Melanoma & Skin Cancer Program Supported

The Frances Wood Wilson Foundation recently contributed $25,000 to the Winship Melanoma & Skin Cancer Program. The foundation has a long history with Emory, beginning with donating land that eventually became part of the university's Clairmont campus. Over the years, the foundation has provided more than $240,000 to support Winship's brain tumor and melanoma research.

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Dr. Keith Delman, Winship surgical oncologist, is part of the multi-disciplinary Melanoma & Skin Cancer Program team at Winship.

"Practically all of the foundation's trustees have been touched by cancer in some way," said Blitch Ann Bird, foundation president and a member of Winship's Advisory Board. "We're really proud of all of the accolades that Winship has received and its achievements as a cancer center designated by the National Cancer Institute."

The Winship Melanoma & Skin Cancer Program is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary treatment program, the most extensive resource in Georgia for all issues related to skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer and melanoma is the most deadly form of the disease. In the U.S., melanoma incidence is rising faster than any other cancer.

Winship's program uses a collaborative approach to ensure that funds are allocated to the most pressing priorities in combating melanoma and skin cancer.  A multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nurses, and investigators focuses efforts on clinical care, education, outreach, and research on prevention, early detection, and new treatments. "Our team is grateful to the Frances Wood Wilson Foundation for its generous support over many years," said Dr. Keith Delman, surgical oncologist. "Funding of this kind is critical to supporting our multidisciplinary team, directly enhancing the care we are able to deliver to our patients, increasing our ability to pursue novel therapeutic endeavors, and allowing us to share our knowledge with our colleagues in the regional melanoma community."

To donate to the Winship Melanoma & Skin Cancer Program, please contact Jennifer Daly at 404-778-4270 or

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