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This is an ARCHIVE of our most recent press releases, covering Jan. 2004 - Oct. 2008.

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30 December 2004
Emory Study Aimed at Revolutionizing Diabetes Care; Medical Employees Asked to Volunteer
While many Americans will begin new diet and exercise regimens with the arrival of the New Year, employees at Emory University, Grady Memorial Hospital and Morehouse School of Medicine will kick off...    FULL STORY

23 December 2004
50 years of Transplant: Emory Surgeons Recall State's First Transplant
December 23 marks the 50th anniversary of organ transplantation. The first transplant, involving a living-donor kidney between twin brothers, took place in Boston in 1954, and paved the way for thousa...    FULL STORY

22 December 2004
Kidney Transplant Gives Life to Man Who Gives Hope
"Life is to give." Two young men at Emory University Hospital are embodiments of this message, not only in their daily lives as monastic brothers of the Missionaries of the Poor in Kingston, Jamaica, ...    FULL STORY

21 December 2004
Researchers Say Virtual Reality Training Is Wave of the Future for Cardiovascular Medicine
Historically, physicians have learned new procedures by first practicing on animals, cadavers or mechanical models, eventually receiving "on-the-job training" by operating on patients under the guida...    FULL STORY

20 December 2004
Emory's Dr. Michael Johns Will Receive Top Award from Georgia Biomedical Partnership
The Georgia Biomedical Partnership will bestow its top honor on Michael M.E. Johns, MD, executive vice president for health affairs of Emory University, chief executive officer of Emory University's R...    FULL STORY

17 December 2004
Emory Medicine Professor Named Honorary Citizen of Georgia
H. Kenneth Walker, MD, a professor of medicine and neurology at the Emory University School of Medicine, has been named an honorary citizen of Georgia -- not his native state, but the distant countr...    FULL STORY

17 December 2004
Emory Biochemist Writes Lead Essay Describing Nobel Prize Research on Ubiquitin
During the late 1970s Emory University School of Medicine biochemist Keith D. Wilkinson, PhD, was a research fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Irwin Rose at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia...    FULL STORY

17 December 2004
Emory Faculty Member Named to National Advisory Child Health and Human Development Council
Donald G. Stein, PhD, Asa G. Candler Professor of Emergency Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine, has been appointed to serve on the National Advisory Child Health and Human Development Cou...    FULL STORY

17 December 2004
Emory's Emergency Medicine Department Sponsors Winter Clothing Drive for Patients
Recognizing that many patients at Grady Memorial Hospital are in need of warm clothes this season, Rick Spurlock, MD, a first-year Emory School of Medicine emergency medicine resident, is spearheadi...    FULL STORY

15 December 2004
Director of CDC's National Center for Infectious Diseases Will Join Emory
James M. Hughes, MD, director of the National Center for Infectious Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and an Assistant Surgeon General in the U.S. Public Health Servic...    FULL STORY

14 December 2004
Georgia's "Uncle Sam," 82, Is Thriving 29 Years After Triple Bypass
Imagine having a major heart attack while in your early 50s, then finding yourself in the midst of another one a few years later and being rushed into heart surgery. This might not sound like a pre...    FULL STORY

14 December 2004
Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Can Reduce Heart Disease Risk Within 12 Weeks
Research published today in the "American Journal of Cardiology" (AJC) concludes that many patients with classic cardiovascular disease risk factors can achieve risk reduction goals without medicati...    FULL STORY

13 December 2004
Emory Studies Medication Compliance by Heart Disease Patients
Can an illustrated pill card or refill-reminder postcard help improve medication adherence for low-literacy patients with coronary heart disease? An Emory University School of Medicine study may be...    FULL STORY

10 December 2004
Folic Acid Remains Public Health Priority Despite BMJ Report
Folic acid fortification is still an urgent, global health priority, says Emory epidemiologist Godfrey P. Oakley, Jr., MD, following an article in the British Medical Journal that asks if folate sup...    FULL STORY

09 December 2004
Emory Crawford Long Hospital "Preemies" Celebrate The Holidays
WHAT: "Graduates" of the Emory Crawford Long special care nurseries reunite at a holiday party with the hospital staff who cared for them. WHEN: Tomorrow, Friday, December 10, 2 - 4 p.m. WHER...    FULL STORY

09 December 2004
Emory Crawford Long Hospital's Special Care Nurseries Nurture Preemies to Health
Alicia Lurry's pregnancy was virtually picture-perfect throughout the first two trimesters. She experienced very little, if any, morning sickness, she exercised regularly, drank plenty of water and m...    FULL STORY

07 December 2004
Emory Dedicates New $42 Million Children's Center
Emory doctors, administrators, friends and board members will gather on Wednesday, December 8 in a brief ceremony to dedicate the Emory Children's Center, a new $42 million home for outpatient pedia...    FULL STORY

06 December 2004
Yerkes Researchers Discover Basis for Determining Handedness in Chimpanzees
Hand preference and language go hand-in-hand, or do they? According to researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Researcher Center of Emory University, handedness is not associated with the languag...    FULL STORY

06 December 2004
Celebrex Promotes Anti-Cancer Activity in Cells, Study Shows
Celebrex, a popular pain-reliever, may also serve as an effective anti-cancer drug. Shi-Yong Sun, PhD, assistant professor at Emory University's Winship Cancer Institute, has published a paper in th...    FULL STORY

03 December 2004
Emory Cardiologist Nanette K. Wenger Contributes to Groundbreaking Book on Aging
Benjamin Spock, MD, wrote his famous book, The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care at the dawn of the "baby boom" age and it quickly became the most relied upon book for parents wanting informati...    FULL STORY

03 December 2004
New Digital Mammography Study Opens at Emory's Winship Cancer Institute
Emory University's Winship Cancer Institute recently opened a new stereoscopic digital mammography clinical trial. The trial, which targets women with a high risk for development of breast cancer, co...    FULL STORY

03 December 2004
Dec. 10 Jowers Lecture To Focus on Nursing and Health Services Research
WHAT: David Jowers Lecture -- "Intersections of Nursing and Health Services Research" LECTURER: Dr. Cheryl Jones, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill WHEN: Friday, December 10, 2004 ...    FULL STORY

03 December 2004
Patients Benefit from the Strongest Hospital-Based MRI in Georgia at Emory
Patients at Emory University Hospital have access to the strongest MRI available in Georgia, which means doctors have a clearer image for increased diagnostic accuracy. Emory University Hospital's ...    FULL STORY

03 December 2004
Emory Nurse-Midwife Is Contributing Editor of New Pregnancy and Childbirth Book
Claire M. Westdahl, CNM, MPH, director of nurse-midwifery at the Emory University School of Medicine, is contributing editor of the newly released book, "Great Expectations: Your All-in-One Resource f...    FULL STORY

01 December 2004
Emory's "HART" Team Unveils New Approach to Treating Heart Attack Victims
"911 to cath lab in under 90 minutes" is the motto for an Emory University trial program being offered to City of Atlanta residents who experience symptoms of a heart attack and call 911 for help. ...    FULL STORY

24 November 2004
Emory University Hospital's Center for Rehabilitation Medicine Awarded CARF Accreditation
Emory University Hospital's Center for Rehabilitation Medicine (CRM) has been awarded accreditation for a period of three years by CARF, an independent, not-for-profit accrediting body, for its adult ...    FULL STORY

23 November 2004
Emory School of Nursing Receives $20,000 from Georgia Health Foundation
With a generous grant from the Georgia Health Foundation, Georgia's migrant farm workers will receive more care throughout the year through an expansion of Emory School of Nursing's Farm Worker Family...    FULL STORY

18 November 2004
Science Coalition Web Site Highlights Emory University Research
From nanotechnology and anti-cancer molecules to AIDS vaccines and sperm-egg chemistry, the wide-ranging research programs within Emory University are currently highlighted on the web pages of the S...    FULL STORY

