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Emory University is proud to be a part of Big Think, a global online forum connecting people and ideas. Through an ever-expanding platform of knowledge content, including in-depth interviews with the world’s leading experts, Big Think is a vital hub for important information to help people function, and succeed, in a rapidly changing world.

Currently more than a dozens Emory experts have shared their thoughts via Big Think's videos, which are avaiable not only on the Big Think web site, but on multiple platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. Below are links to videos of health sciences experts sharing their thoughts via BigThink.

Dennis Choi

Dennis Choi Discusses Neuroscience, Diseases of The Brain and How The Mind Emerges

Frans De Waal

Frans De Waal Says Primates Can Teach Us A Great Deal About The Origins Of Justice, Power And Morality

Sander Gilman

Sander L. Gilman on our Fear of Mental Illness

Arthur Kellermann

Art Kellermann Says Healthcare Reform Must Provide A Basic 'Tap Water' Level Of Care For All

Jeffrey Koplan

Jeffrey Koplan on Educating Girls and Women for a Healthier World

Jeffrey Koplan

Jeffrey Koplan in Discussion: "Superbug: Are We Prepared for the Next Great Plague"

Jeffrey Koplan

Jeffrey Koplan on Preventing Future Pandemics Through Healthcare

David Lynn

David Lynn on Supramolecular Self-Assembly And Understanding The Origins Of Life

Kenneth Thorpe

Kenneth Thorpe on Reducing the Number of 47 Million Americans Without Health Insurance

Paul Root Wolpe

Paul Root Wolpe on Valuing the Elderly and the Ethical Dimensions of A Dignified Death