SECEBT Funds Research on Emerging Biologic Threats in Southeast (12.22.2008)
Emory Announces Actions Following Investigation (12.22.2008)
Researchers Identify Similar Brain Areas Responsible for Face Recognition in Humans and Chimps (12.19.2008)
AAAS Selects Three Emory University Scientists as 2008 Fellows (12.19.2008)
Emory Makes $20 Million Contribution to Grady (12.18.2008)
Study Shows Inflammation from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May be Risk Factor for Other Illnesses (12.17.2008)
Holidays May Not Be the 'Happiest Time of the Year' for Everybody (12.11.2008)
Clinical Trial for Macular Degeneration Seeks a New Way of Seeing (12.10.2008)
Blocking Immune Inhibitor Improves Response to HIV-Like Virus, Prolongs Survival of Monkeys (12.10.2008)
Graduates of the Special Care Nurseries at Emory Crawford Long Hospital Celebrate (12.10.2008)
Emory's Woodruff Health Sciences Center Launches New Web Site (12.9.2008)
Emory Sound Science Podcast: A Dynamic Diagnostic Toolbox for Cardiac Care (12.8.2008)
"Strained" Quantum Dots Show New Optical Properties (12.8.2008)
Curbing Hormones' Effects in Obese Patients Could Aid Against Breast Cancer (12.8.2008)
Economy Gives Families an Opportunity to Be Creative this Holiday Season (12.4.2008)
Engaging Art on View in Emory School of Medicine Building (12.3.2008)
Tips on Blending 'Blended Families' During the Holidays (12.3.2008)
Institute of Medicine Report Calls for Changes in Doctors Training (12.2.2008)
Emory Predictive Health Symposium Links Molecular Studies with Population Health (11.25.2008)
Emory Center for AIDS Research Hosts World AIDS Week Events (11.25.2008)
Emory Sports Medicine Physicians Selected as Top Doctors by Castle Connolly (11.25.2008)
Ultrasound Waves Aid in Rapid Treatment of DVT, Expert Reports (11.24.2008)
Emory Researchers Caution Against Widespread CT Screening for Lung Cancer (11.24.2008)
Emory's Jane Fonda Center Receives Grant for Building Healthy Teen Relationships Program (11.24.2008)
Researchers Discover Strategy for Predicting the Immunity of Vaccines (11.24.2008)
Emory Professor Richard D. Cummings Receives Highest Award from Society for Glycobiology (11.24.2008)
Misreading of Damaged DNA May Spur Tumor Formation (11.20.2008)
Emory Names Linda McCauley Dean of Nursing School (11.20.2008)
Burroughs Wellcome Fund Award Creates New PhD Path Linking Laboratory and Population Sciences (11.18.2008)
Walter Curran Awarded Endowed Lawrence Davis Chair of Radiation Oncology (11.18.2008)
Emory Sound Science Podcast: Exploring New Treatments for Rare Cancers (11.17.2008)
Emory Names Dennis Choi Vice President of Academic Health Affairs (11.17.2008)
Rapid Screening Test Developed to Detect Early Alzheimer's Disease (11.17.2008)
African Americans with Depression and Heart Attack Have Greater Risk of Death (11.14.2008)
New Biomarker for Heart Failure Identified (11.12.2008)
Sex Differences Narrow in Death After Heart Attack, Study Shows (11.12.2008)
Emory Facial Center Welcomes Jilleen Hoffman to Aesthetics Team (11.12.2008)
March of Dimes To Unveil New ANGEL II Neonatal Transport Ambulance at State Capitol (11.11.2008)
Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Shows Promise for Treating Heart Failure (11.11.2008)
Nobel Laureate Peter Agre to Speak at Emory on Aquaporins and Disease (11.11.2008)
Emory's Institute for Advanced Policy Solutions Receives $600,000 Peterson Foundation Grant (11.11.2008)
Stem Cells from Monkey Teeth Can Stimulate Growth and Generation of Brain Cells (11.11.2008)
Daily Rhythms in Blood Vessels May Explain Morning Peak in Heart Attack (11.10.2008)
Cancer Program of Atlanta VA Medical Center Earns Commendation (10.31.2008)
Emory Eye Center Studying Promising Treatment for Retinopathy of Prematurity (10.31.2008)
Eating Red Meat Introduces Foreign Carbohydrate, Creating Food-Poisoning Vulnerability (10.30.2008)
Emory Scientist Receives Grant from Gates Foundation for HIV Research (10.29.2008)
March of Dimes Honors Emory Geneticist Stephen T. Warren (10.29.2008)
