Surgery and Transplant

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Organ Donation Month Flag Raising @ Emory Healthcare

In recognition of National Donate Life Month, Emory Healthcare held a special Donate Life flag raising ceremony on April 8, 2019, to pay tribute to those who have given the gift of life through organ donation.

Date: Apr. 17, 2019

Emory Trains First Generation of Interventional Radiologists in Tanzania

Doctors from Muhimbili University have been visiting Emory Healthcare to learn about interventional radiology.

Date: Apr. 5, 2019

Minimally invasive robotic surgery for pancreatic cancer

Winship Cancer Institute at Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital has expanded surgical options for pancreatic cancer patients with the recent addition of minimally invasive robotic surgery.

Date: Oct. 25, 2017

Robotic Partial Nephrectomies at Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

Dr. John G. Pattaras has introduced an organ-sparing kidney cancer surgery at Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. This involves removing the tumor and reconstructing the patient's kidney through the advancement of robotics.

Date: Nov 6, 2014

Minimally Invasive Quad Tendon Harvest ACL Repair

Emory Sports Medicine Center's Dr. John W. Xerogeanes explains the benefits of the Minimally Invasive Quad Tendon Harvest for ACL repair.

Date: Aug 21, 2014

Teacher Heads Back To Class After Life-Changing Spine Surgery

As a teacher, Christine Zoghbi loved the mental and physical exercise of keeping up with her students. But when unrelenting back pain struck, her active life came to a halt. After doing her research, Christine discovered that Scott Boden, MD, director of the Emory Orthopaedics and Spine Center, is an expert when it comes to complex spine surgeries. Now, a year after surgery, Christine is back at the head of the class.

Date: Apr. 30, 2014

Surgical Anatomy of the Liver - iPad App

Developed by a team at the Emory University School of Emory, a new iPad app allows the learner to rotate the liver, turn structures off and on, and tap anatomy to reveal a label. Download from Apple iTunes App Store: 

Date: Apr 1, 2014

Islet Cell Transplant Leaves Patients Diabetes-Free

It's been 10 years since two Emory patients entered into a clinical trial for their Type 1 diabetes and experienced exceptional outcomes. In March 2014, the Emory Transplant Center celebrated their 10-year anniversary of being diabetes-free, thanks to a unique transplant of donor pancreatic islet cells.

Date: March 27, 2014

Paired Kidney Exchange at Emory University

The second largest kidney swap in history included Emory Transplant Center, which took care of two patients, a recipient and a donor. A former pastor received the gift of life, thanks to a generous donation from one of his church members. But Gainesville pastor Troy Milford didn't receive his kidney from parishioner and friend Robert Poole; Milford received it from a donor in New Jersey. And Poole's donated kidney went to an anonymous recipient in Texas.

Date: July 1, 2013