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Ted Johnson, MDTed Johnson, MD, MPH  
Sound Science: A New Look at Old Age
Listen to Sound Science as geriatrician Ted Johnson, MD, MPH, describes the differences in the way individuals age. Markers of inflammation may help explain why some aging individuals develop weakness and some don't, and how frailty often leads to falls. Read and listen...
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aeortic aneurysm
Abdominal aortic aneurysm
Discovering the Origins of Deadly Aneurysms
A ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm—a widening and bulging of the large artery running from the heart into the abdomen—is the 10th leading cause of death in men over age 55. Learning how and why these aneurysms form, including disturbed blood flow, may lead to prevention and avert major surgery. Read more...
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Galectin 8 attacks E. coli that display blood-type molecules
Galectins Cover Immune Blind Spot
A set of intestinal proteins called galectins can recognize and kill certain bacteria that are camouflaged by molecules on their surfaces. The galectins help overcome this potential immune blind spot in which bacteria, including E. coli, are covered with the sugar molecules that determine blood type. Read more...
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Reversing Resistance to Breast Cancer Drugs
Breast cancer patients testing positive for the protein HER2 usually respond very well to the drug Herceptin. About 10 percent of patients, however, are initially resistant to Herceptin, and almost all become resistant if cancers metastasize. An investigational drug seems to help resensitize cancer cells to Herceptin. Read more...
Herceptin monoclonal antibody      
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Metro Area HIV Cases Clustered in Downtown Atlanta

A cluster of HIV in downtown Atlanta includes 60 percent of the four-county metro area's HIV cases. Researchers found a prevalence rate of 1.34 percent in the concentrated area, which fits the WHO description of a "generalized epidemic" (over 1 percent). Read more...

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