Virulent Vortex Podcast

The Virulent Vortex is a podcast hosted by Jaap de Roode in which IDAS Community members discuss infectious diseases across scales from molecules and pathogens to populations and pandemics, and everything in between. Featuring MP3 Awardees, IDASTP students and faculty.

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Episode 1 - Lance Waller

Episode 2 - Mirko Paiardini

Episode 3 - Sandra Mendiola

Episode 4 - Anice Lowen

Episode 5 - Ben Lopman

Episode 6 - Katia Koelle 

Episode 7 - Steph Bellman

Episode 8 - Rachel Pearson

Episode 9 - Stephen Mugel

IDASTP & MP3 Launch the "Virulent Vortex Podcast"

‘Virulent Vortex’ video podcast reveals the personalities behind infectious disease science


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