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The following is a non-comprehensive list of health sciences faculty and staff who are veterans, some still on active duty.

Matthew Axtman (medical resident)
Lt Cmdr, US Navy

Susan Bauer-Wu (nursing)
Lt Cmdr, US Navy Reserve

Jennifer Bailey Baxter (nursing student)
US Army Nurse Corps (retired)
Operations Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom

Jonathan Beitler (radiation oncology)
Col, Flight Surgeon, US Army

Jimmie Benton (business services, public health)

Ruth Berkelman (epidemiology, public health)
US Public Health Service 

Irwin Best (radiology)
Major, US Medical Corps

Wayne Blount (preventive medicine)

Philip Brachman (public health)
US Public Health Service

Kenneth Brigham (predictive health)
CDC Ecological Investigations
US Public Health Service

Steven Budnick (pathology)

Vernon Camp (med tech, radiology)
84th US Army Band, Fulda, Germany, 1960s

Daniel Caplan (pediatrics)

Mary Carlton (optometry)

Walter Carpenter (radiology)

William Casarella (radiology)
Captain (flight surgeon), US Army
Commanding Officer, 125 Medical Group, Uijongbu, South Korea 

Daniel Case (radiology)

Stephen Clements (cardiology)
Major, US Army Medical Corps

Robert Cohen (digestive diseases)

Beverley Craft (administrative asst, nursing school)
US Army, 32 years 

Jerard Cranman (primary care)
Captain, USAF

James Curran (dean, public health)
US Public Health Service 

Bruce Cuthbert (research coordinator, psychiatry)

Donald Denson (anesthesiology)

Mary Dolan (gyn-ob)

Naomi Dolby-Hamer (IT consultant, med school)
US Marine Corps

John Douglas (cardiology)
Lt Cmdr, US Navy, 1969-1971
Camp Lejeune and An Hoa, South Vietnam

Konnie Doyle (nursing student)

Douglas Eaton (physiology)
Staff Sgt, US Marine Corps (Airwing), 1971-1972

Henry Edelhauser (ophthalmology)
US Navy, 1955-1958

Kirk Elifson (behavioral sci, public health)
Captain, US Army

William Fajman (radiology)

Paul Farmer (pathology, Yerkes)
US Army, Korea

Edward Faught (neurology)
Col, Medical Corps, US Army (retired)
Active duty and reserve, 1969-2006 

Joel Felner (cardiology)

Lamar Fleming (orthopaedics)
Lt Cmdr (flight surgeon), US Navy, 1967-1970 

Stanley Foster (public health)

Morton Galina (pediatrics)

Justin Garrett (anesthesiology)
Lt Cmdr, US Navy, 1997-2009

Mark Goodman (radiology)

David Greene (radiology)
US Public Health Service, 1969-1971 

William Grist (surgery)
Major, Group Surgeon
10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), US Army

Robert E. Gross (public health)
US Army

Robert Guyton (cardiothoracic surgery)

Larry Hagan (administrator, otolaryngology)
Lt Col, US Army (retired)

Craig Heilman (research spec, neurology)
USAF, 1981-1985

Jason Hockenberry (health policy, public health)

Brian Hogan (financial analyst, psychiatry)
Lt, US Navy

David Hurst (medical resident) 

Bonnie Jennings (nursing)
Col, US Army

Michael M.E. Johns (chancellor)
Major, US Army

George Jones (primary care)

Allan Kirk (surgery, transplant)

Jeffrey Koplan (global health)
Rear Admiral, US Public Health Service (26 years)

Michael Kutner (biostatistics)
Virginia Reserve, PFC, US Army, 1960

Clinton Lawrence (pulmonogy, lung transplant)
Lt Cmdr, US Public Health Service, NIH, 1975-1978

David Lawson (hem-onc)

Jeffrey Lennox (infectious diseases)
Major, Medical Corps, US Army, served 1983-1994

Robert Lorenzo (pediatric radiology)

Vincent Marconi (infectious diseases)
Major, USAF, 4 years active duty, 9 years USAF Reserve
Balad Air Base, Iraq, 2007-2008

Louis Martin (radiology)

Kurt Martinuzzi (gyn-ob)

Kathryn Matthews (nursing school)
US Navy, 1966-1972 

Gregory Maynes (engineer, Yerkes)

Richard McAdam (administrator, emergency med)

Richard McCormick (emergency med resident)

John McGowan (epidemiology, public health)
US Public Health Service

Scott McNabb (public health)
US Navy

Robert Migliore (IT mgr, pediatrics)
Georgia Air National Guard

Keith Mills (facilities mgt, WHSCAB and med school bldg)
US Army

Anna Mirk (geriatrics)

Bruce Mitchell (hospital medicine)

Robert Mittler (surgery, transplant)

Melvin Moore (hem-onc)

Joel Moorhead (env health, public health)
US Army, 1968-1971, Vietnam

Douglas Morris (director, Emory Clinic)

Susmita Parashar (cardiology)

Randolph Patterson (cardiology)
US Public Health Service
Chief, Cardiovascular Physiology and Pharmacology
NHLBI, NIH, 1979-1984
Major, US Army
Walter Reed Army Medical Center, 1972-1975

