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2003 Fellows

Mentors | Admin. & Guest Faculty

Charles Andrews
Associate Vice President for Space Planning and Construction
Arnold Barros
Director, Anesthesia Services
Emory University Hospital
and Emory Crawford Long Hospital
Erica Dian Brownfield
Co-Director, Medicine Clerkship
Assistant Professor, Medicine
Elizabeth Clark-Morrison
Associate General Counsel
Emory University

Patricia Fraley
Director, Center for Rehabilitation
Medicine, Emory Hospital

Mary Galinski
Associate Professor, Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and Vaccine Research Center
Affiliate Scientist, Yerkes
Richard Gitomer
Medical Director, Primary Care
The Emory Clinic
Assistant Professor, Medicine
Lucky Jain
Professor, Neonatology Division
Pediatrics and Physiology
Maureen Kelley
Chair, Associate Professor
Family and Community Nursing
Fadlo Raja Khuri
Medical Director, Winship Cancer Institute
Professor, Hematology
Christian Larsen
Director, Emory Transplant Center
Professor, Surgery
Douglas Lowery
Medical Director, Emergency Department, Emory University Hospital
Assistant Professor, Medicine
Margery McKay
Assistant Vice President for Development
Ana Murphy
Director, Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
Gynecology and Obstetrics
Kathy Parker
Director, Center for Study of Symptoms, Symptom Interactions, and Health Outcomes
Associate Professor, Nursing
Jesse Roman
Director, Pulmonary Division
Associate Professor, Medicine

Ron Sauder
Director, Media Relations, Health Sciences Communications

Daniel Smith
Chief, General and GI Surgery
Lance Waller
Associate Professor
Roseanne Waters
Program Director, Health Policy and Management