Painting Unveiled at Winship to Honor Susan Fillmore White

When Susan Fillmore White of Atlanta died of breast cancer in 2010, her circle of five close friends wanted to find the perfect way to honor her memory. After learning of Winship’s Healing Arts Program, they decided to purchase a painting in remembrance.


Family and friends of Susan Fillmore White honored her memory with this evocative painting, which hangs in the newly renovated Winship Breast Imaging Center waiting room.

Missy Craver found just the right painting at the Art House Gallery in Buckhead. She and White’s other friends agreed on Moments of Peace, a low country marsh scene by Jan Eubanks, and began planning how to purchase it. The gallery owner, Debi Lamb, was so impressed by their dedication that she generously hosted a fundraiser for Winship in her gallery last November.

“We had a party to celebrate Susan’s life and invited all of her friends and family,” said Craver. “When we showed them the painting, they contributed even more than we needed to buy it. The excess amount was donated to breast cancer research at Winship in her name.”

The painting was hung in the newly renovated Breast Imaging Center waiting room and unveiled at a ceremony attended by Susan’s family, friends, doctors, and oncology team. “Susan would be thrilled to see what her friends have done for her,” said Nancy Merritt, friend and breast cancer survivor.

 Inspired by this endeavor, artist Dianne Tuttle donated one of her own paintings to hang in the same patient area. She created he mountainscape in honor of her three friends who had survived breast cancer: Craver, Bee Sieburg, and Becky Cross.

Healing Arts Program Opportunities

Over the course of treatment for cancer, patients and their families spend many anxious hours in waiting rooms. To create a more welcoming and therapeutic environment, Winship developed a healing arts program to decorate patient areas with artwork depicting soothing nature scenes. With a gift of $250 or more, you can choose a beautiful piece of art or photography from our selection to honor a loved one or to commemorate a special occasion. To learn more about this unique giving opportunity, contact Mark Hughes at 404-778-1288 or

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