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Destination Public Health

ommencement 2005 marked the end of my 10th year as dean of the Rollins School of Public Health. When I joined the school, my specific charge was to balance the budget and to keep growth at a manageable pace. While the budget has remained in the black, the growth at the RSPH has never stopped.
     Today, we are the third largest school on the Emory campus in number of faculty and second in research dollars. Our graduates, who now exceed 3,750, are pursuing careers in public health around the globe. The performance of these alumni has helped increase the reputation and reach of our school. Likewise, we have consolidated relationships with international public health agencies based in Atlanta, from CDC to CARE.
     With the addition of new faculty, expanding laboratory research, and two new doctoral programs, we are challenged by limitations in space. Our projections call for the need for an additional 150,000 square feet to accommodate this growth. We anticipate adding 30% to our current faculty and doubling our research base. The number of doctoral students will also double. The need for space is being addressed by plans for a new public health facility that will serve as a global health hub for Emory University.
     Health challenges today exist in a world without boundaries, where microorganisms ignore borders on a map. We ship viruses back and forth across the ocean, and we share dietary habits with people in China or Mexico. To succeed in truly meeting the health needs of all people around the world, we have to keep an international focus. A $10 million commitment from the Hubert Foundation has led to the naming of the Hubert Department of Global Health at the RSPH and strengthens our commitment to global health.
     This issue of Public Health captures this momentous time by looking back at our school’s founding 15 years ago and looking ahead to our future. Herein we share our strategic vision for reaching the very top of our field, for making the RSPH the destination for public health.




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