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Joe Craver

Joe Craver, retired Emory
professor and cardiac surgeon

The son of teachers in Shelby, North Carolina, Joe Craver collected perfect grades like baseball cards. As a young physician in training, he embraced the objectivity and superior results of heart surgery. In mentoring younger surgeons, he came to realize his own talent as a teacher, and education became his great passion.

Now retired after three decades as an Emory professor and cardiac surgeon, Craver is perpetuating his contributions to surgical education at Emory School of Medicine. Through a charitable trust, he is funding a visiting lectureship, a teaching award, and an endowed chair.

A tax-wise strategy, the trust provides him with income for life and creates a generous remainder gift to Emory. Sharing knowledge with other physicians creates a lasting professional legacy, Craver says. "Teaching is a great calling and should be rewarded. It's a major part of what Emory is."

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