17 November 2004
Emory's Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing Appoints Honeycutt Chairs
Dean Marla Salmon has announced the appointment of Kathy P. Parker PhD, RN, FAAN and Jo Ann Dalton, EdD, RN, FAAN as the Edith F. Honeycutt Chairs in Nursing at Emory University's Nell Hodgson Woodr...    FULL STORY

17 November 2004
Infections in Extremely-Low-Birth-Weight Infants Associated with Impaired Outcomes
Neonatal infections in extremely-low-birth-weight infants significantly increase the likelihood of problems related to neurodevelopment and growth in early childhood, according to a study of more t...    FULL STORY

16 November 2004
Biostatisticians Tackle Potential Avian Flu Outbreak in National Computer Modeling Effort
Emory University scientists are part of a national team developing computer models to combat the H5N1 strain of the avian flu virus. By simulating the outbreak of this potentially deadly strain of ...    FULL STORY

16 November 2004
Pilot Study at Emory Seeks Insights into How to Reach Clinically Depressed Students
Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students and the third leading cause of death in persons aged 15-24. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 90 perc...    FULL STORY

15 November 2004
Georgia Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center To Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary
The Georgia Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center at Grady Memorial Hospital will celebrate its 20th anniversary on Saturday, Nov. 20, at the Emory Conference Center and Hotel, located at 1615 Clifton Rd...    FULL STORY

11 November 2004
Georgia Nurses Foundation Elects Emory Nursing Professor as New President
The Georgia Nurses Foundation (GNF) elected Lynda Nauright, EdD, RN, and professor at Emory University's Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, as its new president at the 97th annual convention h...    FULL STORY

11 November 2004
Emory and Children's Healthcare Dedicate New Mason Chair for Liver Transplantation
Emory University and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta have dedicated a new endowed faculty chair in liver transplantation that will help ensure access to care for all Georgians in need of liver tra...    FULL STORY

10 November 2004
Emory Research Shows Tall People At Increased Risk for Atrial Fibrillation
Data derived from the ADVANCEMENT study and presented here today at the American Heart Association's (AHA) Scientific Sessions by Emory Heart Center cardiologist Jonathan J. Langberg, MD, professor...    FULL STORY

09 November 2004
Emory Researchers Find Possible New Marker of Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease
According to the American Heart Association (AHA), cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number one killer of Americans --- and far too frequently the first sign of CVD is heart attack, stroke or deat...    FULL STORY

09 November 2004
New Study Shows Statins Offer Significant Benefits For Heart Failure Patients
Cholesterol lowering drugs known as statins have become a mainstay in the fight against coronary artery disease (CAD) and are routinely prescribed for people at risk for cardiovascular disease becaus...    FULL STORY

08 November 2004
Emory Symposium Offers Ways to Improve Public Trust of Clinical Trials
Clinical trials are the lifeblood of medical science and critical to progress in the development of new drugs and therapies. Speakers in a recent symposium sponsored by the Emory University School ...    FULL STORY

08 November 2004
Emory Assisted Reproduction Program Gains a New Director and a New Home
Donna R. Session, MD, has been named Medical Director of Emory's Assisted Reproduction Program, effective November 1, according to an announcement by Sarah L. Berga, MD, chair and professor, Departm...    FULL STORY

08 November 2004
Researchers Find Unexpectedly High Levels of Depression in Young Women After Heart Attacks
Depression is sometimes described as a feeling of "heart breaking" sadness. Emory scientists presented research here today at the American Heart Association's (AHA) Scientific Sessions which suggest...    FULL STORY

08 November 2004
Researchers Find Heart Rate Variability Link to Metabolic Syndrome, a Heart Disease Risk
Could autonomic dysfunction, signaled by changes in heart rate variability (HRV), play a role in the development of metabolic syndrome (MetS) -- and in the increased coronary artery disease (CAD) mo...    FULL STORY

08 November 2004
Emory Researchers Find Cilostazol May Prevent Restenosis in Diabetics After Stenting
During angioplasty, the most commonly used procedure in the U.S. to treat potentially life-threatening coronary blockages, a balloon- tipped catheter pushes aside atherosclerotic plaques in arteries...    FULL STORY

08 November 2004
Emory Nursing Professors Discuss Women and Heart Disease at AHA Scientific Sessions
Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death of American women? If not, you're not alone. Sixty to seventy percent of women are not aware either. Sandra B. Dunbar RN, DSN, FAAN, C...    FULL STORY

08 November 2004
Research Shows Depression Associated with Insulin Resistance May Boost Heart Disease Risk
Depression is sometimes described as a feeling of "heart breaking" sadness. Emory scientists presented research here today at the American Heart Association's (AHA) Scientific Sessions which suggests ...    FULL STORY

05 November 2004
Bladder "Pacemaker" to Improve Quality of Life for Incontinence Patients
Apprehension about long road trips and four restroom visits during the night had become the norm for Juanita Bowman. Compared to a person with a normal bladder who uses the restroom four to seven tim...    FULL STORY

05 November 2004
Tuberculosis Drug Combined With Virtual Reality Therapy is Effective in Treating Fear
A tuberculosis drug called D-cycloserine (DCS), used in concert with psychotherapy, is an effective treatment for some anxiety-related disorders, according to research by scientists at Emory Universit...    FULL STORY

05 November 2004
SECEBT Presents Symposium on Food & Waterborne Infectious Disease Threats
National and international experts in the prevention, control, and treatment of food and waterborne infectious disease threats will share their knowledge, identify best practices for preventing diseas...    FULL STORY

05 November 2004
Long-Term Immune Memory Cells Do Not Develop During Chronic Viral Infections
Immune T cells that respond to chronic viral infections do not acquire the same "memory" capabilities of T cells that respond to acute viral infections, according to research by scientists at Emory Un...    FULL STORY

05 November 2004
Scientists Present Research at AHA Scientific Sessions in New Orleans, Nov. 7 - 10
Could an enzyme produced by white blood cells in response to inflammation reveal hidden heart disease in patients with no symptoms? Do women referred for angioplasty have more symptoms and physical ...    FULL STORY

02 November 2004
Emory University's New Venture Lab Accelerates Discoveries into the Marketplace
New treatments for common and devastating illnesses such as cancer, HIV, Alzheimer's, and cardiovascular diseases could reach patients sooner thanks to the new Venture Lab program in Emory University'...    FULL STORY

29 October 2004
Emory Professor Receives Grant to Teach Faculty the Human Dimensions of Care
William T. Branch, Carter Smith, Sr. Professor of Medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine, and director of Emory's Division of General Medicine at Grady Memorial Hospital, has received a...    FULL STORY

29 October 2004
Scientists Identify Key Mechanism in Estrogen's Role in Preventing Bone Loss
Scientists have uncovered a significant new link in the chain of immune system events through which estrogen prevents bone loss and that contribute to bone loss when estrogen is deficient. Through ...    FULL STORY

29 October 2004
Flu Vaccine Shortage at Emory Healthcare
Like the rest of the nation, Emory Healthcare is experiencing a shortage of influenza vaccine. To date, Emory has received only 20,000 of the 23,000 doses it ordered from Aventis, the only supplier ...    FULL STORY

29 October 2004
Cancer Patients, Families Get Help From New "Quality of Life" Program at Emory
Cancer can be a devastating illness, both physically and emotionally -- not just for the patient, but also for the patient's loved ones. Oncology professionals treat the disease, but unfortunately o...    FULL STORY

28 October 2004
Virtual Reality Training Is Key to Reducing Medical Errors: Emory Article in Lancet
Could medical mistakes be avoided if doctors were trained using interactive three-dimensional visualization techniques instead of learning new procedures on patients? In a review article published in ...    FULL STORY

28 October 2004
Ethicist from NIH To Discuss Proposal for Universal Healthcare Vouchers
Ezekiel J. Emanuel, MD, PhD, chair of the Department of Clinical Bioethics at the Warren G. Magnuson Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health, will discuss his proposal for healthcare re...    FULL STORY

