Plan to invest in hope

Jeff Nugent, Emory orthopaedic surgeon
William and Vesta Hardman

As a resident at Atlanta’s Grady Hospital in the 1960s, William Hardman 52Ox 54C 66MR moonlighted to support his young family. Grady paid its residents just $100 per month before taxes. Today he is retired after nearly 40 years of medical practice. As an obstetrician and gynecologist, he delivered countless babies  and helped patients through the difficult diagnosis of cancer. In the 1970s, that diag-nosis hit home: his wife, Vesta, developed ovarian cancer. Because of advances in research and patient care, she has been cancer-free for 30 years.

In gratitude, the Hardmans support clinical trials at Emory. To help future generations of pre-med students avoid debt, the couple is creating a scholarship fund through a life income gift, their own unique contributionto Campaign Emory.

Learn more about supporting Emory with a planned gift, which offers tax and income benefits. Visit  or call 404.727.8875.  

Plan to invest in hope.

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