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A collection of coverage Emory health sciences has received in the media.


Young apes develop empathy like human kids - Oct. 14

A bridge between Western science and Eastern faith - Oct. 11

Handwashing's risks and rewards - Oct. 11

Packaging stem cells in capsules for heart therapy - Oct. 11

Side effects of breast cancer treatment - Oct. 11

Busting salt myths - Oct. 10

CDC report confirms Hospitalists' role in fight against antibiotic-resistant pathogens - Oct. 10

Man develops rare case of melanoma in gums - Oct. 10

Emory launches Lou Gehrig's disease trial - Oct. 10

Dalai Lama: Schools must care for brain and heart - Oct. 10

The human body favors nanodiscs over nanorods - Oct. 9

Do depressed moms pass it on? - Oct. 9

Shutdown virtually halts CDC flu surveillance - Oct. 7

Emory professor: Insurance exchange issues won't influence long-term success or failure of Obamacare - Oct. 6

Alternative approaches to surgical valve replacement offer comparable outcomes - Oct. 1

Pre-existing conditions no long matter under Affordable Care Act - Sep. 26

The 2 sides of the screening debate - Sep. 25

Nurse serves God and humanity at St. Joseph's - Sep. 23

UNAIDS: Decline seen in new HIV infections - Sep. 23

ED use could surge under ACA, study suggests - Sep. 23

Kidney transplant coordinator helps patients navigate the process - Sep. 23

Mental disorder treatment common after childhood cancer - Sep. 19

Emory opens new breast care facility - Sep. 17

Better fathers, smaller testes - Sep. 9

To keep polio at bay, Israel revaccinates a million kids - Sep. 2

The man with no memory: Navy vet wakes up, speaks only Swedish - July 16

Georgians seek strangers for kidney donations - July 15

Flu may explain seasonal birth differences: study - July 12

Chain of kindness: Organ donation match-up plan helps dozens - July 11

Genetic test may determine breast cancer risk - July 11

The best cancer hospitals in the U.S. - July 10

If I am HIV-negative, then you must be too, right? - July 9

Emory Researcher: CDC study shows more need to get HPV vaccinations - July 9

Acute antipsychotics do not worsen glycemia in psychiatric inpatients - July 8

Programs deliver success for overweight, diabetic patients - July 8

Emory Physician: Elder abuse more common than many realize - July 3

Mysterious disorder a 'life sentence' - June 28

U.S. women waiting longer to have C-sections: CDC - June 27

Observation for prostate cancer questioned in blacks - June 27

Information on kidney donation just a call away - June 26

Emory to help train nurses to care for veterans - June 26

PTSD linked to a doubling in heart disease - June 26

Cognitive rehab train your brain - June 25

Vietnam vets with PTSD have higher risk of heart disease - June 25

ADA: VA's move helps block diabetes - June 24

The 5:2 diet and other fasting methods - June 24

Emory Hospital unveils new breast imaging center in Johns Creek - June 24

Clues in the cycle of suicide - June 24

South Georgia Farmworker Health Project makes yearly visit - June 23

Lilly once-weekly diabetes drug proves superior in late-stage trials - June 22

Study finds jump in hospital ER-related admissions - June 22

Concerns emerge over calling obesity a disease - June 21

Scientists map a brain down to its cells - June 20

James Gandolfini's death tragically 'typical' - June 20

Prostate terminology bewilders many inner-city men - June 20

Emory-VA Medical Center team up on nurse education - June 18

Study: Homosexual community at increased risk for HIV - June 18

Talk therapy or antidepressant? A brain scan predicts which works best for your depression - June 17

Dads experience hormonal changes too, research shows - June 15

Distribution of Medicare ACOs varies widely - June 14

10-year-old lung transplant recipient -June 13

High-dose RT results in inferior lung cancer survival - June 6

Famed designer shares Alzheimer's diagnosis - June 5

PTSD may be prevented, researchers find - June 5

The future of getting paid to be healthy - June 3

Local experts encouraged by President's speech on mental health - June 3

What an STD and throat cancer have in common - June 3

New drug may help fight certain advanced lung cancers - June 3

Slathering on sunscreen shows results, researchers find - June 3

Why bias puts young gays' health at risk - May 31

7 Ways to protect your vision - May 29

Medical emergencies occur on 1 of every 604 flights - May 29

Emory site of largest autism clinical study - May 28

How safe are your summer shoes? - May 27

More gym for kids means less chance of obesity, Cornell study says - May 21

Revisiting the 'crack babies' epidemic that was not - May 20

Brain-mappping vision coming into focus - May 15

Swallowing disorder - New, minimally invasive procedure benefits patients - May 13

