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  a December 18, 2008 a
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New WHSC website
New WHSC Website Launches, Includes Multi-Level View of Research

Emory's Woodruff Health Sciences Center has launched a new web site that is easy to engage and navigate. The site's research pages include news releases, magazine articles, podcasts, downloadable photos and multimedia. Links point to clinical research, partnerships, centers and institutes, research administration, tech transfer and disease-specific web sites. View the site . . .
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Dr. Rama Amara
Rama Amara, PhD
Blocking Immune Inhibitor Improves Response to HIV-Like Virus in Monkeys

By blocking PD-1, a molecule that inhibits the immune response to chronic viruses, scientists significantly reduced the viral load and prolonged survival of monkeys severely infected with SIV, the nonhuman primate version of HIV. The therapy worked by boosting CD8 T cells and improving antibody response to the virus. Read more . . .
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Dr. Miriam Vos
Miriam Vos, MD
Sound Science: What's Behind the Increase in Childhood Liver Disease?

Listen to "Sound Science" as pediatrician Miriam Vos discusses nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, which often is associated with obesity and occurs when fat deposits itself in the liver. Vos is conducting research into the disease's origins. She suspects a diet high in sugar and too little exercise are to blame. Read and listen . . .
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Inflammation from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May Be Risk Factor for Other Illnesses
A study by Emory and the CDC shows that individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome have increased blood levels of inflammatory chemicals known to increase risk for illnesses ranging from cardiovascular disease and dementia to diabetes and cancer. Read more. . .
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Transplants saving lives
Saving Lives With Pediatric Kidney Transplants
Children thrive thanks to the expertise of Emory transplant surgeons -- and family members willing to give a part of themselves. By combining surgical proficiency with research advances, Emory's organ transplant team offers patients and their families hope for normal, healthy lives. Read more. . .
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