WHEA Fundamentals of Educational Scholarshp

Fundamentals of Educational Scholarship


Learning Objectives: By participating in this course learners will be able to:

  • Articulate an answerable question about their education activities
  • Identify feasible methods to answer that question
  • Develop a timeline and set of next steps to guide their project over the next 6 months

Three one hour sessions spread over 3 weeks with some homework between sessions

Session 1: Articulating an answerable question
  • Background on educational scholarship
  • Understanding how your question fits into existing knowledge
  • Basic conceptual models in educational scholarship
  • Assignment: develop a concise question for the next session

Session 2: Identifying a feasible design and methods to answer your question
  • Review of participants “answerable questions” with feedback
  • Basic study design
  • Basic outcome measures
  • Assignment: decide what data you will collect and with what tool for the next session

Session 3: Developing a project plan for the next 6 months
  • Review progress to date
  • Analysis of simple data
  • Dissemination options – from departmental to international
  • Development of specific plans and timelines

Follow up in six months for presentations to group with feedback.

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