William Payne (admin asst, medical school)
US Navy, 1981-1983

Javier Perez (ophthalmology fellow)
Lt Cmdr, US Navy
Undersea Medical Officer
Pearl Harbor, HI

Requita Pierre (nursing student)

Tami Phillips (physical therapy faculty)
US Navy

Nicholas Plaxton (medical resident)
Major (flight surgeon), US Air Force 

Robert Raynor (research specialist, pulmonology)
Sgt First Class (medic), US Army, Fort Hood,  TX

David Rimland (infectious diseases)

Betty Robinson (program asst, urogynecology)

Roger Rochat (public health)
US Public Health Service

Peter Rossi (radiation oncology)
Lt Cmdr, US Navy Reserve
Medical Corps, 1993-2002

Dan W. Russell (senior clincal business mgr, Emory-Children's Center)

Michael Saenger (internal medicine)

Melissa Scott (admin asst, health sciences development)
US Marine Corps 

Ira Schwartz (assoc dean, medical school)
US Public Health Service

William Sexson (neonatology)
Col, US Air Force Reserve (retired)

Andi Shane (infectious diseases)
Lt Cmdr, US Public Health Service

Anandi Sheth (postdoc, infectious diseases)

Judy Simmons (graphic designer, medical school)
US Navy Reserve (23 years)

Lisa Simmons (administrator, biomed engineering)

A.L. Jackson Slappy (surgery)
Lt Cmdr, Medical Corps, US Navy

Linda Spencer (nursing)
Col, US Army Nurse Corps (25 years)

Sidney Stein (hem-onc)

David Stephens (WHSC VP, research)

Juanita Taylor (reimbursement coordinator, Emory Clinic)
Sgt, 108th Quartermaster, US Army

Danny Thompson (medical education)
Sergeant, US Army

Cedric Thurman (nursing student)

Wendell Todd (otolaryngology)

Kathy Troyer (accountant, animal resources)
US Marine Corps

Larry Tune (psychiatry)
US Navy Reserve, 1978-2004

Gary Vercruysse (surgery)
Major, Medical Corps
US Air Force Reserve (current)
Chief of Surgery, US Air Force Theater Hospital
Balad, Iraq, 9/2-08-1/2009
Senior Surgeon, Heath Craig Joint Theater Hospital
Bagram, Afghanistan, 5/2010-8/2010

Daphne Wacasey (neurology nurse practitioner)

H. Kenneth Walker (medicine)

Jean Welsh (postdoc, gastroenterology)

Andrew West (ACTSI)
Gunnery Sgt, Bravo Co
4th Recon Battalion
US Marine Corps Reserve

Kobina Wilmot (medical resident)
Captain, US Army 

Peter Wilson (cardiology)
Captain, US Public Health Service (20 years)

Steven Wolf (rehab medicine)

Karen Woods (admin asst, anesthesiology)
SPC 4, US Army
564th Military Police Co, Butzbach, Germany, 1979-1982

Elizabeth Woolley (counselor, genetics)

Douglas Yim (radiology)
Commander, US Navy, 1994-2010

John Young (epidemiology, public health) 

James Zaidan (grad med education, anesthesiology)
Major, US Army

Michael Zwick (genetics)
Cmdr, US Navy Reserve

Slide Show Captions

Details on the photos shown in the slide show.

Emory Unit, WWII. Composed of more than 100 doctors, nurses, and dentists, the Emory Unit (Base Hospital #43) in WWII was stationed first in Oran, Algeria, and later in Les Milles, France. The first Emory Unit, convened in WWI, was stationed in Blois, France.  

Ed Faught, colonel, Medical Corps, US Army, at the 3rd Infantry Division Aid Station, Kuwait. He served in the Army from 1969 to 2006. He is a neurology professor at Emory.  

Michael M.E. Johns, a major in the US Army, at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in 1976. He is chancellor of Emory and former executive VP for health affairs.  

Michael Kutner, Private First Class, Virginia Reserve, 1960. He is a biostatistics professor in public health.  

Richard McCormick, major, US Marine Corps, flying a CH-53 helicopter as part of support for President Clinton when the President visited India in 1999. McCormick is currently a resident in emergency medicine.  

Nicholas Plaxton, major, (flight surgeon) US Air Force, in Mosul, Iraq. He is currently a resident at Emory.  

Melissa Scott, US Marine Corps. She is currently an administrative assistant in Health Sciences Development.  

William Sexson, a neonatologist at Grady Hospital, is a retired colonel, US Air Force.  

Gary Vercruysse, major, Medical Corps, US Air Force Reserve, has served as a trauma surgeon in USAF theater hospitals in both Iraq and Afghanistan and is currently at Grady. This boy in Balad, Iraq, suffered burns over 40% of his body.

Andrew West, gunnery sergeant, Bravo Company, 4th Reconnaissance Battalion, US Marine Corps Reserve. At Emory, West is senior administrator for the Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute.  

Douglas Yim was in the US Navy for 15 years (1994-2010), where he rose to the rank of Commander. He is an assistant professor in interventional radiology.