LaMar McGinnis Begins Tenure as President of American College of Surgeons (10.23.2009)
Researchers Aim To Strengthen Georgia Cancer Data to Evaluate Care Statewide (10.22.2009)
Emory Winship Cancer Institute Receives $4.7 Million Anonymous Donation (10.22.2009)
Vaccine Scientist Receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant for Innovative Global Health Research (10.21.2009)
Costs and Quality of Life Among Heart Failure Patients with Diabetes Studied (10.21.2009)
Researchers Optimizing Progesterone for Brain Injury Treatment (10.20.2009)
NIH Awards 18 Challenge and GO Grants to Emory Scientists Through Stimulus Funds (10.19.2009)
Dana Foundation Awards $200,000 Grant to Emory for Nanotechnology Brain Tumor Research (10.19.2009)
Russian Health Care Delegation Hosted by Emory (10.19.2009)
Emory Neuroscientist Receives Prestigious Freedman Award (10.15.2009)
Yerkes Researchers Present at 39th Annual Society for Neuroscience Conference (10.15.2009)
Scientists Visualize Assembly Line Gears in Ribosomes, Cells' Protein Factories Title (10.15.2009)
Howard Hughes Investigator, PNAS Editor to Speak at McCormick Lecture (10.13.2009)
Emory Healthcare Opens Emory at Eagles Landing in Henry County (10.13.2009)
Emory-Georgia Heart Care Forms to Serve Cumming and Forsyth County Area Residents (10.13.2009)
NIH GO Grant will Establish International Database of Genomic Imbalances in Autism, Other Disorders (10.13.2009)
Emory Prevention Research Center Awarded $6.2 Million CDC Grant (10.12.2009)
Institute of Medicine Elects Emory School of Medicine Faculty Member and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Physician (10.12.2009)
Depression Boosts Heart Disease Risk By Affecting Stress-Induced Blood Flow (10.12.2009)
Online H1N1 Flu Response Center Taps Emory Assessment Tool (10.7.2009)
NIH Grant Supports Coalition to Develop Better Dystonia Treatments (10.6.2009)
Emory Researchers to Evaluate Childhood Obesity Interventions (10.5.2009)
Emory Faculty Member at the White House for Health Care Reform (10.5.2009)
Emory Eye Center Professor R. Doyle Stulting, MD, Named Hughes Professor (10.5.2009)
Fadlo R.Khuri, MD, Named Deputy Director of Emory Winship Cancer Institute (10.2.2009)
Stopping Teen Dating Violence Before it Starts: Jane Fonda Launches Campaign with Atlanta Teens (09.30.2009)
Potential Drug Kills Cancer Cells by Preventing Response to Low Oxygen (09.30.2009)
Emory Winship Earns $1 Million Grant to Study Health Disparities in Prostate Cancer (09.29.2009)
Emory Selected as "In Silico Research Center of Excellence" (09.29.2009)
National Academy of Sciences Member Maurice Burg to Speak at Emory on "Living with Salt" (09.25.2009)
Atlanta Clinical Research Partnership Receives $1.6 Million in NIH Stimulus Grant Funding (09.24.2009)
Potential for Dosing Errors in Children Prescribed Tamiflu (09.23.2009)
HIV Uses Several Strategies to Escape Immune Pressure (09.21.2009)
Good Brain Health is Important to Remember on World Alzheimer's Day (09.18.2009)
Emory Earns Provisional Full Membership in Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (09.17.2009)
Doctors Testing Less Invasive Technique for Lymph Node Removal (09.16.2009)
Walter J. Curran, MD, Appointed Emory Winship Cancer Institute Executive Director (09.15.2009)
Emory Eye Center Neuro-Ophthalmologists Author "Neuro-Ophthalmology Illustrated" (09.15.2009)
Universities Report Doubling of Students Enrolled in Global Health Programs in Last Three Years (09.14.2009)
Emory External Research Funding Increases 18 Percent, Tops $484 Million (09.14.2009)
Emory Ventricular Assist Device Program Earns Gold Seal From Accrediting Agency (09.14.2009)
Center for AIDS Research at Emory To Serve as Local Host of AIDS Vaccine 2010 (09.14.2009)
New Strategies for Uncovering Schizophrenia Genes (09.11.2009)