25 October 2004
Top Neuroscientists in Country Meet on Nov. 1 for Public Symposium on Mental Health
The Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Emory University School of Medicine and Skyland Trail will bring together leaders in the mental health field on Nov. 1 for Innovations in Menta...    FULL STORY

25 October 2004
Reductions in Blood Oxygen Levels in Newborns May Be Linked to ADHD
A repetitive drop in blood oxygen levels in newborn rats, similar to that caused by apnea (brief pauses in breathing) in some human infants, is followed by a long-lasting reduction in the release of t...    FULL STORY

21 October 2004
Emory's Steve Clevenger receives American Healthcare Radiology Administrator's Fellow
Steve Clevenger, the radiology manager at Emory Crawford Long Hospital, has received Fellow designation by the American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA). The AHRA Fellow designation recog...    FULL STORY

21 October 2004
Tibetan Physician Joins Emory Psychiatrists in Symposium Mind-Body Interaction
The Emory-Tibet Partnership and the Quality of Life Program at Emory University's Winship Cancer Institute have joined together to offer the community a unique opportunity to examine mind-body conne...    FULL STORY

21 October 2004
Emory Eye Center Treats First Patient in Country in Macular Degeneration Trial
Emory Eye Center recently treated the first patient in the United States using a new system developed by the Theragenics Corporation. The new clinical trial has been designed to evaluate the safety a...    FULL STORY

20 October 2004
New Book Explores Society's Varying Reactions To Emerging Illnesses
How do social, political and economic factors determine the amount of public attention and research funding a disease attracts? In other words, how do certain diseases "emerge" onto the public healt...    FULL STORY

20 October 2004
Obesity Rates Increase Nation's Health Care Spending by 27 Percent
Rising obesity rates alone account for 27% of the growth in health spending from 1987-2001, according to a study by health policy researchers at Emory University. Published in the October 20 issue ...    FULL STORY

20 October 2004
Wesley Wood's Becky Provine named Fellow in the National Gerontological Nurses Association
Wesley Wood's Director of Nursing Becky Provine, RN, MSN, CS, was inducted as a Fellow in the National Gerontological Nurses Association (NGNA) at the association's annual meeting in Las Vegas, Octobe...    FULL STORY

20 October 2004
CDC Awards Four Workplace Health Grants to Emory Researchers
A CDC-supported research program may help tone and buff Emory University employees -- and moreover, help other companies around the country learn how best to reach their employees with life-saving hea...    FULL STORY

19 October 2004
Emory Laser Vision First in Georgia to Offer PerpectPulse Technology
A new custom refractive laser, shown to improve quality of vision with regard to daytime and night driving glare, is available for the first time in Georgia, at Emory Laser Vision. The European-desi...    FULL STORY

19 October 2004
Wesley Woods Center Adds Three Geriatricians to Outpatient Clinic
As the effectiveness of medicine improves and baby boomers reach old age, the field of geriatrics is increasing in importance. In response to this need, Emory's Wesley Woods Center has added three ge...    FULL STORY

18 October 2004
Post-Surgery Symptoms in Weight Loss Patients May Be Connected to Ulcer-Causing Bacteria
Helicobacter pylori (H pylori), a bacteria found in the stomach that is the most common cause of gastric ulcers, was found in 24 percent of patients undergoing gastric bypass surgery. These patients...    FULL STORY

18 October 2004
Institute of Medicine Elects Three Emory Faculty As New Members
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has elected three Emory University faculty members and two adjunct/clinical faculty members to its new class of 65 top national health scientists. This brings Emory'...    FULL STORY

14 October 2004
AJC Reporter Reads from New Book on CDC at Emory University
Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Maryn McKenna will read from her new book, "Beating Back the Devil: On the Front Lines with the Disease Detectives of the Epidemic Intelligence Service," in Emo...    FULL STORY

14 October 2004
Nursing Professors Provide Answers to "Who Stole My Hormones?" in Great Teachers Lecture
Since 1996, women of the baby boomer generation have been turning 50 and will continue to do so until the last baby boomer turns 50 in 2014. This means that more and more women are approaching and e...    FULL STORY

13 October 2004
U. Michigan President Lectures at Emory on the Problem of 45 Million Uninsured Americans
Mary Sue Coleman, PhD, President of the University of Michigan, will present a free public lecture October 25 at Emory University on the host of medical, economic and social problems posed by the es...    FULL STORY

12 October 2004
Ina T. Allen Dental Center at Wesley Woods Fills Need for Geriatric Dental Care
Bettye Reese is proud of her teeth - she had them for most of the 20th century and they are still going strong in the new millennium. At 89 years old, she realizes that good dental care has been...    FULL STORY

12 October 2004
National Laboratory Confirms Rare Diagnosis of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
A national laboratory in Cleveland, Ohio, has confirmed the CDC's preliminary diagnosis of an extremely rare condition known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) following the September 10 brain biopsy ...    FULL STORY

08 October 2004
Older Women's Knowledge of HIV Is Lacking, Emory Study Finds
Age is no defense against AIDS. Women aged 50 and older are living longer and remain sexually active, yet many lack appropriate knowledge about HIV transmission and prevention, according to recent fin...    FULL STORY

07 October 2004
Halloween Caution: Take a Pass on Cosmetic Contact Lenses
Just because contact lenses are easily accessible and affordable these days doesn't mean they should be treated as cosmetic items. Because of massive advertising campaigns by contact lens manufactu...    FULL STORY

06 October 2004
Emory Offers New Targeted Radiation Treatment for Brain Tumors with First Machine of its Kind
Emory University's Winship Cancer Institute is the first site in the world to offer a new, extremely precise, image-guided radiation treatment system for brain tumors, offering patients an alternati...    FULL STORY

06 October 2004
Emory, Georgia Home to Nation's Nursing Leaders
Monday night an informal think tank of Georgia's nursing leaders honored three of their colleagues who serve as presidents of three of the four major national nursing leadership organizations. Georgi...    FULL STORY

06 October 2004
Emory Leads Georgia Research Institutions with $351 Million in External Funding
Emory University researchers attracted $351.5 million in external research funding in fiscal year 2004, leading the state's research institutions in funding and increasing research awards by approxi...    FULL STORY

06 October 2004
Fall Allergies Affect Contact Lens Wearers: Tips from Emory Eye Center
Atlanta in the fall is a beautiful place. Streets canopied by orange and red leafed trees, yellow mums on every corner and bright, blue skies. However, lurking in our crisp, dry air are unseen alle...    FULL STORY

06 October 2004
NIH Awards Emory and Georgia Tech Nearly $10 Million for Cancer Nanotechnology
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded scientists from Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology two new collaborative research grants, totaling nearly $10 million, to es...    FULL STORY

05 October 2004
NIH Awards Emory and Partners $1 Million Grant for Vaccine Development
Although some of the world's most devastating diseases have been successfully controlled by the development of effective vaccines over the past century, progress in developing and using new vaccines...    FULL STORY

05 October 2004
Emory to Lead Study on How Best to Treat Babies with Cataract
Emory Eye Center will be the lead center among other eye institutes across the country to determine what treatment for infants born with a cataract in one eye is the better to attain corrected visio...    FULL STORY

05 October 2004
Emory MiniMedical School 103: The Doctors at Grady
Odds are high any Atlantan's personal physician learned a lot of medicine at Grady Memorial Hospital. It's where one in every four Georgia physicians trained. Now it's everyone else's turn. In this...    FULL STORY

01 October 2004
Emory Hospital Suspects Case of Rare CJD: Notifying Surgical Patients
Emory officials believe Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), an extremely rare degenerative disease, is the probable diagnosis of an Emory University Hospital patient following a brain biopsy, and are tak...    FULL STORY

30 September 2004
Emory School of Nursing and Agnes Scott College Form New Dual Degree BA/BSN Partnership
With the national nursing shortage expected to top 250,000 by 2010, the need to attract more students into the nursing profession is a critical charge for schools of nursing all over the country. In ...    FULL STORY

