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Discover the multiple capabilities of Emory's new Integrated Cellular Imaging (ICI) Core. This core will be one of the largest in the Southeast, offering 22 cellular imaging services.

Explore iResearch Georgia, a searchable database of biomedical researchers and research expertise in Georgia. The website is co-sponsored by the Georgia Research Alliance and the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

Read about Metaclipse Therapeutics, an early-stage biotechnology company developing anti-cancer compounds based on technology licensed from Emory and developed in the laboratories of pathology researcher Periasamy Sevaraj, PhD.







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Tubes with infrared sensors track flies' sleep behavior
Transplant surgeon Nicole Turgeon with a patient

Islet Transplant Clinical Trials Create New Chances for Diabetes Patients
Since the first Emory islet transplant in 2003, researchers have continued to refine this life-saving and life-improving experimental procedure for patients with severe type 1 diabetes. Insulin-producing cells (islets) are harvested from an organ donor's pancreas and inserted into the recipient's liver. The transplanted islets then produce insulin, reducing or eliminating the need for insulin replacement. Read more...

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The Emory Cancer Genomics Center Team
Structure of ebselen, a drug that inhibits the Nox2 enzyme

New Anti-inflammatory Drugs Shut Down Reactive Oxygen Species at the Source
A new type of anti-inflammatory drug may be useful in treating neurodegenerative and autoimmune diseases by inhibiting Nox2 enzymes, which produce damaging reactive oxygen species (ROS) leading to oxidative stress. Unlike antioxidants, which mop up ROS, the new drugs would choke off ROS at the source. Read more...

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Nursing researchers will bring nutrition and healthy behaviors into frontline care

Four-Year Nursing Project Will Improve Pregnancy and Newborn Care in Ethiopia
A $4.5 million grant from the Canadian International Development Agency will help Emory nursing researchers develop a community strategy to improve maternal and newborn health in Ethiopia. The program will partner with the Micronutrient Initiative and the Ministry of Health to integrate nutrition and other healthy behaviors into the care delivered by frontline health care workers. Read more...

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Peng Jin


Pregnant Women Smoking Less Due to Cigarette Taxes, Smoking Bans
State cigarette taxes and smoke-free policies in cities, institutions, and workplaces have helped more mothers-to-be reduce smoking. Prior studies showed nearly one-fourth of women in the U.S. enter pregnancy as smokers and more than half continue to smoke while pregnant. Newer policies have led to a sizable increase in quit rates and a decrease in relapse rates, new research shows. Read more...

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Breath Test Shows Promise
Emory will partner with Bristol-Myers Squibb on clinical trials

Emory and Bristol-Myers Squibb Begin Clinical Trials Partnership
Clinical researchers from Emory and affiliated Atlanta institutions will help to develop adult and pediatric clinical trials to support advancement of investigational drugs from across Bristol-Myers Squibb's portfolio. The clinical trials will initially focus on the areas of oncology, metabolics, hepatitis C and immunoscience. Read more...

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