves National Cancer Institute Designation

Sound Science: Diagnosing Memory Loss

Infused Bone Marrow Stem Cells Increase Circulation in Heart

Biomarker Points to Dietary Changes Needed to Reduce Age-Related and Chronic Disease

Financial Advice Causes the Brain to Off-Load Risky Decision Making

Emory and Georgia Tech  

March 23, 2009

Emory and Georgia Tech: A Wide-Ranging Research Partnership

Sound Science: Neglected Tropical Diseases    

Inside the Protein Factory: Hunting for the Origins of Life

Technology Transfer Celebration Awards Emory Innovators     

Growing Up and Older with Cystic Fibrosis

Martin and Esper  

March 2, 2009

Sound Science: The Severe Consequences of Sepsis

How Biology Influences Our Economic Choices

Virus-Like Particles May Offer Solution to Avian Flu Vaccines

Naturally Occurring Protein Can Shrink Brain Tumors' Blood Supply

Emory Ranks 16th Nationally in Licensing Revenue from Research Discoveries

American Heath Month  

February 16, 2009

Research Provides Hope During American Heart Month

Sound Science: Coping with Cancer's Emotional Fallout

Bone Marrow Cells Heal Nerves in Diabetes Model

A Safer Stent for Stroke Prevention

Future Directions for Monkey Models of Disease

Chris Larsen  

January 29, 2009

Sound Science: Treating Diabetes with Islet Transplants

Factoring the Environment into Parkinson's Disease

GTEC Renews Commitment to Regenerative Medicine

Resisting a Slimy Enemy

Blocking Toxic Effects Could Make Clot Buster Safer

Omer Kucuk  

January 14, 2009

Toxicity Mechanism Identified for Parkinson's

Sound Science: What Fruits and Vegetables Have to Do with Cancer

SECEBT Faces Biologic Threats with Network of Partners

Rules for Gene Silencing in Cancer Cells Identified

A Better Way to Diagnose Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

WHSC Web Site  

December 18, 2008

New WHSC Website Launches, Includes Multi-Level View of Research

Blocking Immune Inhibitor Improves Response to HIV-Like Virus in Monkeys

Sound Science: What's Behind the Increase in Childhood Liver Disease?

Inflammation from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May Be Risk Factor for Other Illnesses

Saving Lives With Pediatric Kidney Transplants

Ernest Garcia  

December 4, 2008

Predictive Health Symposium Links Molecular Studies and Population Health

Rapid Screening Test Detects Early Alzheimer's Disease

Emory-S. Africa Drug Training Partnership Creates New Model for Entrepreneur

Researchers Take Stock After a Promising HIV Vaccine Falters

Sound Science: A Dynamic Diagnostic Toolbox for Cardiac Care 

Charles Staley  

November 13, 2008

Sound Science: Exploring New Treatments for Rare Cancers

Stem Cells from Monkey Teeth Stimulate Growth of Brain Cells

Daily Rhythms in Blood Vessels May Explain Morning Peak in Heart Attacks

New Biomarker for Heart Failure Identified

Global Access Principles Guide Emory Technology Transfer

Art Kellermann  

October 30, 2008

Sound Science: Swift Action Critical to Restart Heart

"Germs Go Global:" Trust for America's Health Report on Disease Threat to U.S.

A Trio of Alzheimer's Clinical Trials

Animal Studies Show Polymer Beads Deliver Drugs Safely After Heart Attack

Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute (ACTSI) Premiers New Website

Helen Mayberg  

October 16, 2008

Sound Science: Neuroscientist Discusses Promising Treatment for Severe Depression

Emory Creates New Conflict Oversight, Announces New Disclosure Requirements

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Parkinson's Disease

Cancer Drug May Hold Clues to Inflammation

Genome Sequence Will Help Unlock Secrets of Stealthy and Neglected Malaria Parasite

