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Emory Health Sciences Creative Services provides editorial, design, photo, video, and consultation services and produces a variety of print and online collateral, ranging from magazines, brochures, and annual reports to e-newsletters and web pages.

All staff, except photography and video, are located at 1762 Clifton Road, Suite 1000, Atlanta, GA 30322.

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Please contact:

Jack Kearse, photographer, 404-727-5666,

Rates & Services

Our photography services range from studio portraits and still-life poses to on-location action and scenic shots, available in digital and print formats.

Hourly rates $290 per hour for event photography
$320 per hour for location set-up photography
$215 per half hour sitting fee for studio photography
$300 per hour for two or more people
The charges include shooting time, formatting, uploading to server, and supply of selected photos. Additional shooting time is billed at $170/hr for event photography, $200/hr for location/set-up photography, and $170/hr for studio photography. If the shoot is several hours long, additional formatting or processing fees may apply.

To schedule a shoot, please contact either Carol Pinto or Jack Kearse. For other photo services, such as locating photos or obtaining prints, please contact Carol Pinto.
Our designers offer creative, savvy, and innovative design solutions that make your publication sparkle. Whether you need a template for a newsletter, a design for new web pages, a customized banner, or a magazine layout, our designers have visual answers for you.

The standard charge for design services is $75 per hour. However, we can provide a custom quote for your project.

More than crossing t’s and dotting i’s, our editorial team brings a wealth of academic experience and cutting-edge innovation to your printed job. We offer a range of editorial assistance from strategizing on brochures to writing website copy to producing magazines, annual reports, print and email newsletters, and other publications tailored to your needs. Our editorial staff has a combined total of more than 75 years in writing and editing for academic publications.

The standard charge for editorial services is $75 per hour. However, we can provide a custom quote for your project.

Linda Dobson
Senior Designer
Phone: 404-727-5664

Jack Kearse
Associate Director, Photography
Office: 114 WHSCAB
Phone: 404-727-5666

Mary Loftus
Associate Director
Editor, Emory Medicine and Emory Health
Phone: 404-727-0161

Martha Nolan
Associate Director
Editor, Rollins (Rollins School of Public Health)
Associate Editor, Emory Health
Phone: 404-727-6799

Peta Westmaas
Associate Director, Creative
Phone: 404-727-8363