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For a look at past work by staff photographer, Jack Kearse, browse through this portfolio.

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Environmental Portraits

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Group Portraits

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Operating Room


Patient Care

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Studio Portraits


Rates & Services

Our photography services range from studio portraits and still-life poses to on-location action and scenic shots, available in digital and print formats.

Hourly rates for shoots
$270 per hour for event photography
  $310 per hour for location set-up photography
  $205 per half hour sitting fee for studio photography

The charges include shooting time, formatting, uploading to server, and supply of selected photos. Additional shooting time is billed at $150/hr for event photography, $190/hr for location/set-up photography, and $170/hr for studio photography. If the shoot is several hours long, additional formatting or processing fees may apply.

For charges for other services, such as prints, please contact Carol Pinto at, 404-727-3324. To schedule a shoot, please contact either Carol Pinto or Jack Kearse at or 404-727-5666.


To schedule a shoot, please contact:

Jack Kearse
Director of Photography


Carol Pinto
Assistant Director, Production
Photo Service Manager

For charges for other services, such as prints and mounting, Carol Pinto.