In a typical ICU, a dozen different streams of data light up the monitors at the patient's bedside. Currently it's up to doctors and nurses to rapidly process and analyze this constant feed of vital signs to make important medical decisions.

Emory University Hospital is using software for a pioneering collaboration to create advanced, predictive medical care for critically ill patients through real-time streaming analytics. Emory is testing a system that can identify patterns in physiological data and instantly alert clinicians to danger signs in patients.

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Researchers at Emory University received $521.8 million from external funding agencies in fiscal year 2014, a 2.56 percent increase over last fiscal year. This marks the fifth consecutive year that research funding has exceeded $500 million.

Researchers in Emory's Woodruff Health Sciences Center (WHSC) received nearly $483 million in FY14, or nearly 93 percent of the University total, with nearly $325 million in federal funding, including more than $288 million from the NIH.

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Emory receives $521.8 million in research funding for 2014

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A visionary partnership between Emory and Georgia Tech serves as a blueprint for collaboration between private and public research universities. This collaborative network attracts top researchers whose work enriches lives around the world.

Emory and Georgia Tech, which are Atlanta's only members of the prestigious Association of American Universities, together spent nearly $1.25 billion on scientific research last year. They support about 50,000 jobs altogether. And as members of the Georgia Research Alliance, they have started a combined 70 companies and introduced some 60 products.

Emory, Georgia Tech leaders in conversation (video) | Benefits of Emory-Tech collaboration | Innovations and inventions | How cross-town co(lab)oration happens

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