HHS HealthBeat

Launched in 2005, HHS HealthBeat is an U.S. Department of Health and Human Services audio service providing  health promotion and disease prevention tips 5 days a week in audio and text formats. Emory experts are frequently featured on the program.

Doing by learning (MP3, 1.23 MB)
Lifeguards in the Pool Cool program teach children about sun safety with their regular swimming lessons.  But Emory University researcher Dawn Hall says the lifeguards also benefited from the lessons.

Compassion meditation (MP3, 936 K)
A study indicates compasssion meditation could reduce physical responses to stress that have been linked to medical conditions, says Emory University researcher Charles Raison.

Better fed babies, better thinking adults (MP3, 468 K)
A well-nourished youngster seems more likely to grow into a smarter adult, says Emory University researcher Aryeh Stein.

Twenty-twenty vision, for now (MP3, 936 K)
Diabetic retinopathy causes up to 24,000 new cases of blindness each year --and it's preventable, says Dr. Susan Primo of Emory University.

Analyzing the experts (MP3, 932 K)
People really do let the experts do their thinking for them. Emory University researcher Gregory Berns watched it happen, in brain scans of people evaluating financial decisions.