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Expanding our vision

You have likely seen the announcement from President Wagner that the Emory University Board of Trustees has appointed me as chancellor of Emory University effective September 1, 2007, or when my successor can be appointed—whichever is later. I am honored to accept this position as chancellor, and I look forward to the many opportunities to advance the strategic direction for all of Emory University in the coming years.
     It has been my distinct privilege to serve as the CEO of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center (WHSC), the executive vice president for Health Affairs, and the chairman of the board of Emory Healthcare for more than 10 years. I am deeply indebted to each and every one of you for the countless contributions you have made.
     Please don’t think for a minute that this announcement will in any way diminish the vigor with which we will continue to pursue both our near-term and longer-term priorities within the WHSC. Most of you know me well enough to know that the only direction I know is forward and the only gear I know how to drive in is high gear! We have set ambitious goals throughout the WHSC with the vision of transforming health and healing. This includes our vital new quality initiatives, patient service goals, curricular revisions, and bringing the new medical school building online; creating new education space for nursing and public health as well as research space for Yerkes; creating new integrated centers of care, research, and teaching; building our predictive health center and related initiatives; forging ahead with top-flight research agendas; rolling out Emory Electronic Medical Record; continuing to strengthen and support the Winship Cancer Institute and its new director, Brian Leyland-Jones; exploring our opportunities for our midtown hospital and campus—and much more, to which each of you is contributing.
     I will not slow down in my focus on our success during the next nine months, and I’m sure none of you will either. This will continue to be an exciting time of growth and achievement for the WHSC as my successor in my current role is identified. And beyond that, we will still be working together with at least as much vigor as new milestones are reached and goals set and as I take on broader responsibilities within the university.
     We are all privileged to contribute together as part of this great institution with the energetic leadership of Jim Wagner and the wise counsel and support of our terrific trustees and other significant friends of Emory. Speaking of significant friends, the Woodruff Foundation has been a loyal supporter of our efforts throughout my tenure, including their recent commitment of $240 million to help us transfrom our clinical enterprise into a model of health care for the 21st century.
     Thanks for all you do for the WHSC, the university, and the public, patients, and ideals we serve. We have launched ourselves on an exciting trajectory of leadership and accomplishment. There’s no stopping our momentum now.



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