Epigenetics: DNA Is Not Destiny

Dr. Victor Corces is a Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Biology, at Emory University. In the videos below he discusses epigenetics, i.e. how it is that how insects and animals can be born with a genome but, due to external factors, experience genetic changes which can be passed on to their offspring.

Emory - Georgia Tech Predictive Health Symposium 2009

Dr. Victor Corces spoke at the 2009 Predictive Health Symposium at Emory University.

Emory Life of the Mind Series

Geneticist Dr. Victor Corces's lecture "Beyond the Genome: DNA Is Not Destiny" was given as part of Emory University's Life of the Mind lecture series. The series showcased Emory's leading faculty members each month during the spring of 2009.