The MP3 Initiative and IDASTP collaborate to host two annual events brining visiting experts, Emory faculty/postdocs and IDASTP students in the field to discuss infectious disease research and the across scales approach: IDAS Symposium (fall) and IDAS Seminar Series (spring).

2020 IDAS Seminar Series

Weekly series of seminars and discussions on infectious disease research and control across scales will be presented by visiting Emory speakers, Emory faculty/postdocs and IDASTP students. Seminar and discussion topics are chosen to provide a broad overview of the current status of the field.

2020 IDAS Seminar Series

2019 Infectious Disease Across Scales Symposium

Emory University's new MP3 Initiative (From Molecules and Pathogens to Populations and Pandemics) and the new IDASTP (Infectious Diseases Across Scales Training Program) proudly announce the inaugural Infectious Diseases Across Scales Symposium, featuring interdisciplinary research that transcends traditional scales to better understand and control infectious disease.

2019 IDAS Symposium
Whitehead Building