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  a February 11, 2010 a
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Cynthia Anderson, MDCynthia Anderson, MD  
Sound Science: Surgery without the steel
Listen to Sound Science as radiation oncologist Cynthia Anderson, MD, describes how x-ray beams, instead of scalpels, can be used to treat patients with spinal tumors. Known as stereotactic radiosurgery, the procedure was initially used to treat brain tumors, but has since been used to eliminate tumors of the lung, liver and spine. Read more...
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Growth factor simulation in brain
Antioxidant compound
stimulates neurons
New Class of Brain-Protecting Drugs Emerges
A newly identified group of antioxidant compounds could help protect the brain from damage in seizure, stroke and Parkinson's disease. The naturally occurring compounds mimic BDNF, a growth factor that pushes neurons to withstand stress and make new connections. Read more...
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nerve grpwth factor
Nerve growth factor
Gene Therapy Treatment Aims to Slow Progress of Alzheimer's Disease
The neurons that deteriorate in Alzheimer's disease are the target of a new clinical trial using gene therapy. An experimental drug that packages a growth-factor gene is injected into the brains of Alzheimer's patients to help the brain produce more nerve growth factor (NGF), a protein that helps neurons survive. Read more...
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Rma Amara, PhD
"Research Highlights" Features Innovations, Leadership, Funding
A new section of the WHSC research website includes top discoveries and innovations, research funding highlights, and a sampling of WHSC national research leadership. A PDF is available for downloading and printing. Read more...
Rama Amara, PhD      
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drug discovery
Drug Discovery Partnership Takes Aim at Neglected Tropical Diseases

Scientists at the Emory Institute for Drug Discovery are partnering with GlaxoSmithKline on research aimed at developing new drugs for neglected tropical diseases in least developed countries. Emory researchers will access GSK's new "intellectual property pool" of patents and data to select the most promising compounds. Read more...

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