Dr. Charles R. Hatcher, Jr. Memorial Event

On the afternoon of June 28, 2022, the lobby of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center became a gathering spot for the past, present and future of health care. A memorial service for Dr. Charles R. Hatcher, Jr., former vice president for Emory's Health Affairs and director of the WHSC, brought together a Who's Who of medicine in Georgia.

Dr. Hatcher passed away on March 27, 2021, at the age of 90, and the pandemic-delayed memorial gave friends, family and colleagues a chance to get together and remember a great man. A towering figure in cardiology and a leader of international renown, Dr. Hatcher made a lasting impression on everyone whose life he touched.

As colleagues, guests, and friends remembered Dr. Hatcher, a few themes kept coming up. It was clear that as far as he went in his life and career, the small south Georgia town where he was raised, Attapulgus, remained the bedrock of his character.

And his talent for story-telling seemed to match his boundless talent for innovation. Speaker after speaker quoted his memorable banter. His rural roots and sensibilities, a recurring theme that carried lessons in leadership and humility, offered enduring guideposts for those who were fortunate to have worked with Dr. Hatcher.

His son, Charles Hatcher, III, closed the service with memories and stories from a more personal perspective, warmly appreciated by assembled friends and colleagues.

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