Pioneer in psychiatric nursing now gives back to Emory



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Emory Nursing Magazine


Betty Daniel

by Kathy Morse

Betty Daniels, 51N, 67MN, enjoyed a 45-year career as a public health and mental health nurse, including 15 years teaching at Emory.

As a pioneer in psychiatric nursing and supporter of the Georgia Nurses Association, she helped develop legislation protecting nurses­—or anyone else­—from libel if they reported children whom they suspected were being abused.

"Giving" has always been in her nature, and now she is giving back to Emory financially.

Of the two professions predominantly open to women when she graduated from high school, teaching and nursing, Daniels was drawn to caring for others. "I used to play nurse with my dolls—they were always sick," she chuckles.

"Nursing was very hands-on then. We were taught what to do. Now the focus is on why you do it. Students have more science background and more theory, and certainly the technology has changed."

"I love nursing. I’ve had a wonderful career, and I’ve not regretted one moment of it," says Daniels. "I mostly give to the scholarship fund, and I’ve listed the school in my will. I had help—my education cost me very little—so now I want to help others."