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Emory and Georgia Tech
Emory and Georgia Tech: A Wide-Ranging Research Partnership

The partnership between Emory and Georgia Tech includes a #2 ranked biomedical engineering department, as well as expanding programs in regenerative medicine, predictive health, bioinformatics, nanotechnology and vaccine development. Read more. . .
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Carlos Franco-Paredes
Carlos Franco-Paredes,MD, MPH
Sound Science:
Neglected Tropical Diseases
Listen to Sound Science as Carlos Franco-Paredes discusses the consequences of neglected tropical diseases, as well as research on trends and treatment in Georgia's growing immigrant and refugee communities. Franco-Paredes is a researcher and clinician at Emory's TravelWell Clinic, which provides health care to international travelers. Read and listen. . .
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Christine Dunham, PhD
Christine Dunham, PhD
Inside the Protein Factory: Hunting for the Origins of Life
Christine Dunham is hunting for dinosaur bones. But she's no archaeologist wielding a pick and shovel. She studies ribosomes, the protein factories inside every cell of every living thing. Ribosomes can be thought of as dinosaur bones because they begin to answer biology's ultimate chicken/egg question: the origin of life. Read more. . .
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Technology Transfer Celebration

Technology Transfer Celebration Awards Emory Innovators
Emory's Office of Technology Transfer will award faculty innovators at its Celebration of Technology and Innovation on March 31. Innovations include PET imaging agents for prostate cancer, magnetic stimulation for severe depression, drugs for hepatitis B virus and successful company start-ups. Read more. . .
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Growing Up and Older with Cystic Fibrosis
Advances in research and clinical care have dramatically changed cystic fibrosis from a disease that cut short the lives of children to one in which adults are planning for their futures, with the average life span edging toward 40. Recently Emory's expanded adult program moved to a new location in the Emory Clinic. Read more. . .
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