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Research Extras

Read about R. Paul Johnson's selection as new director of Yerkes National Primate Research Center.

Find out more about Medical Exome Sequencing and how Emory is a leader in clinical genetics diagnosis.

Register for the 5th Academic and Industry Conference and learn about new opportunities for research in medical devices.

Revisit Emory's research leadership in islet transplantation as patients celebrate 10 years of being diabetes free.

Read about entrepreneurs and their awards at the eighth Celebration of Technology and Innovation.

View the Emory health sciences research blog LabLand for a variety of leading-edge Emory research projects.

Explore opportunities for bioethics education in Emory's new Master of Arts in Bioethics program, including joint degree programs in medicine, nursing, and public health.





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University of Queenland

Younger Women More Affected by Emotional Stress After Heart Attack
After a heart attack, women ages 50 years and younger were twice as likely to have ischemia, or inadequate blood flow to the heart, as were men of the same age. Researchers conclude that women may be more vulnerable to the effects of psychological stress on the heart. Ischemia with exercise stress did not differ between women and men in the study. Read more...

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Parkinson's Disease Study Looks for Effects of Genetic Mutations in Ethnic Populations
People with genetic mutations linked to Parkinson's disease may be enrolled in a new study sponsored by the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Early research shows the mutations account for more Parkinson's cases among some ethnic populations including Jews of Ashkenazi descent. Biomarkers will be studied in people with the mutation, in both those with and without Parkinson's. Read more...

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Malu Tansey

Imprint of Chemotherapy Linked to Inflammation in Breast Cancer Survivors
Breast cancer survivors who have fatigue or other symptoms that persist after chemotherapy is over may be experiencing the effects of inflammation caused by epigenetic changes in DNA - chemical alterations that affect whether genes are turned on or off. Understanding this process could lead to new therapies for breast cancer survivors. Read more...

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Self-Administration of Flu Vaccine with a Patch Grows Closer
Small vaccine patches with painless microneedles could be closer to actual use after a study by Georgia Tech and Emory showed test subjects could successfully apply a patch to themselves. In a head-to-head comparison of the patches vs. conventional injection, the percentage of those who said they'd be vaccinated using a patch grew from 46 percent to 65 percent. Read more...

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Prenatal Test

Georgia ImmunoEngineering Consortium Aims to Improve Immune Response to Diseases
Emory and Georgia Tech researchers are embracing a new field of medicine called immunoengineering. It applies the principles of engineering to strengthening the immune system against infectious diseases, cancer, and autoimmune diseases, and uses regenerative medicine to improve organ transplantation, repair bone and cartilage, and treat spinal cord injuries. Read more...

Woodruff Health Sciences Center
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