Health Sciences Center schools, centers, and scientists are involved in numerous collaborative research partnerships that extend beyond Emory University and involve other academic institutions, government agencies, industries, and non-profit organizations. These partnerships greatly enrich the research enterprise, providing new ideas, funding opportunities, and technology transfer collaborations.

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The Georgia Clinical & Translational Science Alliance (Georgia CTSA) unites the strengths of its academic partners, Emory University, Morehouse School of Medicine, the Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Georgia (UGA). Georgia CTSA is one of 64 Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) at major academic medical centers across the country, funded by the National Institutes of Health's National Center for Advancing Translational Science, and is the only CTSA in Georgia. Georgia CTSA has improved health care and research for Georgia citizens through collaboration with the Grady Health System, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Atlanta VA Medical Center, Georgia Research Alliance, Georgia Bio, and multiple community medical groups throughout the state.

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The research partnership between Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), initiated more than 20 years ago, has developed into one of the leading bioengineering and biomedical research and educational programs in the nation. The partnership centers around a joint department of biomedical engineering, but has grown to include a regenerative medicine center and research collaborations in nanotechnology, bioinformatics, predictive health, safe water, vaccine development, robotics and clinical trials.

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Emory is one of eight Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) research universities. GRA is an independent nonprofit organization that works in partnership with the University System of Georgia and Georgia's Department of Economic Development. It grows Georgia's economy by expanding university research capacity and by seeding and shaping startup companies around inventions and discoveries.

GRA recruits world-class scientists to Georgia universities as GRA Eminent Scholars; invests in state-of-the-art research technology for university labs; fuels the commercialization of university-based discoveries and inventions; and forges and strengthens alliances among universities and industry to make Georgia more economically competitive.

Georgia Research Alliance (GRA)

Emory GRA Eminent Scholars

  • Rafi Ahmed
  • Max Cooper
  • Walter Curran
  • William Dynan
  • Eric Hunter
  • Ami Klin
  • Michael Kuhar
  • Ignacio Sanz
  • Guido Silvestri
  • Eric Sorscher
  • Samuel Speck

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Emory and strong>Children's Healthcare of Atlanta have been partners in clinical care and physician training for more than 50 years. Through the Pediatric Research Alliance, the institutions have formed a research partnership that combines the clinical strengths of the nation's largest pediatric health care provider (Children's) and the research strengths of a leading academic medical center (Emory's Woodruff Health Sciences Center). Along with other Atlanta partners, including Georgia Tech and Morehouse School of Medicine, the research center focuses on 10 key priority areas. Many of these initiatives are located in the Emory Health Sciences Research Building and the Emory-Children's Center, connected by the Brumley Bridge.

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