Avon Foundation Awards Emory Winship and Grady $750,000 (09.11.2009)
Federal Stimulus Funding Supports Emory Biomedical Scientists (09.10.2009)
Yerkes Study Shows Chimpanzees Respond Empathetically to Animations (09.10.2009)
Clinical Trial of Anti-Cancer Drug Open to Patients with BRCA1/2 Mutations (09.10.2009)
Institute of Medicine H1N1 Workshop Will Feature Algorithm for Assessing Flu Severity (09.3.2009)
Bone-Building Hormone Acts Indirectly Through Immune Cells (09.2.2009)
Emory Center for Health in Aging Names Interim Director (09.1.2009)
News Tip: Heated Chemotherapy after Surgery Improves Results for Abdominal Cancers (09.1.2009)
Georgia-to-Georgia Partnership: Emory Awarded Nearly $2 Million (09.1.2009)
Yerkes Researchers Show Early Life Nurturing Impacts Later Life Relationships (08.31.2009)
International Database for Congenital Muscular Dystrophy Patients Offers Hope for Medical Trials (08.31.2009)
Pediatric H1N1 Vaccine Clinical Trial Opens at Emory - Children's Center (08.27.2009)
Risky Behavior in Adolescents May Signal Mature Brain (08.26.2009)
Medical Imaging Can Result in Cumulative Radiation Exposure (08.26.2009)
Emory/VAMC Researcher Earns Award for Work on Lung Cancer Chemotherapy (08.25.2009)
Cancer Biomarker Identification Software Tools Earn Certification (08.18.2009)
Emory Awarded $5 Million to Study Crohn's Disease in Children (08.17.2009)
Emory Hosts Leading South African Scientists for Collaboration in Drug Discovery Training and Research (08.14.2009)
Emory's Jane Fonda Center Funded to Stop Teen Dating Violence (08.13.2009)
Emory Leads National Human Immunology Center, Funded by $16 Million NIH Grant (08.13.2009)
Emory Hospital Chief Resident Chosen for National Fellowship to Lead Healthcare Transformation (08.12.2009)
Potential Risk Identified in Transfusions of Platelets Before Bone Marrow Transplant (08.11.2009)
National Cancer Institute Names Emory to Nationwide NCI Chemical Biology Consortium (08.11.2009)
Emory Begins Vaccinating Volunteers Today in First H1N1 Clinical Trial (08.10.2009)
Yerkes Researchers Propose Ambitious New Strategies For AIDS Vaccine Research (08.7.2009)
NIH Stimulus Funding Supports Emory Biomedical Scientists (08.6.2009)
Gene Variant Protects from Depression in Women Only (08.5.2009)
Emory's Radiation Oncology Department Selected as a "Top 5 Center to Watch in 2009" (08.4.2009)
HIV Integrase Inhibitor Effective for Patients Beginning Antiretroviral Treatment (08.3.2009)
News Tip: Book Helps Patients and Families Navigate Early Psychosis (07.31.2009)
Emory Sound Science Podcast: A New and Faster Way to Diagnose and Fight Flu (07.29.2009)
Emory to Participate in NIH Clinical Trials Testing 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccines (07.22.2009)
Patient's Own Platelets Provide Promising Treatment for Tendinopathy (07.22.2009)
Emory Health Now Blog Launches (07.22.2009)
Nanoparticles Could Improve Breast Cancer Diagnosis Via MRI (07.21.2009)
Emory University Hospital Stroke Program Honored By American Stroke Association (07.21.2009)
Georgia Cancer Coalition Selects Emory Researchers as Distinguished Cancer Scholars (07.21.2009)
Atlanta Screening of "Sex Positive" Documentary Benefits Emory Vaccine Center, Positive Impact (07.21.2009)
Flu Vaccine Clinical Trial at Emory Studies Pregnant Women (07.16.2009)
U.S. News & World Report Ranks Emory Among Nation's Best Hospitals for 2009 (07.16.2009)
NIH Bioengineering Grant Links Emory, Georgia Tech in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Research (07.15.2009)
Post-Transplant Combo Can Replace Toxic Immune-Suppressing Drugs in Monkeys (07.15.2009)
Medical Advances Highlighted on YouTube and Emory Healthcare Web (07.14.2009)
Emory Joins International HIV Prevention Trials Network (07.14.2009)
Emory Radiation Oncologist Earns Army Achievement Medal (07.9.2009)