Alzheimer's drug candidate  - May 13

Why you shouldn't treat your kid's colds with drugs - May 13

Fear of flying - May 10

Psychology plus ballet: Meet 'Dr. Dancer' - May 10

Two Atlanta hospitals add option to donate umbilical cord blood to help save lives  - May 9

Toxic waste sites take toll on millions in poor nations - May 8

Man's best lab partner - May 8

Antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea not 'worse than AIDS,' experts say - May 7

Soaring U.S. healthcare costs due to more being treated - May 7

FDA warns pregnant women of migraine drug risk - May 6

Child abuse leaves distinct gene activity patterns - May 6

Diabetes: How are we doing? - May 3

Aches and pains from technology - May 2

Imagine a Flying Pig: How words take shape in the brain - May 2

Study: Food, skin allergies increasing in children - May 2

Frans de Waal - May 1

Babies born 3 weeks early may face possible developmental delays - May 1

Child health research lags behind adults - May 1

Diabetes Advice for the Elderly: Relax - April 29

Georgia ranks near bottom on hospital infections - April 27

New guidelines did not change mammography rates - April 25

Race and geography may influence late-stage kidney care - April 24

Deep brain stimulation holds potential to treat multiple disorders  - April 23

Epilepsy drug in pregnancy tied to autism risk - April 23

SARS Lessons: Stay alert for emerging pathogens - April 22

Emory researchers announce better understanding of HIV transmission - April 22

Preventing chronic disease key to health care fix - April 22

The new face of oral cancer - April 22

Four ways to get more potassium - April 18

Emory seeks to patent nanotechnology treatment for osteoporosis - April 18

Emory professor explains ricin threat - April 17

Hopkins dean among those who want to eradicate polio - April 17

Neuralstem receives FDA approval to commence phase II - April 17

What can doctors do to save a leg from amputation? - April 16

Say 'Cheese': Photos may avert X-ray mix-ups, study finds - April 15

Top of the list: Top 25 physician group practices - April 12

How hope can help you heal - April 11

Despite health challenges, Southern states resist Medicaid expansion - April 11

Emory University Hospital receives Comprehensive Stroke Center title - April 10

The Brian Lehrer Show: Humanism and primates - April 10

The secret to youthful-looking skin - April 9

Stem cell therapy takes arthritis treatment into the future - April 9

Study finds gene that may raise Alzheimer's risk in blacks - April 9

Searching for the roots of 'right' and 'wrong' - April 3

College students struggle with mental health issues - April 3

Stressful life events may increase stillbirth risk - March 27

US cancer survival rates on the rise - March 27

Healthy Living: Is early baldness in blacks a clue to prostate cancer? - March 26

Judge in Aurora case calls for use of 'truth serum' - March 26

Judge in Aurora case calls for use of 'truth serum'- but does it work? - March 25

