Scenarios from Africa

Scenarios from Africa

As founder of the non-profit organization Global Dialogues, Rollins School of Public Health assistant professor Kate Winskell has been coordinating an HIV/AIDS communication program called Scenarios from Africa for many years. The community project gives children and young adults an opportunity to educate themselves and others about HIV/AIDS by inviting them to participate with internationally acclaimed directors in the production of a collection of short films. Several films are available for viewing below; for more, visit Global Dialogues.

Sample Videos

"The Shop"
2 min. 24 sec.
A man is forced to confront his
embarrassment and buy condoms at a store.

"Just Once"
2 min. 23 sec.
A wife tests her husband's patience by making him
buy more condoms before they get intimate.

"The Warrior"
2 min. 43 sec.
A young warrior rides out to the city
to fight AIDS and learns it's not a man,
it's something much more.