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David Stephens
David Stephens, MD
Sound Science: Gained in Translation
Listen to Sound Science as David Stephens, MD, describes how partners in the Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute work with local communities, sparking clinical research that can translate into better patient outcomes. Stephens is WHSC vice president for research and ACTSI leader. Read and listen. . .
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NIH Stimulus Funds Support Research Discoveries, Scientists, Trainees
At least 65 research projects so far have led to more than $13 million in stimulus grants from the NIH to Emory. Emory has received more than half of all the NIH ARRA grants awarded to Georgia academic institutions. Read more. . .
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Caution light
A Caution Light for AIDS
Can suppressing a little molecule known as PD-1 slow HIV from progressing to full-blown AIDS? Scientists have discovered that PD-1 inhibits the immune system's response to chronic infections and "exhausts" T cells fighting viruses like HIV and hepatitis C. Blocking PD-1 could help shape therapies for many chronic diseases. Read more. . .
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Carlos del Rios
Carlos del Rio, MD
Emory Flu Fighters
From the earliest days of the global H1N1 pandemic, beginning in Mexico, Emory infectious disease experts have been on the forefront of international preparedness and response, laboratory and vaccine research, and lifesaving treatments. Read more. . .
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Yerkes primate
Yerkes Researchers Propose Ambitious New Strategies for AIDS Vaccine Research
Lessons learned in simian immunodeficiency viruses (SIV) in African nonhuman primates have led Yerkes scientists to propose an alternative approach to an AIDS vaccine. Their unconventional strategy could make people resistant to HIV or to disease progression by reducing the number of cells the virus can infect. Read more. . .


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