Kidney Transplant on Coach-Player Pair

Transplant surgeons at Emory University Hospital have successfully completed a living donor kidney transplant from the head baseball coach at Wake Forest University to one of his players. In this Feb. 9, 2011, video, both doctors and the coach-player pair talk about the procedure.

For Donors

The generous act of donating a kidney can be an incredible and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Kidney transplantation can improve the length and quality of the recipient's life and strengthen the feeling of closeness between the recipient and the donor. Donation is an important decision, which involves potential benefits and risks.

The Emory transplant team will evaluate each potential donor very carefully. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Emory transplant coordinator at 404-727-3250 or toll free 1-866-727-3250. Additional information regarding transplantation can be found at

The Emory Healthcare web site provides info to help you understand Emory's living donor process.