Workplace Obesity Program Shows Modest Effects After Just One Year (10.29.2008)
Emory Eye Center Ranks in Top 10 in All Categories of Ophthalmology Times Annual Survey (10.29.2008)
James M. Hughes, Emory Public Health Expert, Elected Vice President of Infectious Diseases Society of America (10.28.2008)
Pneumococcal Vaccine Could Prevent Numerous Deaths, Save Costs During a Flu Pandemic, Model Predicts (10.28.2008)
Sun Safety Program Cuts Lifeguards' Sun Exposure, Skin Cancer Risk (10.27.2008)
Mapping a Clan of Mobile Selfish Genes (10.23.2008)
Emory Lecture to Address Improving Patient Safety (10.23.2008)
Glycobiology Textbook, Co-Edited by Emory Biochemist, Released (10.23.2008)
Emory Researchers Study Test to Better Detect High-Risk HPVs and Cervical Cancer (10.22.2008)
Emory Scientist Earns American Cancer Society Grant to Fight Multiple Myeloma (10.22.2008)
Drug-embedded Microparticles Bolster Heart Function in Animal Studies (10.20.2008)
Emory Crawford Long Hospital Celebrates Centennial Birthday (10.20.2008)
Emory First in Georgia to Use New and Faster Radiation Treatment System (10.20.2008)
Global Public Health Leaders Focus on Partnerships at IANPHI Third Annual Meeting (10.17.2008)
Wesley Woods Hospital Recognized as One of State's Top Small Hospitals (10.17.2008)
AAMC Honors Emory Immunologist Max Cooper with Distinguished Research Award (10.16.2008)
Michael A. Watson Named Foundation of Wesley Woods President and CEO (10.15.2008)
Emory Awarded $1.5 Million for Preparedness and Emergency Response Research Center (10.14.2008)
Lack of Vitamin D Linked to Parkinson's Disease (10.14.2008)
Hospital-Based Smoking Cessation Program After Heart Attack Adds to Success (10.14.2008)
Institute of Medicine Elects Emory University School of Medicine Faculty Member (10.13.2008)
Connect Your Mind, Body and Soul at Women's Health and Wellness Forum (10.10.2008)
Emory Heart & Vascular Center Opens Location in Middle Georgia (10.10.2008)
Diabetic Eye Disease Month Underscores Need for Annual Eye Exams (10.9.2008)
Compassion Meditation May Improve Physical and Emotional Responses to Psychological Stress (10.8.2008)
Scientists Find New Insight into Genome of Neglected Malaria Parasite (10.8.2008)
Emory and Children's Pediatric Liver Transplant Program Earns Accreditation (10.8.2008)
Structural Puzzle Connecting Cancer Drug and Sepsis Solved (10.6.2008)
Emory Awarded $28.5 Million for Landmark Child Health Study (10.3.2008)
Men With Intracranial Hypertension Experience Vision Loss More Often Than Women (10.3.2008)
Emory University Hospital Named Consumer's Choice Top Hospital (10.3.2008)
Emory Nursing Officer Awarded for Chemotherapy Handbook and International Training Workshop (10.3.2008)
Jane Fonda Center Awarded Ford Foundation Grant to Develop "Centering Sex Education" (10.3.2008)
Oncologist Omer Kucuk Joins Emory Winship Cancer Institute (10.3.2008)
Emory Awarded $6 Million to Study Environmental Causes of Parkinson's (10.3.2008)
Cancer Patient Family Teams with GRA, GCC to Fund Chairs at Emory and Georgia Tech (10.3.2008)
Fewer Doses, Injection in Muscle Can Improve Anthrax Vaccine Regimen, National Study Shows (10.2.2008)
Emory Health Policy Expert Weighs in on Candidates' Health Care Plans (10.2.2008)
National Cancer Institute Awards Emory $7.5 Million for Cancer Imaging (10.1.2008)
New NIH Roadmap Epigenomics Program Selects Emory Biochemist (10.1.2008)
International Photographic Exhibit 'Inside Terrorism: The X-Ray Project' Coming to Emory (09.30.2008)
NIH Awards Emory $7.4 Million for Studies of Oxidative Stress and Colon Cancer (09.30.2008)
Avon Foundation Awards $950,000 to Emory Winship Cancer Institute and Grady Hospital (09.30.2008)
NIH $2.8 Million Grant Funds Emory's Search for Genes Related to Bipolar 1 Disorder (09.30.2008)
Second Annual Le Petit Elegance Benefits Emory Department of Surgery (09.29.2008)
"Hub" of Fear Memory Formation Identified in Brain Cells (09.29.2008)
New Life-Saving Device Treats Aortic Aneurysms (09.29.2008)