30 September 2004
Emory Researchers Study Brain Activity During Vagus Nerve Stimulation for Epilepsy
A study at Emory University has shown that vagus nerve stimulation (VNS therapy), the only FDA-approved, implantable, electrical stimulation therapy for epilepsy, may activate many areas of the brai...    FULL STORY

28 September 2004
CDC Awards $2.5 Million to Emory, UNC to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening
More than half of all adults do not adhere to health guidelines that recommend periodic colon cancer screening for adults over 50, despite the fact that early detection and intervention can signific...    FULL STORY

24 September 2004
Emory University Hospital Recognized with NRC Consumer Choice Award
Emory University Hospital has been singled out for recognition as a 2004-2005 NRC Consumer Choice Award winner, the only hospital in Atlanta and one of only two in the state of Georgia to be so hono...    FULL STORY

23 September 2004
Emory Hematologists to Discuss Latest Approaches at Sickle Cell Association Meeting
James R. Eckman, MD, professor of hematology and oncology at the Emory University School of Medicine and director of the Georgia Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center at Grady Memorial Hospital, will joi...    FULL STORY

20 September 2004
Emory's Anthony Stringer Receives Rare Board Certification in Clinical Neuropsychology
Emory's Anthony Stringer, PhD, CPCRT, ABPP/ABCN, has attained board certification in neuropsychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology, an achievement reached by only 500 neuropsycholog...    FULL STORY

16 September 2004
New CDC Grants to Emory Take Aim at Cancer Rates in Southwest Georgia
Three-quarters of a million Georgians stand to benefit from a major new public health initiative aimed at reducing high cancer rates by taking aim at smoking, obesity, and lack of physical exercise....    FULL STORY

16 September 2004
Project Designed to Screen for Domestic Violence Underway at Grady
A unique, computerized screening project designed to target and screen emergency room patients for depression, suicidality, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and domestic violence is underway at...    FULL STORY

10 September 2004
Medicare Approves Emory University Hospital for Lung Volume Reduction Surgery
Emphysema is a disabling condition that affects approximately two million Americans, most of them over age 50, and treatment options are few. Typically caused by cigarettes, the disabling and dead...    FULL STORY

08 September 2004
Emory Pediatrician Offers Tips for Fitter, Trimmer Children
As millions of American adults' waistlines expand, so do an alarming number of their children's. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 15 percent, or nearly nine million childr...    FULL STORY

07 September 2004
CHAMPS and Emory Crawford Long Hospital Urge Men to "Take Charge of Health"
As America's population ages, more and more men are learning the importance of regular health check-ups. Prostate cancer killed more than 30,700 men in 2001, but if detected in its earliest stages the...    FULL STORY

01 September 2004
Emory a National Training Center for New FDA-Approved Stenting Procedure
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced approval of a new technique for treating potentially life-threatening blockages in the arteries of the neck that lead to the brain. The caroti...    FULL STORY

30 August 2004
Emory School of Medicine Names New Chair of Radiology from Harvard Medical School
Sanjay Saini, MD, widely recognized for applying his research expertise and business skills to develop top-tier working environments in academic medicine, has been appointed the William Patterson Timm...    FULL STORY

27 August 2004
New Class of Drugs Being Tested as Alternative for AIDS Patients with Resistant Virus
A new class of AIDS drugs that inhibit the HIV virus from entering and infecting cells may be effective in AIDS patients infected with resistant forms of virus that do not respond to commonly used mul...    FULL STORY

27 August 2004
Emory Conference to Explore Bridge Between Faith, Health
The connection between spiritual faith, bodily health and practical steps for the future will be explored by health care leaders, theologians and scholars gathering at Emory University Oct. 11-13 fo...    FULL STORY

24 August 2004
Emory, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston Name New Medical Leader for Pediatrics
Dr. Barbara Stoll, an internationally recognized pediatrician who specializes in issues of neonatal infectious disease and child survival, has been named chair of the Department of Pediatrics in the E...    FULL STORY

20 August 2004
Emory Researchers Urge Medicare/Medicaid Payment Approval for Carotid Artery Stents
Just as stents (tiny mesh tubes) are often used following coronary angioplasty (a minimally invasive procedure that uses a balloon-tipped catheter to enlarge a narrowing caused by atherosclerosis ...    FULL STORY

19 August 2004
Emory Professor Lectures on "Cost of Terror, Price of Protection"
Ruth L. Berkelman, MD, Rollins Professor of Public Health and director of the Center for Public Health Preparedness and Research at Emory University, will deliver a Great Teachers Lecture Thursday, ...    FULL STORY

18 August 2004
Emory Hospitals' Alice Vautier Named 2004 GHA Workforce Leadership Award Winner
The Georgia Hospital Association has named Emory Hospitals Alice Vautier, RN, Ed.D, as the 2004 Workforce Leadership Award Winner in recognition for her commitment to working collaboratively with her...    FULL STORY

18 August 2004
Emory Surgeons Among First to Treat GERD Using New Outpatient Procedure
Gastrointestinal surgeons at Emory Crawford Long Hospital and Emory University Hospital are among the first in the world to treat patents suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) with a ...    FULL STORY

17 August 2004
Emory Eye Center Pathology Lab Passes Milestone
Emory Eye Center's L. F. Montgomery Lab, its pathology facility, passed a monumental milestone recently. In the past 15 years of service (from 1989-2004), the lab's staff has evaluated some 30,000 ...    FULL STORY

13 August 2004
Emory Researchers Map Structure of Anti-Cancer Molecule
Scientists at Emory University, in collaboration with researchers at three national laboratories, have solved the structural puzzle of how an emerging class of promising cancer drugs work to halt cell...    FULL STORY

13 August 2004
New Drug Development Academy at Emory University Features Leading Scientists & Clinicians
A new Drug Development and Pharmacogenomics Academy at Emory University will offer a year-long lineup of nationally recognized basic scientists, clinical researchers and biostatisticians presenting a...    FULL STORY

12 August 2004
Positive Self-Concept Linked to Refusal of Unprotected Sex, Study Says
Promoting a more positive "self-concept" may be the key for helping sexually active African-American girls to refuse unwanted and unprotected sex, says Emory University researcher Laura Salazar, Ph....    FULL STORY

10 August 2004
Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Receives Award For Dedication to Women and Infants
The Emory University School of Medicine's Division of Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine recently received the 2004 Leadership Award for Maternal and Infant Health from the Atlanta-based Center for Black W...    FULL STORY

05 August 2004
Researchers Test Magnetic Stimulation as Treatment for Major Depression
Are brief but intense magnetic pulses delivered to the brain more effective than placebo in treating patients who suffer from depression? A new research study at Emory University and 15 other sites ...    FULL STORY

05 August 2004
Researchers Test Deep-Brain Stimulation to Reduce Epileptic Seizures
In the first U.S. clinical trial of its kind, deep-brain stimulation (DBS) therapy -- a treatment that has proven effective for other neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease -- is being ...    FULL STORY

02 August 2004
$12 Million Grant to Improve Transfusion Safety in Africa Awarded
Transfusion medicine experts at Emory University, the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and the American Red Cross (ARC) will use a new $12 million grant from the President's Emergency Plan f...    FULL STORY

28 July 2004
Emory Psychologist Offers Back-to-School Tips for Parents
With the start of school just weeks away, many parents are already busy shopping for school supplies, new clothes and other essential items. Just as important as getting children equipped for the new...    FULL STORY

27 July 2004
Physicians Need to Keep Counseling HIV-Positive Patients, Study Says
Increased prevention counseling by physicians who provide treatment for HIV-positive adults is a necessary ingredient in fighting the AIDS epidemic in the United States, according to findings of the...    FULL STORY

27 July 2004
Emory Scientists Target Tumors with Nanoparticle "Quantum Dots"
Emory University scientists have for the first time used a new class of luminescent "quantum dot" nanoparticles in living animals to simultaneously target and image cancerous tumors. The quantum do...    FULL STORY