Rethinking the use of PSA tests - March 21

Anti-stigma programs would improve mental health laws - March 21

Funds vital for cancer fight - March 21

CDC surveys show autism more common than thought - March 20

Stem cell injections to relieve arthritis pain - March 20

Tiny telescope implant helps Georgia woman see - March 20

Four metro counties among state's 'healthiest' - March 20

Dean inducted into nurse researcher Hall of Fame - March 15

Tears and cheers at Med school match day - March 15

New pope had lung removed during childhood - March 13

Emory study on blood shelf-life - March 13

Some of today's top diet trends produce results - March 12

Mothers fight to pass Ava's Law for autism coverage - March 12

7 ways food needs to change - March 12

100 Hospitals with great neurosurgery and spine programs - March 11

Edwards heart valve system good as surgery at 3 years-trial - March 11

Bipolar disorder - March 8

Cell phones breed germs - March 8

Deadly trend: Teens huffing coolant out of air conditioning unit - March 8

Researchers use eye-tracking device to detect Alzheimer's - March 7

Baby cured of HIV needs more study, Emory doctors say - March 6

Monkeys recognize and shun selfish others - March 5

'Cured' HIV baby has doctors asking: Can we protect all newborns? - March 4

Study to look air, noise pollution at PDK - March 4

Child's HIV cure won't mean new treatments immediately - March 4

Doctors report first cure of HIV in a child - March 4

Caesarean 'raises womb-tear risk' - March 1

Who are the most influential people in vaccines? - Feb. 28

Family of five learns to manage and thrive with ADHD - Feb. 26

Test as couples for HIV status - Feb. 26

Cut calories with the 250/250 plan - Feb. 26

HIV in the Classroom: Teaching in response to the terror of HIV's early years - Feb. 26

Meet Dr. Leon Haley, Jr., a Grady Memorial Black History Maker - Feb. 26

Nutrition fact or fiction - Feb. 26

Too many pills in pregnancy - Feb. 25

ALS community tells FDA We Have No Time To Waste,' urges changes in trial design and review process - Feb. 25

Fact and fiction about sleep - Feb. 25

Flu shots offer poor protection to seniors - Feb. 21

Flu shot tied to healthy pregnancy - Feb. 21

Inside the brains of rebellious leaders - Feb. 19

New Georgia youth concussion bill filed - Feb. 18

Cheerleaders at risk for concussion - Feb. 18

Emory to invest $1.5M in high tech scanner - Feb. 15

Emory develops mobile app for rural HIV patients - Feb. 15

Emory scores $900K Parkinson's research grant - Feb. 15

Depression may lower response to vaccine - Feb. 15

Talking to teens about dating doesn't have to be awkward - Feb. 14

Study: Gaps in mental health - Feb. 13

Emory working on epileptic seizure research - Feb. 13

Debate over brain scans and Alzheimer's - Feb. 12

Observation units may ease burdens of ER care, but benefits to patients come at a price - Feb. 11

Did you hate the Grammys? It could be a neurological condition - Feb. 11

Top stress triggers - Feb. 8

Sleep better by avoiding smart phones, tablets before bed - Feb. 8

Pit bull's treatment could aid humans with brain tumors - Feb. 8

Emory to invest $312M in Clifton Road hospital expansion - Feb. 7

Experts warn of long recovery for boy in bunker - Feb. 7

Calcium supplements may be bad for a man's heart - Feb. 4

For elderly in South Florida nursing homes, this flu season could be dangerous - Jan. 31

How to avoid getting the flu at work - Jan. 31

Epilepsy drug in pregnancy linked to autism risk in study - Jan. 31

Cervical cancer is a preventable disease - Jan. 30

Emory-Adventist Hospital wins patient safety award - Jan. 29

Legislators look at plan to fight Alzheimer's - Jan. 29

Real People: Grady psychologist incorporates love of dance with healing - Jan. 29

Groundbreaking Health at Emory University - Jan. 29

Unusual respite from surging health care costs - Jan. 8

China partners with gay groups on HIV screenings - Jan. 4


Bill to help fight Alzheimer's - Dec. 20

Emory launches Australian cancer research startup - Dec. 20

Help available for loved ones showing signs of mental instability - Dec. 19

Reconsidering Mental Health in Newtown's Wake - Dec. 19

Keep Thimerosal in vaccines: pediatricians - Dec. 17

Causes of suicide not always straightforward - Dec. 13

Emory collaborates on Parkinson's research - Dec. 13

Staying sober during the holidays - Dec. 13

7 Big trends and concerns for sports medicine physicians in 2013 - Dec. 12

Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Fernando Burstein recently featured on Fox 5 Atlanta for facial rejuvenation procedures - Dec. 12

Hepatitis C virus testing program at Grady - Dec. 10

Scientists try to unravel the riddle of too much sleep - Dec. 10

Though few in number, nuns make a big impact at St. Joe's - Dec. 2

More teens using muscle enhancing products - Nov. 19

Apes have midlife crises too - Nov. 19

Can oxytocin improve fidelity within relationships? - Nov. 15

3D against breast cancer - Nov. 14

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease on the rise in US adolescents - Nov. 9