Emory Reproductive Center Receives Internationally Recognized CAP Accreditation for Labs (09.29.2008)
Emory Names Assoc. COO and Assoc. Chief Nursing Officer for Orthopaedics Hospital (09.25.2008)
Neuroscientist Reveals How Nonconformists Achieve Success (09.25.2008)
Emory Latino Diabetes Education Program Receives National Accreditation (09.25.2008)
Study Findings Help EMS Respond to Cardiac Arrest Emergencies More Safely and Efficiently (09.24.2008)
Emory Biosafety Experts to Train Scientists in Vietnam (09.24.2008)
Emory Healthcare Opens New School of Medical Technology (09.24.2008)
Potential Treatment Option for Severe Emphysema Under Study (09.24.2008)
Emory University Tops $400 Million in FY08 Research Funding (09.23.2008)
Emory School of Medicine Names Chair of Department of Dermatology (09.19.2008)
Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Appoints Michael M.E. Johns to Board (09.18.2008)
Few U.S. Hospitals and Birth Centers Provide Adequate Support for Breastfeeding (09.18.2008)
Emory Begins Testing Vaccines Against Pandemic Influenza Threat (09.16.2008)
Why Some Primates Can Live with Immunodeficiency Viruses and Not Progress to AIDS (09.16.2008)
Emory Sound Science Podcast: Psychiatrist Discusses Neuroeconomics and Decision Making (09.16.2008)
Injection Drug Use Prevalence Among Black Adults Declines, Remains Stable for Whites (09.16.2008)
Grady Stroke Program Receives American Stroke Association Award (09.15.2008)
As Head and Neck Cancer Risks Evolve, More Treatment Options Emerge (09.11.2008)
Syntermed Licenses Emory ERTb Software for Enhanced Cardiac Imaging (09.11.2008)
Emory Cardiothoracic Surgeons to Provide Expertise at Athens Regional (09.11.2008)
Herpes Drug Acyclovir Also Suppresses HIV in Herpes-Infected Tissue (09.10.2008)
Sound Science Podcast Series Highlights Emory Scientists and Discoveries (09.10.2008)
New Cytogenetics Tests Help Clarify Pediatric Diagnosis of Complex Developmental Abnormalities (09.10.2008)
Where a Woman Lives May Affect Her Risk for Preterm Birth, Study Finds (09.10.2008)
Workplace Wellness Program Offers Good Return on Investment (09.10.2008)
Outreach Program for Troubled College Students Shows Positive Results (09.9.2008)
Single-Incision Laparoscopic Surgery Reduces Scars and Helps Patients Heal More Quickly (09.9.2008)
Progress and Promise in Mental Health Research (09.9.2008)
Zen Training Speeds the Mind's Return After Distraction, Brain Scans Reveal (09.8.2008)
Emory Announces Opening of Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital (09.5.2008)
Emory Crawford Long Hospital's New Cardiac Imaging System Has High Accuracy and Quick Result (09.4.2008)
NIH Awards EUREKA Grant to Emory Biochemists for Innovative Research in Glycomics (09.3.2008)
DNA Editing Tool Flips Its Target (09.3.2008)
Yerkes Researchers Create Animal Model Of Chronic Stress (09.3.2008)
Arteries from Distinct Regions of the Body Have Unique Immune Functions (09.3.2008)
Early-Onset Gene for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Identified (09.2.2008)
Emory Specialty Associates Agreement with Clark-Holder Finalized (07.1.2008)
Jeffrey Koplan Appointed Vice President for Global Health at Emory University (03.5.2008)
Emory, Georgia Tech Commemorate Ten Years of Biomedical Engineering Partnership (02.18.2008)


The Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center of Emory University is an academic health science and service center focused on missions of teaching, research, health care and public service. Its components include schools of medicine, nursing, and public health; Yerkes National Primate Research Center; the Emory Winship Cancer Institute; and Emory Healthcare, the largest, most comprehensive health system in Georgia. The Woodruff Health Sciences Center has a $2.3 billion budget, 17,000 employees, 2,300 full-time and 1,900 affiliated faculty, 4,300 students and trainees, and a $4.9 billion economic impact on metro Atlanta.

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