Future of Cancer Research May Be in Hands of Atlanta Teens (07.9.2009)
Study Aims to Improve Radiation Treatment for Cervical Cancer (07.8.2009)
Rollins School of Public Health Names New Chair of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics (07.8.2009)
CDC Names Emory Injury Control Center to National Research Network (07.8.2009)
Emory Professor Participating in Civil Society Summit in Moscow (07.7.2009)
Emory Sound Science Podcast: Treating and Preventing Heart Failure (07.2.2009)
Emory Doctors Study Seizure Medications Given Prior to Emergency Room Care (06.30.2009)
Emory Doctors Recognized in Atlanta Magazine's "Top Doctors" (06.26.2009)
Glucose Challenge Test is Accurate and Economical for Diabetes and Prediabetes Screening (06.25.2009)
Antidepressant Directly Stimulates Brain Growth Factor Receptors (06.25.2009)
Mouse Model of Parkinson's Reproduces Non-motor Symptoms (06.24.2009)
Emory Announces Phase III Study of Progesterone for Traumatic Brain Injury (06.23.2009)
Transplant Drug Stimulates Immune Memory (06.22.2009)
Southeastern Center for Emerging Biologic Threats Prepares for Disease Outbreaks (06.22.2009)
"Safety-Net" Hospitals Need Support to Survive (06.18.2009)
Emory Winship Cancer Institute: Celebration of Living Educational Event (06.18.2009)
Lawrence Boise Joins Emory Winship Cancer Institute (06.18.2009)
Emory University Hospital Evaluating New Minimally Invasive Stent Graft for Aortic Aneurysms (06.17.2009)
Hormone from Fat Cells Could Fight Breast Cancer (06.15.2009)
NIH Awards Emory and Global Partners $3 Million Contract for Cardiometabolic Disease Research (06.11.2009)
Emory Traumatic Brain Injury Researcher Honored by Association for Psychological Science (06.10.2009)
Routine Diabetes Screenings Could Cut Health Care Costs (06.8.2009)
Emory Teams Up With National Football League Player Care Program (06.8.2009)
Scholars Offer New Definition of Global Health, Call for Partnerships Between Developed and Developing Countries (06.5.2009)
Saturday Spring Cleaning: Midtown Organizations and Neighbors Clean-Up Area (06.5.2009)
New Chair of Microbiology and Immunology Named at Emory School of Medicine (06.4.2009)
Emory University School of Medicine Issues New Policy on Industry Relations (06.3.2009)
New Treatment Strategy Enhances Outcome for Lung Cancer (06.2.2009)
Grady Stroke Program Receives American Stroke Association Award (06.1.2009)
Emory Marketing Team Wins Multiple Awards (05.29.2009)
Sinusitis and Allergies: What You Need to Know Living in Atlanta (05.27.2009)
Iraq and Afghanistan War Veteran Donates Life to Son's Little League Teammate (05.22.2009)
Linda Torrence To Chair Sindab Project Advisory Board (05.22.2009)
IOM Issues Final Report on the U.S. Commitment to Global Health (05.22.2009)
Emory Endocrinologist Receives Outstanding Service Award (05.20.2009)
Adaptive Immunity Linked to Lifespan Genes in C. Elegans (05.20.2009)
New Emory Institute for Drug Discovery Announced (05.19.2009)
Emory, Australian Vaccine Centers Announce Alliance (05.19.2009)
World's "CDCs" Strengthening Global Defense to H1N1 Virus (05.18.2009)
CDC, Mexico Public Health Experts Will Describe H1N1 Experience and Perspective at Emory Presentation (05.15.2009)
Immune Exhaustion Driven by Antigen in Chronic Viral Infection (05.15.2009)
Emory Eye Center Starts Study for Infants with Blocked Tear Ducts (05.12.2009)
Expert: Grow the U.S. National Health Service Corps (05.12.2009)
Michael Iuvone Joins Emory Eye Center as Director of Research (05.11.2009)
New HIV/AIDS Vaccine Clinical Trials Begin at Emory Vaccine Center's Hope Clinic (05.8.2009)
Yerkes Chimpanzees All Secure (05.7.2009)
Health Care Providers Should Explain Vaccine Refusal Risks (05.7.2009)
Emory University Report Cited During National Briefing on Obesity's Economic Impact (05.7.2009)
