Blue Ridge Report

The Blue Ridge Academic Health Group studies and reports on issues of fundamental importance to improving our health care system, with special focus on the role of the academic health center (AHC). Starting in 2002, the Group has been sponsored by the Office of the CEO, Woodruff Health Sciences Center, Emory University.

Blue Ridge Report  

Blue Ridge Report 2017

The Academic Health Center: Delivery System Design in the Changing Health Care Ecosystem—Sizing the Clinical Enterprise to Support the Academic Mission

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The Blue Ridge Group consists of 15-18 members, primarily leaders of AHCs and experts in health policy and practice. The group meets once a year for three days of intensive discussion and presentations by invited experts on an issue of significance to academic health centers and to health care and the health sciences more broadly. Out of the meeting, and along with much advance and subsequent research and preparation by supporting staff, a report is issued and made available to thought leaders, policy makers and a wide variety of other interested persons and organizations.

The Blue Ridge Group issues annual report reports. A book based upon the initial seven reports, entitled, The Academic Health Center: Leadership and Performance, was published in 2005 by Cambridge University Press.