MP3 Initiative: Molecules and Pathogens to Populations and Pandemics

The MP3 Initiative will take a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary approach to the threat of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases, cutting across "scales" of research, beginning with studies of the host-pathogen interaction, then defining novel targets for drugs and vaccines, and ultimately optimizing implementation of new preventive and therapeutic interventions.

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The MP3 Initiative supports research in the infectious disease across scales research through the MP3 Seed Grant Program (MP3 SG) and the Faculty Startup Package Program (FSUP).  More information about MP3 funding opportunities and application process can be found on our funding opportunities page 

MP3 Funding Opportunities

2019 MP3 Seed Grant Awardees

2020 MP3 COVID-19 Seed Grant Awardees

2020 MP3 Seed Grant Awardees

The MP3 Initiative also works closely with the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) funded IDASTP (Infectious Disease Across Scales Training Program) which provides support for pre-doctoral students working in the infectious disease across scales field.


Both the MP3 Initiative and IDASTP collaborate to host two annual events brining visiting experts, Emory faculty/postdocs and IDASTP students in the field to discuss infectious disease research and the across scales approach:  

IDAS Symposium in the fall of each year.  

IDASTP Seminar Series in the spring of each year.