The research strategic plan emphasizes collaborative, cross-unit activities that create synergy, identify new opportunities, and differentiate the Woodruff Health Sciences Center among national peer institutions.

Advance Discovery through Interface Synergy

Goal 1: Develop a research strategic fund to catalyze interdisciplinary research.

Goal 2: Enhance interdisciplinary WHSC-based doctoral programs and training and mentoring programs for junior faculty.

Goal 3: Support development of research programs at the interface between two or more disciplines.

Goal 4: Optimize relationships and co-investment with key institutional partners in Atlanta to expand the portfolio of innovative interdisciplinary research.

Goal 5:  Expand fundraising efforts to identify and strengthen relationships with donors and corporate and foundation funders with research interests that align with WHSC units, centers, and strategic initiatives.

Integrate Research and Health Care

Goal 1:  Enhance reputation of leadership in clinical and translational research and optimize the infrastructure and the conduct of clinical trials.

Goal 2:  Build virtual and physical repositories of clinical and research information and bio-specimens.

Goal 3:  Develop a leading program in health services and clinical effectiveness research

Align Research Infrastructure and Platforms

Goal 1:  Streamline research administration to support interdisciplinary research.

Goal 2:  Enhance information technology platform interoperability and capability.

Goal 3:  Expand core laboratory and research service center support programs.

Goal 4:  Develop WHSC intellectual property and commercialize new therapies, treatments, tools, diagnostics, and technologies.

Promote a Culture that Values Research and Collaborations

Goal 1:  Develop the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Academy of Scholars.

Goal 2:  Develop sabbaticals to promote interdisciplinary research and scholarship.

Goal 3:  Promote incentive models that encourage participation in interdisciplinary research.

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Research Strategic Plan