The Value of Research



Research contributes significant value to our institution and to the larger society through medical advances, educational opportunities, and economic growth.

Patients and communities throughout the world benefit from advances in medicine, public health, and nursing.

Research success creates institutional distinction and a positive reputation locally, nationally, and internationally.

Scientists and trainees generate intellectual capital.

The highest quality faculty are recruited and retained in the presence of research excellence.

Funding, facilities, and jobs related to research serve as an economic engine for the community, city, state, and region.

Jobs for scientists, trainees, and staff result from research.

Emory Healthcare differentiates itself among local 
and regional providers and enjoys a clinical competitive advantage through providing leading edge treatments.

Discovery is a foundation for growth in fundraising 
and philanthropy.

Government and foundations provide additional investment in response to research excellence.

Commercialization of intellectual property creates a 
return on research investment.

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