26 July 2004
Emory Eye Center Opens Newly Enlarged Vision Care Services in Clinic B
Emory Eye Center has enlarged its Comprehensive Ophthalmology service with a 4,300 square foot expansion on the first floor of The Emory Clinic, B Building. Housing the Vision and Optical Services se...    FULL STORY

26 July 2004
Member of Emory Psychiatry Department Killed in Car Crash in China
Xiaohong Wang, MD, PhD, a promising researcher at the interface between immunology and psychiatry with particular regard to anxiety, depression and mood disorders in patients with cancer and other m...    FULL STORY

20 July 2004
Research Clarifies Role of LR11 Receptor in Alzheimer's Disease
Emory University scientists are using a combination of transgenic mouse models and viral vectors to clarify the role of a brain molecule called LR11 in Alzheimer's disease (AD). LR11 is a receptor f...    FULL STORY

19 July 2004
International Conference To Address Role of Families in HIV/AIDS Epidemic
Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, former U.S. AIDS Czar Sandra Thurman and Tom Insel, MD, Director of the National Institutes of Mental Health will join experts in Atlanta to discuss the role and i...    FULL STORY

18 July 2004
Early Warning Signs May Signal Presence of Mild Cognitive Impairment
Difficulties in performing more challenging cognitive tasks, such as managing one's finances and medications, preparing meals and traveling independently, could be early warning signs that indicate ...    FULL STORY

18 July 2004
Primate Research Combines with Eye-Tracking Technology to Detect Cognitive Impairment
Researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center of Emory University have expanded a nonhuman primate (NHP)-based study to human patients with the intention of identifying human patients w...    FULL STORY

16 July 2004
Urban Sprawl Is a Public Health Problem, New Book Says
Urban sprawl is taking a toll on Americans' hearts, lungs, air, drinking water, sense of community, psychological well-being and physical safety. That's the contention of three researchers whose ne...    FULL STORY

12 July 2004
HIV Intervention Program Curbs Risky Behaviors in Teenage Girls
Despite studies showing that African-American adolescent girls are at particularly high risk of being infected with HIV, no intervention strategy designed specifically for this population has previo...    FULL STORY

12 July 2004
Researchers Find that Gastric Bypass Reduces Hunger Hormone
Appetite enhancing hormones called ghrelin are significantly reduced in severely obese patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery, according to Emory researchers. The decrease in ghrelin may explain ...    FULL STORY

09 July 2004
Emory Professor to Chair Public Affairs Board for American Society of Microbiology
Ruth L. Berkelman, MD, has been appointed chair of the Public and Scientific Affairs Board (PSAB) of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) beginning July 1, 2004. Dr. Berkelman is the Rolli...    FULL STORY

09 July 2004
Emory Vaccine Expert Receives CDC Lifetime Achievement Award
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has honored Walter A. Orenstein, MD, former director of the National Immunization Program, with the Charles C. Shepard Lifetime Scientific Achievem...    FULL STORY

02 July 2004
Former FBI Agent Recalls Emory Cardiologist Saving His Life at Last Peachtree Road Race
Although Emory Heart Center cardiologist Anna Kalynych, MD, and FBI agent John Cable had a couple of things in common -- including a love of running and yearly participation in the Peachtree Road ...    FULL STORY

02 July 2004
Emory Again Ranked Among America's Best Hospitals by U.S. News & World Report
Emory University Hospital has once again earned a top-10 ranking in heart and heart surgery by U.S. News & World Report, making the 14th time since the magazine's Best Hospital's rankings began in 1...    FULL STORY

30 June 2004
Emory School of Nursing Sleep Researcher Studies LPGA Golfers
Whisking between time zones to play in tournaments may be commonplace for professional golfers like those participating in the recent Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tournament at Eagles...    FULL STORY

30 June 2004
Emory Pioneers Robotic System for Precision Radiation Treatments
Emory University School of Medicine's Department of Radiation Oncology has become the first health care facility in the U.S. to deliver new ultra-precise radiotherapy treatments using a fully roboti...    FULL STORY

28 June 2004
Emory Cardiologists Educate Japanese Physicians through High-Definition Broadcasts
For nearly 30 years, Emory's Carlyle Fraser Heart Center has been known for its innovative technology and treatment procedures. Crossing global borders, the heart center now shares its knowledge wit...    FULL STORY

25 June 2004
Hope Clinic Receives $2.2 Million from CDC for Trials of HIV Microbicides
The Hope Clinic of the Emory Vaccine Center has received a contract of approximately $2.2 million from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to conduct clinical trials of promising to...    FULL STORY

24 June 2004
Emory Researchers Seek Patients For Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Study
Emory University researchers in the Trauma and Anxiety Recovery Program (TARP) are participating in a research study involving the investigational medicine, risperidone, to determine whether it will...    FULL STORY

24 June 2004
Emory Tips for Eye Safety on the Fourth
Ophthalmologists at Emory Eye Center and across the nation are reminding those who will participate in July 4th fireworks displays put on by professionals to do just that--leave the fireworks to the...    FULL STORY

22 June 2004
Emory Alumnus to Be Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom
Dr. Arnall Patz, a Georgia native who earned his undergraduate and medical degrees from Emory University and went on to become one of the world's leading ophthalmologists, will be awarded the Presid...    FULL STORY

18 June 2004
Emory and State Launch Georgia's First Lupus Registry
For the first time in Georgia, a registry is being created to determine more precisely the number of systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus) patients in Fulton, DeKalb and Richmond counties. The Georg...    FULL STORY

16 June 2004
"Quality of Life Program" for Cancer Survivors Hosted by Emory's Winship Cancer Institute
On Thursday, June 24, the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University will host a "Quality of Life Patient Day" for cancer patients, their family members and care-givers. The event will take place...    FULL STORY

16 June 2004
Kathy Wyatt Named Director of Nursing at Emory Healthcare's Budd Terrace Nursing Home
Emory Healthcare's Budd Terrace Nursing Home's new Director of Nursing, Kathy Wyatt, RN, MS, says she is excited about the challenge ahead. "Emory Healthcare has a wonderful reputation," said W...    FULL STORY

16 June 2004
Yerkes and CBN Researchers Make Promiscuous Animals Monogamous by Manipulating Genes
Researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center of Emory University and Atlanta's Center for Behavioral Neuroscience (CBN) have found transferring a single gene, the vasopressin receptor,...    FULL STORY

15 June 2004
Global Government Health Partners to Meet in Atlanta, Discuss Emerging Threats
Just two weeks after the G-8 Summit on the Georgia coast, global government health leaders from more than 70 developed and developing nations will convene June 21-25 in Atlanta, at a forum that coul...    FULL STORY

14 June 2004
Eye Drops May Delay or Prevent Glaucoma in African Americans at Higher Risk
Eye drops that reduce elevated pressure inside the eye can delay or possibly prevent the onset of glaucoma in African Americans at higher risk for developing the disease, researchers at Emory Eye Ce...    FULL STORY

14 June 2004
Emory Healthcare's Budd Terrace Nursing Home Undergoing $5 Million Renovations
Emory Healthcare's 250-bed Budd Terrace nursing home is undergoing a more than $5 million renovation project designed to improve each of the resident rooms and many public areas. "We plan to re...    FULL STORY

11 June 2004
Georgia's Only Comprehensive Atrial Fibrillation Program Offers New Solutions
When simple tasks like unloading clothes from the washing machine left Atlanta resident Helen Smith, 66, tired and short of breath, she wondered if her increasing fatigue was due to aging. Jerry Ru...    FULL STORY

07 June 2004
Synthetic Hormone Used In Contraceptives & HRT Produces Negative Effects In Monkey Studies
Medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA), a synthetic form of the naturally occurring steroid hormone progesterone widely used in contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy (HRT), increases aggression ...    FULL STORY

02 June 2004
Lowance Human Immunology Center Works to Unlock Immune System Secrets
There is growing evidence that the immune system, and in particular its relationship to inflammation, plays a critical role in many more human diseases than was previously realized, including cancer...    FULL STORY

