MP3 Initiative: Molecules and Pathogens to Populations and Pandemics

The MP3 Initiative takes a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary approach to the threat of emerging and reemerging infectious diseases, cutting across "scales" of research, beginning with studies of the host-pathogen interaction, then defining novel targets for drugs and vaccines, and ultimately optimizing implementation of new preventive and therapeutic interventions.

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2023-2024 Announcements

NEW 2024 Spring IDAS Seminar Series, IDASTP/AOD application cycle and IDASTP Spring 2024 Newsletter.

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NEW 2024 MP3 Seed Grant Cycle announced. LOI Deadline January 15, 2024.

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IDASTP & MP3 Launch the "Virulent Vortex Podcast"

‘Virulent Vortex’ video podcast reveals the personalities behind infectious disease science


2024 IDAS Seminar Series

NEW DAY AND TIME: Tuesday's at 3 PM ET.

Fifth annual weekly series of seminars and discussions on infectious disease research and control across scales will be presented by visiting speakers, Emory faculty/postdocs and IDASTP students. Seminar and discussion topics are chosen to provide a broad overview of the current status of the field. Join the IDAS Listserv to receive Zoom link for Seminar Series Talks (button at the bottom of the page).

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Keep up to date on the latest MP3 and IDASTP activities. (MP3 & IDASTP Listserv)

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