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Need a refresher on your maternity rotation? Check out YouTube.

Thomson Haley 09N has posted a video featuring himself rapping about his experience. Decked out in sunglasses and a winter hat, he starts the thumping music... 

Let’s induce the labor

Let’s start the action 

Administer the pit 

Will increase the contractions 

Yeah, they’re getting longer

Yeah, they’re getting stronger

Increase the duration and check the cervix for dilation 

Then I check the station, about a plus-2

I know what to do when the baby is coming through

His head’s starting to crown, he’s heading southbound

Oh please catch the baby before it hits the ground

Haley says he’s written poetry and listened to rap and hip-hop for a number of years but only started rapping in his sophomore year of Emory when he needed a creative project for a class. Since then, “rapping has helped pass the time when I’m driving or lifeguarding during the summer,” he says. 

After he posted the video and word spread in the School of Nursing, his classmates were surprised. “I’ve gotten a lot more attention from teachers,” he says. “Even if I haven’t been in their class, they come up to me and say, ‘You’re the rapper, aren’t you?’ At first I thought the rapping was kind of goofy, but it helps me learn. It gets me excited about studying. With any subject I’m studying, I just freestyle it.” 

Access YouTube.com and search “nurse Thomson.” 

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