02 June 2004
Emory Researchers Study the Effects of Zen Meditation on the Brain
Zen meditation is an ancient spiritual practice that promotes awareness and presence through the undivided engagement of mind and body. For thousands of years, many religious traditions have made me...    FULL STORY

02 June 2004
Vaginal Hysterectomies Decrease Costs, Complications and Recovery Time
Despite well-documented evidence that vaginal hysterectomies are more advantageous in a majority of cases, physicians continue to use abdominal hysterectomies, says Emory University School of Medici...    FULL STORY

24 May 2004
Yerkes Researchers First to Discover Combination of Drug Therapies Reduces Cocaine Use
Researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center of Emory University are the first to demonstrate a combination of drug therapies targeting the region of the brain that controls drug abuse...    FULL STORY

24 May 2004
Emory Transplant Center Director Receives Top Science Award
The American Society of Transplantation (AST) has awarded Christian P. Larsen, MD, PhD, Carlos and Marguerite Mason Professor of Surgery at Emory University School of Medicine and director of the Em...    FULL STORY

21 May 2004
Emory Health-Care Heroes Excel in Annual Awards Competition
Faculty from throughout Emory University's Woodruff Health Sciences Center were honored as finalists or winners in this year's Atlanta Business Chronicle Health-Care Heroes Competition. Cardiolo...    FULL STORY

21 May 2004
Voice Patients Get Better at Emory with New "Virtual" Technology
Professionals who use their voices to make a living are intensely aware of the problems that tired and overstressed vocal cords can cause. The healing process includes learning proper use of the voi...    FULL STORY

20 May 2004
National Stroke Association Unveils Stroke Risk Score During May Stroke Awareness Month
Stroke is the leading cause of disability and the third leading cause of death in the US, yet only two percent of the population fears having a stroke even though 4 out of 5 families over a lifetime...    FULL STORY

19 May 2004
Emory Neurologist Leads Stroke Study at Grady Memorial Hospital
Michael R. Frankel, MD, professor of neurology at Emory University School of Medicine, and chief of neurology for the Grady Health System, is principal investigator for a pioneering stroke study des...    FULL STORY

17 May 2004
Emory's Mary Gullatte named 2004 Georgia Nurse of the Year
When she graduated from nursing school, Mary Gullatte's uncle reminded her of a letter she had written in the third grade saying she wanted to be a nurse when she grew up. Now, almost 30 years ...    FULL STORY

13 May 2004
Emory Offers Tips to Fight Obesity and Diabetes Epidemic in Free Public Seminar
As Americans' waistlines expand, so does their risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Medical researchers refer to these three linked conditions -- obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabet...    FULL STORY

13 May 2004
Imaging Studies Show Brain Responds to Rewards Earned "The Old-Fashioned Way"
Human beings are more aroused by rewards they actively earn than by rewards they acquire passively, according to brain imaging research by scientists at Emory University School of Medicine. Results ...    FULL STORY

13 May 2004
Poll Shows Georgians Support More Funding for Health Research
Sixty-eight percent of Georgians feel the amount spent to find ways to protect and promote their health through prevention research - about 1 cent of every U.S. health care dollar - is too little, a...    FULL STORY

12 May 2004
Clinical Trial to Study Treatment Options for Patients with Acute Renal Failure
Emory University Hospital is one of a handful of sites across the country currently participating in a clinical trial to study a new treatment for acute renal failure (ARF), a life-threatening...    FULL STORY

12 May 2004
Ovarian Cancer Survivors Share Their Experiences With Medical Students
When third year medical students at the Emory University School of Medicine go to class in the Glenn Building at Grady Hospital on May 19th, their professor will step aside and let the voice of expe...    FULL STORY

07 May 2004
'Global Challenge of Parasitic Diseases': Sell Lecture on May 17
James H. McKerrow, PhD, MD Professor and Vice Chair for Research Affairs University of California/San Francisco Department of Pathology and Director, The Sandler Center for Research on Parasitic Di...    FULL STORY

06 May 2004
Events at LeFont Theater on May 18 Mark HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
In celebration of National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, May 18, Atlantans are invited to participate in a special event at the LeFont Plaza Theater, sponsored by SisterLove, Inc., AID Atlanta, and the...    FULL STORY

06 May 2004
Emory Eye Center Announces Opening of Emory Laser Vision
Emory Eye Center, ranked as one of the top 15 in the U.S. News & World Report's annual survey of the nation's best eye centers, announced today that it will open a refractive surgery center located at...    FULL STORY

05 May 2004
Emory Cardiologist Receives Gold Heart Award from the American Heart Association
Nanette K. Wenger, MD, professor of medicine in the Division of Cardiology at Emory University School of Medicine, and chief of cardiology at Grady Memorial Hospital, recently received the Gold Hear...    FULL STORY

04 May 2004
Emory Awarded $3 Million Grant for Disease-Fighting Computer Modeling
Emory University scientists have received a five-year grant for more than $3 million to participate in a new National Institutes of Health (NIH) initiative to develop powerful computer modeling ...    FULL STORY

30 April 2004
Emory Lupus Clinic at Grady Is a First in Georgia
A clinic established to treat patients with systemic lupus erythematosus - a chronic autoimmune disorder that disproportionately affects African Americans - continues to flourish since opening its do...    FULL STORY

29 April 2004
Abnormal Eye Movements Help Doctors Diagnose Migraine-Associated Dizziness
Researchers at Emory University School of Medicine have found a more precise way to diagnose migraine-associated dizziness, which should greatly help in the treatment process of this debilitating co...    FULL STORY

29 April 2004
Emory Neurologist Studies Effects of Antiepileptic Drugs in Pregnancy
Preliminary data show that babies of epileptic mothers who take antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) during pregnancy absorb the medication to substantial degrees in utero, and some of these babies may develo...    FULL STORY

29 April 2004
Patients with Uncontrolled Epilepsy Have Low Levels of Fatty Acids
Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial to the proper development and function of cell membranes in the brain. But one particular fatty acid, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), is found at abnormally low levels in...    FULL STORY

29 April 2004
EPIC 2004: Emory Heart Center Trains Cardiologists in All the Latest Techniques
Breakthroughs in interventional cardiology have resulted in rapidly evolving new technologies and therapies for fighting heart disease and repairing damaged hearts. But how do cardiologists, and oth...    FULL STORY

28 April 2004
Emory Cardiologists Train Physicians on New Stent System
The Circulatory System Devices Panel of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last week recommended approval of a new system to clear blocked neck arteries. The system is a minimally invasive ...    FULL STORY

27 April 2004
Sodium Channel Gene Mutation Identified in Case of Familial Epilepsy
Researchers at Emory University have identified a specific mutation in a sodium channel gene (SCN1A) that is associated with epilepsy syndrome in a family. The findings were presented at the America...    FULL STORY

26 April 2004
Emory Healthcare Information Technology Dept. Recognized as Leader
Emory Healthcare's information technology department has achieved a distinction worthy of the history books -- digitally speaking. An innovative project connecting hundreds of computer servers and...    FULL STORY

20 April 2004
Emory Study Finds 'Beating Heart' Bypass Offers Medical Benefits, Cost Savings
The landmark Surgical Management of Arterial Revascularization Trial (SMART), conducted by Emory Heart Center researchers and published in the April 21 issue of the Journal of the American Medical ...    FULL STORY

20 April 2004
Yerkes Researcher Elected to National Academy of Sciences
Frans de Waal, PhD, a primatologist at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center at Emory University, a C.H. Candler Professor of Primate Behavior in the department of psychology and director of t...    FULL STORY

19 April 2004
Emory Scientists Use Protein "Fingerprints" to Identify Nervous System Diseases
Scientists from Emory University School of Medicine have used mass spectrometry to identify specific protein fingerprints in human cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that differentiate cancers, both primary ...    FULL STORY

19 April 2004
DeHaan Lecture On Health Promotion And Education Slated For May 4
Trained as a physician and epidemiologist, Ichiro Kawachi, MD, PhD, has focused his research during the past 10 years on uncovering the social and economic determinants of population health. The di...    FULL STORY