HIV Vaccine Awareness Week Highlighted by Emory Vaccine Center's Hope Clinic Events (05.7.2009)
Rafi Ahmed, Emory Vaccine Center Director, Elected to National Academy of Sciences (05.5.2009)
H1N1 Research Includes Monoclonal Antibodies, Virus-Like Particles, Virus Transmission Studies (05.5.2009)
Alfredo Voloschin Joins Hematology and Medical Oncology at Emory Winship (05.5.2009)
Emory Eye Center Scientists Named Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology 2009 Fellows (05.5.2009)
Emory University Hospital Nursing Unit Wins Prestigious Beacon Award for Excellent Care (05.5.2009)
Iron Nanoparticle Tools Could Detect Pancreatic Cancer Earlier (05.5.2009)
Linda McCauley Takes Helm of Emory Nursing School (05.5.2009)
Sleep Apnea Increases Heart Disease Risk (05.4.2009)
Emory Receives Grand Challenges Explorations Grant for Innovative Global Health Research (05.4.2009)
IANPHI Approves More Than $400,000 to Boost National Public Health Systems Around the World (05.4.2009)
Women and Heart Disease: A Serious Matter (05.1.2009)
Mahlon DeLong Receives National Movement Disorders Research Award (04.30.2009)
Emory and HBO Host Alzheimer's Disease Documentary Screening May 2 (04.30.2009)
Scientific Symposium Looks at Triple Negative Breast Cancer (04.30.2009)
Emory Winship Cancer Institute Announces $2 Million Chair in Breast Cancer Research (04.29.2009)
New Emory-GRA Core Center for Genomics Opens (04.29.2009)
Flu Vaccine Given in Microneedle Skin Patches Proves Effective in Mice (04.28.2009)
Atlanta Police Department Mini-Precinct Opens at Emory University Hospital Midtown (04.27.2009)
Emory Healthcare Statement Regarding Lt. Governor Casey Cagle (04.27.2009)
Emory University Hospital to Host Stroke Awareness Event (04.24.2009)
Atlanta Police Department to Open Mini-Precinct at Emory University Hospital Midtown (04.24.2009)
Society of Hospital Medicine Names Emory Hospitals as Project BOOST Participants (04.22.2009)
Emory Hosts Religion and Public Health Research Symposium (04.22.2009)
Emory's 11th Annual RB Picnic Celebrates Lives of Children Who Have Survived Eye Cancer (04.21.2009)
American Academy Elects President Wagner and Mahlon DeLong (04.20.2009)
Exposure to Valproate During Pregnancy Can Impair a Child's Cognitive Development (04.16.2009)
Emory Reproductive Center Exceeds National Average in IVF Pregnancy Success Rates (04.16.2009)
HIV Handicaps Itself to Escape Immune System Pressure (04.15.2009)
Researchers Test Five-Minute Autism Assessment to Help Identify Infants and Toddlers at Risk (04.15.2009)
Emory Establishes Endowed Chair for Rollins School of Public Health Dean (04.14.2009)
Emory Awarded $2.9 Million NIH Grant for Global AIDS Research Training (04.14.2009)
Yerkes Researchers Use Eye Tracking to Detect Mild Dementia In Humans (04.14.2009)
Emory Launches New Critical Care Center, Appoints First Director (04.14.2009)
Emory's Winship Cancer Institute Announces NCI Cancer Center Designation (04.13.2009)
Emory Latino Diabetes Education Program Releases New Video to Empower Patients (04.10.2009)
Experts Discuss Brain Fitness and Aging at Public Forum (04.9.2009)
Emory CFAR Hosts National Symposium on HIV Prevention (04.8.2009)
Predictive Health Seminar Features Cardiologist and Author Mimi Guarneri, MD (04.6.2009)
Researchers Develop New Way to See Single RNA Molecules Inside Living Cells (04.6.2009)
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Names Paul W. Spearman, MD, as Chief Research Officer (04.1.2009)
Genetic Causes of Autism Spectrum Disorders are Focus of New Clinical Study (03.31.2009)
Yerkes Researchers Closer to Determining Why Humans Develop Alzheimer's Disease (03.31.2009)
American College of Cardiology Names Emory Cardiologist a Master (03.31.2009)
Thoracic Surgeon Joins Emory University Hospital Midtown, Will Perform Minimally Invasive Procedures (03.31.2009)
