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Claire Sterk, PhD
Claire Sterk, PhD
Sound Science: Why Do Americans Still Smoke?
Listen to Sound Science as Emory substance abuse expert Claire Sterk, PhD, describes her research to find out why one in five Americans still smokes. As a nation, we've made great progress in reducing smoking, yet with all we know about its harmful effects, expense, inconvenience and stigma, what makes 20 percent of us still do it? Better answers may lead to more effective interventions. Listen and read. . .
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Children Medicine Dosing Instruction
  Confusion in Dosing Instructions for Children's Medicines Spells Danger
A study of 200 top-selling over-the-counter children's medicines found most contained variable and inconsistent dosing directions and measuring devices. Nearly all had directions that did not match markings on measuring devices, some devices lacked markings, and instructions often used nonstandard or undefined abbreviations. These problems could be causing great harm to children, researchers warn. Read more. . .
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shotgun glycomics
'Shotgun' glycomics
  'Shotgun' Method Helps Dissect Cells' Sugar Coatings
Sugar molecules coat every cell in our bodies and play key roles in development and disease. The parts of these "glycans" have been tough to study, but scientists have adapted gene chip microarray technology to an approach called "shotgun glycomics." Using a chemical method, they attach a fluorescent dye to purified glycans, then separate glycans into tiny spots fixed to glass slides. Read more. . .
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Biomedical Informatics
  Biomedical Informatics Demystified
By expanding the way we collect, retrieve, and disseminate medical data at dizzying speeds, biomedical informatics will help target treatments, keep patients from returning to the hospital, and hone in on better diagnostics and therapies for the toughest diseases. This emerging field is only at the beginning of efforts to analyze and compare data from millions and take health care to the next level. Read more. .
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Tackling HIV/AIDS
  Tackling the HIV/AIDS Pandemic From All Directions
An Emory Magazine article chronicles Emory researchers' valiant fight against a disease that has killed 25 million since 1981 and will infect 2.7 milion more this year. Emory scientists have invented life-saving drugs and promising vaccines, discovered key aspects of the immune response, led clinical trials, launched effective prevention campaigns, and treated thousands in Atlanta and abroad. Read more. . .
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