16 April 2004
Emory Eye Center Offers New Treatment for Stroke, Brain Injury Visual Deficits
Today scientists and physicians at Emory Eye Center announced they are the first in the Georgia to offer patients a new computer-based technology that may improve portions of vision lost to stroke, ...    FULL STORY

14 April 2004
Conference to Discuss Obesity-Related Epidemic of "Metabolic Syndrome"
The Emory University School of Medicine is hosting a scientific symposium to address and combat an emerging health problem known as "Metabolic Syndrome" - a clustering of cardiovascular disease risk...    FULL STORY

13 April 2004
Touch-Screen Kiosk for Hispanic Women Opens at Grady
A luncheon ceremony celebrating the unveiling of a computerized, touch-screen kiosk related to breast health will be held Thursday, April 15, at 12:30 p.m. in the lobby of the International Primary ...    FULL STORY

13 April 2004
Dr. Eaton Named President-Elect of American Physiological Society
Douglas C. Eaton, PhD, distinguished professor of physiology at Emory University School of Medicine, is the new president-elect of the American Physiological Society (APS), a national organization o...    FULL STORY

08 April 2004
Emory Psychiatrist's Book Gives "Peace of Mind Prescription"
Although mental health experts know far more about the basis for psychiatric disorders than ever before, people are tragically unaware of symptoms and treatment options. The stigma and lack of know...    FULL STORY

06 April 2004
Emory to Dedicate New Faculty Building at Grady on April 8
A dedication ceremony for the new Emory Clinical Training and Faculty Office Building at Grady Memorial Hospital will be held at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, April 8. The four-story, 68,000 square foot bui...    FULL STORY

06 April 2004
Uterine Fibroid Embolization: A Viable Option to Hysterectomy
Thirteen years ago, Nealy Moyer was diagnosed with uterine fibroids. Although the diagnosis was not life-threatening, Moyer spent the next decade suffering from painful periods with very heavy ble...    FULL STORY

02 April 2004
The Emory Clinic, Georgia's Largest Group Practice, Names New Leadership
The state's largest and most comprehensive physician group practice is getting new leadership, effective September 1. Dr. Wright Caughman, a dermatologist, has been named director of The Emory Cl...    FULL STORY

01 April 2004
Jimmy Hatcher Named Chief Financial Officer for Emory Healthcare
Jimmy Hatcher, chief financial officer for Emory Hospitals, has been named to the newly created position of chief financial officer for Emory Healthcare. In this new position, Mr. Hatcher reports j...    FULL STORY

31 March 2004
Emory Psychiatrist Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
The Neuroscience Education Institute (NEI) has named Charles B. Nemeroff, MD, PhD, the recipient of its first Lifetime Achievement Award in Psychopharmacology. The award was given at a special cer...    FULL STORY

30 March 2004
Emory/Grady AIDS Specialists to Serve Rural Georgia By Telehealth
Beginning in May, Emory School of Medicine specialist Jeffrey L. Lennox, MD, will provide medical consultations to rural Georgia patients suffering from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted ...    FULL STORY

26 March 2004
"Hope Springs Eternal" 5K Run/Walk Will Benefit AIDS Outreach
The Hope Clinic of the Emory Vaccine Center will host its first annual Hope Springs Eternal 5K Fun Run/Walk on Saturday, April 3, 2004. The race will begin at 9:00 a.m. in the Main Pavilion in Deca...    FULL STORY

25 March 2004
Emory Program at Grady Enhances Birth Weight for At-Risk Pregnant Women
Women who enroll in the Centering Pregnancy Program at Grady Memorial Hospital are more likely to give birth to larger babies, feel empowered about their pregnancies, and experience social support f...    FULL STORY

23 March 2004
Dr. Carlos del Rio Will Discuss Infectious Threats in Emory "Great Teachers Lecture"
In the past 30 years, more than 30 new biological agents have been identified in the United States, in addition to new twists on old familiar infectious disease "favorites" such as influenza and pne...    FULL STORY

22 March 2004
Emory, EraGen Get NIH Grant for HIV Diagnostic Test
Using a joint technology transfer grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Emory University and EraGen Biosciences will collaborate to develop gene-based rapid diagnostic tests that would...    FULL STORY

18 March 2004
Study Examines Medical Decision Making by African-American Patients
Making important medical decisions can be a daunting task for almost anyone, yet for some African-American patients, concerns about their health, their own understanding of certain procedures, and t...    FULL STORY

15 March 2004
Emory Eye Center Physician Wins Top Retina Award
Emory Eye Center retina specialist Daniel F. Martin, MD was the recent winner of the Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Foundation Award in the Visual Sciences through the Macula Society. The Society met ...    FULL STORY

15 March 2004
Emory Clinical Trial Explores Options For Treating Acute Deep Venous Thrombosis
Nearly 2 million Americans a year experience the painful swollen extremities associated with deep venous thrombosis (DVT). A thrombus - or blood clot - forms mainly in the deep veins of the lower l...    FULL STORY

09 March 2004
Inpatient Cardiac Risk Management Program Promotes Lifestyle Changes
Can hospitalized cardiac patients learn how to reduce their risk of future heart events - and put this knowledge to practical use? And will any therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) that are promo...    FULL STORY

09 March 2004
Many Patients Can Reduce Serious Heart Disease Risk Factors Without Medication
High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels (hyperlipidemia), and elevated blood sugar (hyperglycemia) are serious risk factors for cardiovascular disease -- and physicians frequently prescri...    FULL STORY

09 March 2004
Emory Researchers Find Race and Gender Gaps In the Treatment of U.S. Heart Attack Patients
If you are a woman suffering a heart attack (also called a myocardial infarction or MI), will you receive the same care as a man? If you are an African-American MI patient, will you get th...    FULL STORY

08 March 2004
Emory Study of Twins Finds Possible Mechanism Linking Depression To Heart Disease
Depression is a recognized risk factor for coronary heart disease (CHD) and, by studying pairs of twins, researchers from Emory and Yale believe they have found a mechanism that explains this li...    FULL STORY

08 March 2004
Researchers Find Coronary Aneurysms Are Independent Predictor of Mortality
The results of a study presented today at the American College of Cardiology's 53rd Scientific Sessions in New Orleans concludes that coronary aneurysms -- regardless of size -- are associat...    FULL STORY

05 March 2004
Cardiology Meeting in New Orleans Features Emory Researchers
Can an inpatient program designed to improve patient knowledge of cardiac risk factors actually lead to better compliance - and a reduced rate of future cardiac events - when heart patients are dism...    FULL STORY

05 March 2004
Dr. Kamal Mansour Establishes Professorship at Emory
Kamal A. Mansour, MD, professor of cardiothoracic surgery in Emory University School of Medicine, along with his wife, Cleo, has made a substantial gift to Emory, enabling the establishment of the K...    FULL STORY

04 March 2004
Dr. Nanette Wenger to Speak About Heart Disease and Women at ACC
One of the nation's leading experts on cardiovascular disease and women, Nanette K. Wenger, MD, professor of medicine in the Division of Cardiology for Emory University School of Medicine, and c...    FULL STORY

02 March 2004
Emory Offers New Therapy for Extremely High Cholesterol
The Emory Heart Center, working in conjunction with the Plasmapheresis Center at Emory University Hospital (EUH), is the first site in Georgia to offer a new treatment, LDL-C apheresis, that c...    FULL STORY

01 March 2004
"Great Teacher" To Discuss Family Caregivers of Chronically Ill Persons
Studies have shown that family involvement for chronically ill patients such as stroke victims has been associated with better recovery of physical function. But the stress the caregivers exper...    FULL STORY

01 March 2004
Dr. Jeffrey Koplan Addresses Conference on Plagues, Public Health and Politics
Many of the dominant public health topics of the past two years, including smallpox, SARS, avian influenza, and mad cow disease, illustrate the complex relationship between the science of public hea...    FULL STORY

