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This month commemorates the 30th anniversary of the first cases of AIDS in the United States. Emory physicians, scientists, and educators have played a key role in HIV/AIDs from the earliest days of the epidemic. View a web kit highlighting Emory's role in the invention of the most widely used drugs, clinical trials of vaccines, behavioral and prevention research, and promising laboratory research.

Share the personal journeys of two separate bicycle adventurers who focused their rides on fundraising efforts to support research in cancer and vaccines.

Explore the new NIH News in Health newsletter, providing practical health information based on NIH research. This monthly newsletter can help you eat healthier, move more, and learn the science behind medical topics like acupuncture, menopause, and heart disease.








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Michael Kuhar, PhD
Michael Kuhar, PhD

Sound Science: The Chemistry of Addiction
Addiction is a complex condition, but researchers are learning more about the neuronal pathways that drive the disease and ultimately change the brain. Michael Kuhar has been focusing on psychostimulants and addiction for more than 40 years and sees his research as a way to find new treatments. Learn more in the latest Sound Science. Listen and read...

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Kv4.2 protein in brain cells
Map of U.S. HIV Prevalence
  New Online Tool Provides Detailed Map of U.S. HIV Prevalence
Public health researchers have unveiled a new interactive online map that details the number of people living with an HIV diagnosis by state and county. The CDC data, compiled by Emory researchers at the Rollins School of Public Health, links to local testing sites, drug assistance programs, and estimates of late-stage diagnoses. Read more...
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Baby Flu

  Flu Vaccine During Pregnancy May Reduce Premature Birth Risk
Flu vaccination during pregnancy may protect mothers from infection and also may reduce the likelihood they will give birth to premature or small-for-gestational-age babies. Scientists used data from the Georgia Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System to analyze more than 4,000 mother-baby pairs born over a two-year period. Read more...
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Breast Cancer Root
Ashwagandha Plant
  Roots Compound Could Help Fight Breast Cancer Metastasis
A compound from roots used in Indian traditional medicine can prevent breast cancer cells from metastasizing in animals. Withaferin A's anti-cancer properties could form the basis of drugs aimd at preventing cancer recurrence, and researchers are planning further tests with breast cancer and other cancer types. Read more...
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Neish Cells
Intestinal epithelial cells exposed to probiotic bacteria
  Beneficial Bacteria Help Repair Intestinal Injury with Reactive Oxygen
Probiotic bacteria in foods such as yogurt and kimchi are known to promote intestinal health. Scientists have found that these beneficial bacterial use reactive oxygen species, which are usually viewed in a negative light related to "oxidative stress," to help heal the intestinal lining. These insights may also guide treatments for intestinal diseases or injury. Read more...
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