Does your child have an allergy or is it a cold? - Nov. 8

Next-generation proteasome inhibitor approved in multiple myeloma - Nov. 8

March of Dimes working to prevent preterm births - Nov. 5

Lupus, hard to diagnose, disproportionately strikes black women - Nov. 5

Multivitamins don't cut heart disease risk in men - Nov. 5

Atlanta research team testing iPhone app for earaches - Nov. 5

Can you get free birth control after enrollment period? - Nov. 5

Filling gap between ERs and inpatient rooms - Nov 5

Emergency nursing standouts from Georgia and North Carolina become academy fellows - Nov. 5

Why health reform is key for minorities - Nov. 3

Researchers find what could be an obesity treatment - Nov. 3

Zombie fad seen as entry point to serious bioethics discussions - Oct. 30

Cold and flu myths put to bed - Oct. 28

People more likely to do CPR in wealthier areas - Oct. 24

Musical examines the toll and hope brought on by mental illness - Oct. 24

Role of respiratory therapists is a matter of life and breath - Oct. 20

Grant to fund chronic illness research center - Oct. 19

Why am I sleeping like a baby (boomer)? - Oct. 18

Editorial: An HPV vaccine myth debunked - Oct. 18

Emory researcher finds personal reasons to fuel cancer work - Oct. 16

HPV vaccine not tied to increased promiscuity for girls - Oct. 15

Researchers developing app to diagnose ear infections - Oct. 11

Learn about risk for developing breast cancer at awareness fair - Oct. 10

Georgia faces doctor shortage in near future - Oct. 8

Study: Meditation can make us more empathetic - Oct. 6

Neurotrack launches early diagnostic test for Alzheimer's disease - Oct. 3

Get a flatter belly at any age - Oct. 3

Emory gets $1.1M grant; launches training institute - Sept. 28

Low-back pain surgeries on the rise - Sept. 28

What to ask if you need surgery - Sept. 27

Emergency rooms are on life support - Sept 26

How old is too old to drive? - Sept. 26

High cholesterol: What it can do to you - Sept. 25

Nationwide cancer study seeking respondents and a cure - Sept. 24

Anti-aging medicine earns converts and critics - Sept. 24

Medical device makers fear tax - Sept. 23

Southern Regional, Emory do deal - Sept. 21

Progress toward an Alzheimer's blood test - Sept. 20

Georgia Tech develops IPhone App to diagnose ear infections from home - Sept. 20

Drug shows promise against fragile X syndrome, possibly autism - Sept. 19

Music making helps boomers stay in the groove - Sept. 19

Washington state makes it harder to forgo immunizations - Sept. 19

Study: Mosquitoes tested positive for West Nile virus in popular parks - Sept. 18

Keeping your heart in top shape - Sept. 17

Why a love of the arts will help your brain age better - Sept. 16

Two Emory hospitals among nation's leading medical centers - Sept. 14

Emory gets $6M AIDS vaccine research grant from Gates Foundation - Sept. 12

Winship Win the Fight 5K - Sept. 12

Missed dose? Truvada still prevents HIV in men - Sept. 12

Emory focuses on new treatment methods for children with prenatal alcohol exposure - Sept. 12