01 March 2004
Targeted Treatment Could Contain Pandemic Influenza: Emory Study
In a future outbreak of pandemic influenza, such as the three pandemics that sickened millions and killed hundreds of thousands of people during the 20th century, supplies of flu vaccine might n...    FULL STORY

26 February 2004
World-Renowned AIDS Scientist Joins Emory as GRA Scholar
Eric Hunter, Ph.D., one of the world's leading experts on retroviruses, the class of viruses that includes HIV, will join the faculty of Emory University this fall as the newest Eminent Scholar ...    FULL STORY

25 February 2004
New Emory Ad Campaign Promotes Angioplasty to Treat Heart Attacks
Heart disease, the number one killer of Americans, has an increasing prominence in ad campaigns as companies appeal to health conscious Baby Boomers with everything from aspirin and prescript...    FULL STORY

24 February 2004
Tai Chi Training May Help Reduce Falls in the Elderly
Emory University researchers have found that intense training in tai chi, the ancient Chinese martial arts form, may help reduce the risks of falls in elderly, frail adults. But the benefit of t...    FULL STORY

24 February 2004
Hospitalists and Internists Highly Rated for Quality of Teaching at Grady
A study conducted by Emory University School of Medicine researchers shows that hospitalists and general internists are highly effective teachers on the hospital wards. The study, published in the...    FULL STORY

20 February 2004
Jowers Lecture Focuses on Use of Simulators in Teaching Nurses
As the patient's vital signs drop and he enters cardiac arrest, a room of nursing students try to determine the appropriate measures to save his life. The right decision could prevent death. Mak...    FULL STORY

14 February 2004
Surveillance, Containment Effective Against Smallpox
In the event of a large, intentional release of smallpox, the current government policy of post-release surveillance and containment, if quickly implemented, would be sufficient to prevent a wid...    FULL STORY

13 February 2004
FIRST Fellowship Program Proves Worthy Model for Training Faculty
A postdoctoral fellowship program that combines training in research and teaching within a five-school Atlanta consortium has successfully launched faculty careers in the biological sciences for 8 o...    FULL STORY

13 February 2004
Nanoparticle Probes Are Destined for Major New Role in Medicine
The emerging miniaturized world known as nanomedicine integrates technology, biology and medicine using tools and materials constructed from molecular- and atomic-sized particles too small to se...    FULL STORY

10 February 2004
Emory Experts Offer Advice on Continence at National Conference
Two Emory University experts in the field of urinary incontinence will address participants of the Women's Forum on Lifelong Bladder Health and Pelvic Support. The event, sponsored by the National...    FULL STORY

05 February 2004
HIV Transmission Rate in U.S. Is Approximately 4 Percent Per Year
An Emory University study estimates that over 95 percent of people living with HIV in the United States do not transmit the virus to another person in a year's time. The findings were reported in t...    FULL STORY

04 February 2004
Emory University Great Teachers Lecture Series: "HIV/AIDS: Closer to a Vaccine"
Harriet Robinson, PhD, chief of the Division of Microbiology and Immunology in Emory University's Yerkes National Primate Research Center, will deliver a Great Teachers Lecture entitled "HIV/AID...    FULL STORY

04 February 2004
Emory Doctor Co-Authors New Guidelines for Preventing Heart Disease in Women
The American Heart Association (AHA) announced new guidelines for the prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in women today. Published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Associatio...    FULL STORY

03 February 2004
Healthy Students Make for Healthy Doctors -- and Patients, Emory Researcher Says
A series of studies have shown that doctors are, on the whole, healthier and longer-lived than the general population, even when matched to others of their same upper-tier economic and social st...    FULL STORY

03 February 2004
SE Center for Biologic Threats Gets Nearly $1 Million in Federal Funding
A new one-year federal grant of nearly $1 million will help the Southeastern Center for Emerging Biologic Threats (SECEBT) fulfill its mission of combating emerging infectious diseases and potenti...    FULL STORY

03 February 2004
ALS Center Receives Major Gift from Patient
The ALS Center at Emory University recently received its largest personal contribution towards ALS research at Emory. Patient Steve Wakefield and his wife Pam gave $100,000 to support further rese...    FULL STORY

03 February 2004
Emory Heart Center and Emory University Hospital among Top U.S. Cardiac Centers
"Good Housekeeping" magazine, in partnership with Castle Connolly (publisher of the popular guide America's Top Doctors) has named Emory University Hospital (EUH) and The Emory Heart Center among...    FULL STORY

02 February 2004
Mason Trust Awards $2M to Emory and Children's Healthcare for Liver Transplant Chair
Wachovia Bank, N.A., Trustee of the Carlos and Marguerite Mason Trust, has awarded $2 million to Emory University and to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta to help ensure access to care for all Geor...    FULL STORY

30 January 2004
Emory Heart Center Celebrates American Heart Month with Series of Events
As Valentine's Day approaches and thoughts turn to romance and paper hearts, the Emory Heart Center is encouraging people to think about their real hearts in February by presenting free events a...    FULL STORY

28 January 2004
Metro Organizations Recognize Fourth Annual National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the African-American community has reached epidemic proportions - accounting for 38% of the AIDS reported cases in the country, while comprising only 12% of the U.S. ...    FULL STORY

28 January 2004
Yerkes National Primate Research Center to Develop New Molecular Technology
The Yerkes National Primate Research Center of Emory University today announced its plans to collaborate with PETNET Solutions, a subsidiary of CTI Molecular Imaging, Inc., to research and devel...    FULL STORY

20 January 2004
Mason Trust Awards $1.8 Million to Emory Transplant Center
The Carlos and Marguerite Mason Trust has awarded $1.8 million to Emory University in an effort to ensure access to advanced care for all Georgians in need of organ transplantation. The award will ...    FULL STORY

16 January 2004
Discussion Scheduled on Surgical Options for Parkinson's Patients
Emory neurologist Mahlon DeLong, MD, and Emory neurosurgeon Aviva Abosch, MD, PhD, will hold a free discussion on January 30, 2004, detailing the surgical options available for patients with Par...    FULL STORY

16 January 2004
Racism, Sexual Prejudice Can Impair Healthcare Access for HIV-Positive Black Men
Black men who have sex with men (BMSM) often share common experiences of racism, sexual prejudice, judgment and displacement from their families, churches and communities. Their everyday stre...    FULL STORY

15 January 2004
Scott Boden Named Director of New Emory Orthopaedics & Spine Center
Scott D. Boden, MD, a leading orthopaedic surgeon and researcher, has been named director of the new Emory Orthopaedics & Spine Center. Located in Executive Park South at the intersection of I-85 an...    FULL STORY

14 January 2004
Emory Ophthalmologist Urges Eye Exams During Glaucoma Awareness Month
The American Academy of Ophthalmology, the Eye M.D. Association, and the Emory Eye Center, Atlanta, urge those who may be at risk for developing glaucoma to get a complete eye examination from a...    FULL STORY

09 January 2004
Director of National Immunization Program at CDC Joins Emory
Walter A. Orenstein, MD, director of the National Immunization Program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will join the Emory University School of Medicine in March 2004 as Di...    FULL STORY

07 January 2004
Emory Conference to Focus on Lou Gehrig's Disease
What: "Lou Gehrigs Disease: Hope in the 21st Century" 2004 Virginia Lee Franklin Conference in Neurology Who: Sponsored by Emory Universitys Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing ...    FULL STORY

06 January 2004
Early Treatment of Blinding Eye Disease in Infants Can Prevent Severe Vision Loss
An important clinical trial, sponsored by the National Eye Institute (NEI), a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has provided doctors with improved prognostic indicators and treatm...    FULL STORY

05 January 2004
Warner Robins Woman Fights Parkinson's with Origami Artistry
During the last year, Kim Nichols' very personal fund-raising efforts have raised $6,276 to support Parkinson's disease research efforts at Emory University School of Medicine. And she has, remarkabl...    FULL STORY

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