Rollins School of Public Health Names New Chair of Hubert Department of Global Health (03.31.2009)
Emory Sound Science Podcast: Attending to Neglected Tropical Diseases (03.30.2009)
After Heart Attack, Bone Marrow Stem Cells Increase Blood Flow Within Heart (03.30.2009)
Emory University Seeks Volunteers with Alzheimer's Disease for Study (03.30.2009)
Researchers Validate Heart Failure Risk Model (03.30.2009)
Emory School of Medicine Names New Executive Associate Dean for Research (03.30.2009)
Emory Symposium on Movement Disorders Features Renowned Scientists (03.30.2009)
Emory Healthcare Thanks Doctors and Honors History on National Doctors' Day (03.30.2009)
Targeting Oxidized Cysteine Through Diet Could Reduce Inflammation and Lower Disease Risk (03.27.2009)
Global Development and Health Symposium Links Business and Health to Target Extreme Poverty (03.27.2009)
DNA Repair Enzymes Relocate in Response to Stress (03.26.2009)
Excess Fat Puts Patients with Type 2 Diabetes at Greater Risk (03.26.2009)
Fuqua Gift to Emory Researcher Will Advance Depression Research (03.25.2009)
Financial Advice Causes "Off-Loading" In The Brain (03.24.2009)
Emory School of Medicine Students Celebrate Match Day 2009 (03.19.2009)
Faster Radiation Treatment System Now Offered at Emory University Hospital Midtown (03.19.2009)
Radiation Therapy Oncology Group Awarded $60.5 Million for Six-Year Grant Renewal (03.18.2009)
Emory Winship Cancer Institute Awards Seed Grants for Head and Neck Cancer Research (03.17.2009)
Technology Transfer Office Presents Emory's Annual Celebration of Technology and Innovation (03.17.2009)
Emory Winship Cancer Institute Emphasizes Care, Research for Patients with Brain Metastases (03.16.2009)
Emory Pediatrician Urges Fast Action Awareness During National Poison Prevention Week (03.16.2009)
Emory Names Ethics Center Director Paul Root Wolpe to New Schinazi Chair in Jewish Bioethics (03.12.2009)
New Clinical Trial for ALS Patients Opens for Enrollment (03.11.2009)
Emory Healthcare Launches 'What If' Ad Campaign (03.10.2009)
Benign Brain Tumors Removed through Small Openings at Emory University Hospital Midtown (03.9.2009)
Emory Earns Commendation for Cancer Services (03.6.2009)
Immune Cells From Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Have Prematurely Aged Chromosomes (03.5.2009)
Emory Awarded March of Dimes Grant to Study Premature Birth (03.3.2009)
Learning and Behavior Improve in Alcohol-Affected Children Following Intervention (03.3.2009)
Novel Pandemic Flu Vaccine Effective Against H5N1 in Mice (03.2.2009)
Vitamin A Signals Offer Clues to Treating Autoimmunity (03.2.2009)
Millions Around World To Observe Rare Disease Day (02.27.2009)
Emory, Georgia State Public Health Leaders Receive Health Education Practice Award (02.27.2009)
Emory Sound Science Podcast: Coping with Cancer's Emotional Fallout (02.26.2009)
Depression Increases Poor Outcome Risk for Women Following Heart Attack (02.24.2009)
CDC Recognizes HIV/AIDS Intervention as Model Program (02.19.2009)
U.S. Veterinarians at Risk for Q Fever (02.17.2009)
Emory Nursing Lecture To Shine Spotlight on Humanitarian Aid (02.17.2009)
Sun-Safe Pool Policies May Foster Healthier Sun Safety Behaviors Among Pool Staff (02.17.2009)
Combination of Diabetes and Sepsis Increases Likelihood of Renal Failure (02.16.2009)
Emory Crawford Long Hospital Renamed Emory University Hospital Midtown (02.13.2009)
Emory Honors Trustee Emeritus with Naming of James B. Williams Medical Education Building (02.13.2009)
Workplace Environmental Changes May Help Prevent Obesity (02.12.2009)
Emory Ranks 16th Nationally in Licensing Revenue from Research Discoveries (02.12.2009)
Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital Celebrates Successful Beginning with Dedication Ceremony (02.12.2009)
Brain's Visual Cortex Tied to Tactile Discrimination in the Blind (02.11.2009)
