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The impressive growth of biomedical research at Emory University and in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center has resulted from investment of resources, creation of research space, philanthropy, leadership, and strong vision. This growth has been accompanied by numerous groundbreaking discoveries that have changed the course of health around the world.

Our continued success will rely on a comprehensive plan to guide our future research strategies, to address significant opportunities, and to take advantage of unique assets.

Increasing research excellence in the new world of limited resources and increased competition for funding will require a robust and carefully crafted strategy that aligns with priorities of the National Institutes of Health and our other major funding agencies.

Most important, we must ensure that the significant individual research strengths of our Schools of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing; Yerkes Primate Center; and Emory Healthcare are adequately integrated and synergistic.


Table of Contents


From the CEO
From the VP for Research


The Future of Research in the Woodruff Health Sciences Center


The Value of Research


Four Strategies


Research Growth
Measuring Our Success

Worldwide Impact on Health

WHSC Scientists and Their Worldwide Impact on Health


Mission, Vision, Goals & Strategies


Research Strategic Plan

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