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SEPTEMBER 11, 2015

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Ebola virion

A year after first patients, a dedicated team reflects on its success, while continuing research and training
It's an image that few will forget: Medical missionary Kent Brantly, clad head to toe in a white protective suit, stepped gingerly from the back of an ambulance, steadied by a health care worker in the same gear. That day, August 2, 2014, propelled Emory into an extraordinary year, beginning a journey of clinical care for four patients and lessons learned in research and education, as well as preparedness for the inevitability of future serious communicable diseases. Read and watch...

Ophthalmologist Steven Yeh
Ophthalmologist Steven Yeh checks Ian Crozier's eye after he developed severe uveitis nine weeks after his blood was cleared of Ebola virus.
Ebola virus hides in a recovered patient's eye, nearly stealing his sight
Emory physicians were surprised to discover lingering virus in fluid in the anterior chamber of a recovered Ebola patient's eye, though virus was not present in the front of the eye or in tears. Ophthalmologists and infectious disease experts continue to study causes and treatments for the sight-threatening eye disease developed by some patients in the U.S. and West Africa months after recovery from Ebola virus disease. Read more...

Nancy Writebol
Researchers are studying antibodies from the blood of recovered patients to help prevent and fight future outbreaks.
Banked blood and plasma from Ebola survivors fuels continuing research
American patients who recovered from Ebola virus disease have donated plasma that is stored at Emory for potential therapy for future patients, and patients' blood is used in ongoing research into the immune response. Emory researchers are developing monoclonal antibodies for use in better drugs and vaccines against more than one strain of Ebola, and they lead a national government-funded research team focused on Ebola therapies. Read and watch...

Brantly arrives
Extreme challenges, courage, and persistence highlight Emory's year with Ebola.
Year-long timeline chronicles patient care, research, training, partnerships
Follow a year of milestones in a timeline that includes the arrival and successful treatment of four patients, recognition by the CDC through national leadership roles, a visit by President Obama, and key discoveries about critical care medicine and immunology. Read more...

Editor, Holly Korschun, Executive Director of Research Communications
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