Emory study connects dots between inflammation and depression - Sept. 10

Emory to train doctors in Republic of Georgia - Sept. 10

Cutting readmissions requires reducing complications - Sept. 10

Private school vaccine opt-outs rise - Sept. 9

Tempted to quit antidepressants? - Sept. 7

Emory research offers hope for depression - Sept. 6

US health care system 'wasted' $750 billion in 2009 - Sept. 6

Millions don't have their blood pressure under control - Sept. 5

NIH awards $100 million for Autism Centers of Excellence - Sept. 4

Non-stick cookware chemical linked with babies' weights - Sept. 4

Emory study finds possible link between PFCs and obesity - Sept. 4

Is your memory normal? - Sept. 4

Aging can be an issue for execs - Sept. 2

Video: How to prevent achy summer feet - Aug. 31

What is West Nile virus? - Aug. 27

Emory physician talks about Lance Armstrong decision - Aug. 24

Stem Cells for ALS: Inside a Clinical Trial - Aug. 22

Video: Monkey angrily rejects unequal pay - Aug. 21

Deadly human bacteria infects chimps, raising new worries - Aug. 21

The CDC wants baby boomers tested for Hepatitis C: Now what? - Aug. 21

Caring for the elderly - Aug. 17

The challenges of beach running - Aug. 17

"Alarming" smoking habits found in poorer countries - Aug. 17

Atlanta research coalition gets $31 million grant - Aug. 15

Forum showcases nursing's role in healthcare - Aug. 13

Alzheimer's blood test a step closer - Aug. 11

CDC moves to keep new resistant gonorrhea at bay - Aug. 10

Want to stay healthy? Listen to your body - Aug. 9

Emory's Winship renews cancer center designation - Aug. 8

High pollen counts tied to ER visits for asthma - Aug. 8

Mind Field: PTSD & the Military - Aug. 8

Tackling fatty liver disease - Aug. 7

Kids who drink soda may not drop milk - Aug. 3

Sleep fails to enhance memory in older adults - Aug. 3

Musicians' brains might have an edge on aging - Aug. 2

Harriet Robinson; Groundbreaker Awards Finalist - Aug. 2

More treatment, more mistakes - Aug. 1

Heat's impact on medications - July 31

Is the closing of the Women's Center at South Fulton Medical a sign of the economic times? - July 31

Arthitis not just for adults - July 30

Doc excited to watch his patient swim for gold - July 27

Emory gets more than $9 million for AIDS research - July 27

Winship at the Y: Program aims to keep cancer survivors healthy after treatment - July 25

Experimental treatment seeks to lower blood pressure - July 25

Experts address HIV problem among African American men - July 24

New data strengthens view of HIV threat for gay black men - July 24

U.S. AIDS Cases Come Into View - July 23

Drive To End AIDS In U.S. Stalls As Epidemic Grips Blacks - July 23

Drop in prostate cancers seen after new U.S. advice - July 23

CDC: Whooping cough cases may be most in 5 decades - July 23

'Mini-strokes' pose danger - July 23

Experts address HIV problem among African American men - July 14

Smartphone photos could be used to diagnose eye-injury patients in the ER - July 18