Max Cooper  

September 25, 2008

Sound Science: Immunologist Discusses Jawless Fish--and Your Immune System

The Hidden Truth About Alcohol and Lung Injury

Why Some Primates Live with an HIV-Like Virus and Don't Progress to AIDS

Emory Enrolls Volunteers in National Bird Flu Vaccine Clinical Trial

New Cytogenetics Tests Help Sort Out Pediatric Diagnoses

Dr. Greg Berns  

September 10, 2008

Sound Science: Conversations on Transforming Health and Healing

"Shotgun Glycomics" Project Recognized by NIH as Exceptionally Significant

Arteries Have Unique Roles in Immune Defense

Monkeys Enjoy Giving to Others

Innovative Eye Implants in "Compassionate Trial" Aim to Halt Inherited Retinal Disease

Magnolia Compound Hits Elusive Target in Cancer Cells  

August 20, 2008

Trapping White Blood Cells to Treat Chronic Viral Infections

Magnolia Compound Hits Elusive Target in Cancer Cells

Study of Former Child Soldiers Yields New Data to Guide Mental Health Interventions

What Your Body Knows

Cardiologists Connect High Blood Pressure and Gum Health

Diabetes is a Global Problem  

July 31, 2008

Deep Brain Stimulation Shows Promise for Difficult-to-Treat Depression

Antibiotics Can Improve Gene-Silencing Tool

Seeing Smarter: Better Diagnosis With New Imaging Tools

No Matter What Language You Speak, Diabetes is a Global Problem

Unraveling the Mysteries of PTSD

Gene Silencer and Quantum Dots Reduce Protein Production to a Whisper  

July 9, 2008

Medicine and Engineering Converge in 10-Year Partnership

Ecology and Public Health: The City as Lab

Gene Silencer and Quantum Dots Reduce Protein Production to a Whisper

Against All Odds: Notable Tech Transfer Success Stories

Human Research Protection Group Accredits Emory University


June 13, 2008

Health Sciences Redevelopment Plans Include New Research Space

CancerQuest Website Features Interviews with Winship Cancer Institute Researchers

Protein Could Provide Innate Defense Against HIV

Science Coalition Features Emory-GeoVax Biotech Success Story

"Intrabody" Mops Up Mutant Huntington's Protein in Mice


May 30, 2008

Research Program at Atlanta VA Medical Center Among Nation's Tops

First Transgenic Huntington's Primate Model Could Lead to Therapy Breakthroughs

The Emotional Fallout of War

ARCHE Report: Atlanta Ranks Fifth in Percentage of Higher Ed Research Spending

Emory Medical Faculty Reside in India as Part of Global Vaccine Partnership

Learning How Some Breast Cancers Resist Tamoxifen Could Help Improve Treatment


May 8, 2008

Bring Your Questions for Frans de Waal to the New York Times

Method for Fast Human Antibodies Against Flu Could Find Broad Use

Emory Global Health Institute Projects Span the Globe

Clinical Study Seeks Answers to Mysteries of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Preventing Stillbirths: A National Research Network Seeks Answers

Data + Mathematical Models = Dynamics of Malaria Infections


April 23, 2008

Visible Darkness: Pursuing the Biological Basis of Depression

Monkeys Show Toy Preferences Based on Gender

Secrets of a Silent Killer: Tracking the Clues to Hepatitis C

Plant Extract Shows Promise for Treating Inflammation

Outwitting Salmonella Infection


April 4, 2008

Imaging Spotlights Language Difference in Human and Chimp Brains

Mediterranean Diet = Less Oxidative Stress

Fruit Flies Lead the Way to Fragile X Drugs

The Busy Life of a Research VP

Simple Blood Test Could Alter Course of Colon Cancer

Training the Ebola Handlers

Turning Down the Heat Means Better Sleep for Dialysis Patients

Lung Cancer Cells' Survival Gene May Be Drug Target

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Opens Doors for Early-Career Scientists


March 18, 2008

Gold Nanoparticle Probes May Allow Earlier Cancer Detection

A Chip Off the Old Genomic Block

Angiogenesis May Hold Key to Efficient Treatment of Leprosy

Better Childhood Nutrition Increases Productivity, Emory Study Finds

Novel Anti-Cancer Strategy Yields Promising Results in Mouse Research

First Line of Defense Against Colds and Flu