Tool to Shrink Brain Tumors' Blood Supply Identified (02.11.2009)
Study Explores Melatonin as Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis (02.11.2009)
Beating Heart Disease and Living Well (02.10.2009)
Surgical Interns Show Promise in Counseling Patients on Alcohol Misuse (02.10.2009)
Emory Experts Provide Tips that Can Lead to Heart Health (02.10.2009)
Emory, Georgia Tech, Peking University announce joint biomedical engineering PhD program (02.10.2009)
Emory to Advance Parkinson's Disease Clinical Research with Recent Gift (02.10.2009)
New Year Brings New Lease on Life for Atlanta Resident (02.9.2009)
National Health Care Experts Say, "Time is Now" for Health Care Reform (02.9.2009)
Bone Marrow Cells Can Heal Nerves in Diabetes Model (02.6.2009)
Emory University Dedicates New Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital (02.6.2009)
New Technique Predicts Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Effectiveness Before Treatment (02.4.2009)
Emory Geneticist Stephen Warren Awarded Jacob's Ladder International Research Prize (02.4.2009)
Heart-Cushioning Innovation in Angioplasty Could Reduce Damage (02.3.2009)
Woodruff Health Sciences Center Names First Chief Marketing Officer (02.3.2009)
Mary Saltz To Head Division of Community Radiology (02.3.2009)
Experts Address Health Policy Challenges Ahead (02.3.2009)
Teenager Spearheads Fundraiser for Emory ALS Center (02.2.2009)
Emory Research Provides Hope During American Heart Month (02.2.2009)
Emory Hospitals Earn Highest Level of Chest Pain Accreditation (02.2.2009)
Emory Leads $13 Million NIH Study of Key Protein in Chronic Infectious Diseases (01.26.2009)
Doctors Express Humane Care with Fine-Tuned Training (01.26.2009)
Emory Nursing Conference to Address Emerging Treatments for Delirium (01.26.2009)
Blocking Toxic Effects Could Make Clot-Buster Safer (01.23.2009)
STDs Disrupt Genetic Bottleneck That Usually Constrains HIV Infection (01.23.2009)
Emory Urologists Screen 70 Retired NFL Players for Prostate Cancer (01.23.2009)
New Step Discovered in DNA Damage Response in Neurons (01.21.2009)
Study Shows Rise in Antibiotic Resistant Pediatric Head and Neck Infections (01.21.2009)
Emory Pushes to Move Health Care Reform Forward (01.20.2009)
Emory Announces New Director of Gynecologic Oncology (01.20.2009)
Emory Healthcare Garners Quality and Patient Safety Initiative Awards (01.16.2009)
Emory Sound Science Podcast: Fruits and Vegetables in Cancer Prevention and Treatment (01.16.2009)
Emory Names Christian P. Larsen as Surgery Chair, Director of Emory Healthcare's Surgical Services (01.15.2009)
Rules for Gene Silencing in Cancer Cells Identified (01.13.2009)
Emory University Receives $14 Million Gates Foundation Grant to Reduce Tobacco Use in China (01.12.2009)
Toxicity Mechanism Identified for Parkinson's Disease (01.8.2009)
Emory University Statement on Dr. Sanjay Gupta as U.S. Surgeon General (01.6.2009)
Mylin Torres, MD, Joins Emory Radiation Oncology (01.5.2009)
Biological Link Connects Childhood Trauma and Risk for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (01.5.2009)


The Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center of Emory University is an academic health science and service center focused on missions of teaching, research, health care and public service. Its components include schools of medicine, nursing, and public health; Yerkes National Primate Research Center; the Emory Winship Cancer Institute; and Emory Healthcare, the largest, most comprehensive health system in Georgia. The Woodruff Health Sciences Center has a $2.3 billion budget, 17,000 employees, 2,300 full-time and 1,900 affiliated faculty, 4,300 students and trainees, and a $4.9 billion economic impact on metro Atlanta.

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