The AIDS epidemic: Beginning of the end? - July 17

The Many States of HIV in America - July 17

And the Band Played On, Vol. 2 - July 17

Fear of Flying: Treatment works - July 9

Many babies healthier in homes with dogs - July 9

Domestic violence PSA urges women to speak up, not cover up - July 5

Tibetan monks tackle science in the Indian hills - July 4

Man preps for Peachtree Road Race after gastric bypass surgery - July 2

Spanking study: link between spanking and mental problems - July 2

Staying safe and hydrated during the summer months - July 2

Hospitals react to SCOTUS decision on health care reform - June 28

Heart transplant patient 'very exceptional' - June 28

Atkins-style diets linked to women's heart disease - June 27

CNN's Sanjay Gupta on building a successful career - June 25

What could Truvada mean for the fight against AIDS? - June 25

What was he thinking? Study turns to ape intellect - June 24

New treatment can help those with severe asthma - June 22

Atlanta cancer-fighting biotech company Metaclipse wins grant - June 21

Determining 'essential' health benefits - June 21

How do families move on after losing children? - June 21

Study: Heart attack victims could see signs of PTSD - June 21

Atlanta hospitals responsive to LGBT concerns, survey finds - June 20

More Oregon kids on "alternative" vaccine schedules - June 19

Study Tests if Progesterone Can Save Lives After Brain Injury - June 18

Drug shortage is a public health emergency - June 15

Is your lack of sleep making you fat? - June 12

New travel precautions - June 11

Typical hospital noises may disrupt sleep - June 11

Local roles in global health - June 8

Fetal DNA blueprint controversy - June 8

Latinos in Georgia face growing health disparities - June 7

Keep your eyes healthy - June 6

Curbing pregnant smokers with price hikes - June 5

Coping With Error: Checklist can help after medical mistake - June 5

Study: Cigarette taxes help cut smoking - June 5

Medicaid more than medical - June 4

Scientists identify opium poppy genes that make promising cancer drug - June 3

Reshaping Medicaid care to affect many - June 3

Emory launches international center to battle spina bifida - May 30

Blinks reveal what toddlers think - May 29

Society launches third survey, cancer prevention study - May 29

Braves reach out to veterans suffering from PTSD - May 28

Brain Series 2: Depression - May 28

Alzheimer's at Work - May 28

Emory Center adds new dimension to research - May 25

Atlanta: A Nexus for Public Health Initiatives - May 25

Flesh-decaying bacteria at normal levels in river, lab test finds - May 24

Birth Control: New research give boost to IUD effectiveness - May 23

Prostate cancer screening's false promise - May 22

Emory gets $4.5M cancer genomics center - May 21

Swine flu vaccine may lead to broader flu protection - May 21

Half of overweight teens have heart risk - May 21

CDC to baby boomers: Get tested for hepatitis C - May 18

Enlist in the war against HIV - May 18

Z-Pack heart attack? - May 17

What to eat and drink when you exercise - May 17

Gene predicts Parkinson's progression - May 16

Marcus Foundation donates $5M to Emory - May 15

Emory Healthcare, Southern Regional sign letter of intent for affiliation - May 14

Should Woody Allen have a Home in the manual of mental illness? - May 10

Diet drug wins panel's approval - May 10

ALS patients approved for more stem cells - May 9

Emory wins $11 million grant for rural care - May 9

Obesity could affect 42% of Americans by 2030 - May 7

Do ask, do tell about intimate partner violence - May 7

Beastie Boy's death: What is salivary gland cancer? - May 4

Blood pressure drugs may help PTSD - May 3

Young athletes and heart attacks - May 2

Kids and sport injuries - May 1

Too much sleep may not be so bad for weight gain - May 1

Presidential Medal of Freedom honors 6 with university ties - April 30

How young nurses are invigorating the profession - April 30

Poison centers: Teen hand sanitizer abuse rising - April 27

Cancer survivors urged to exercise and eat healthy in new guidelines - April 26

Pilot program to help war vets and their families underway at Callaway Gardens - April 25

Finding the right sunscreen and bug spray for your kids - April 25

Measles death rate drops; still a major public health concern - April 23

Fox Medical Team: Beauty regrets - April 19

Pre-med's new priorities: Heart and soul and social science - April 15

TEDMED Thursday: Sex, 'Poo Tea' and ALS - April 12

Congress, help us train more doctors - March 21

Kidney transplant patients seek life without drugs - March 19

A voice for patients - March 16

Schmidly named Saint Joseph's Hospital CEO - March 15

New report identifies barriers to HIV care in US - March 15

Doctors likely to preach what they practice - March 14

Dr. Sanjay Gupta's new book Focuses on medical errors - March 13

People at risk for second cancer get help from Emory intervention project - March 13

New worries about sleeping pills - March 12

HIV rates in black women much higher - March 11

Springing forward health effects - March 8

Keep your eyes healthy - March 8

Eating disorders - March 2

Weight-loss surgery seems safe for kidney disease patients - March 1

Study: Sleeping Pills Called 'as Risky as Cigarettes' - Feb. 28

Early prenatal test raises ethical questions - Feb. 23

Small strides you should take for your heart - Feb. 21

How monkeys handle moral outrage - Feb. 21

Antibiotic fails sinus infection test - Feb. 15

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis may raise kids' cancer risk - Feb. 13

Cancer trial participants may have misconceptions - Feb. 9

Atypical heart attack signs - Feb. 9

Low Vitamin D ups fracture risk in young and old - Feb. 9

Curing Diabetes: How Type 2 became an accepted lifestyle - Feb. 8

Ape versus machine: Do primates enjoy computer games? - Feb. 8

To hold the salt, it's time to hold the bread - Feb. 8

Georgia's child obesity ads aim to create movement out of controversy - Feb. 7

Housecall: Food and drinks for kids - Feb. 2

Fox medical team: Operation saves 3 lives - Feb. 1

Rising healthcare costs put countries at risk - Feb. 1

Emory to host talk on health policy in India - Jan. 31

How doctors do harm - Jan. 30

Nurse donates kidney to patient - Jan. 30

A 2nd cancer center in Georgia the goal - Jan. 29

Oral HPV infections more common than expected - Jan. 27

Study of freakish mystery illness finds no cause - Jan. 25

Why coffee is good for you, and other food myths - Jan. 25

Study shows how stress triggers immune system - Jan. 24

Can yoga wreck or heal your body? - Jan. 23

Depression-cardiovascular link found in young adults - Jan. 20

Testing for HIV together, hearing results together - Jan. 18

Deep brain stimulation appears effective for depression, bipolar disorder - Jan. 5

Emory, St. Joseph's tie the knot - Jan. 3


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