entrepreneurship_graphic.jpgEmory Venture Navigator serves Emory researchers interested in bringing inventions and discoveries to market – either through a licensing agreement or by starting a company.

The site gathers resources inside and outside Emory in three stages of the entrepreneurial journey:

  • Learn – if you’re seeking baseline information about commercialization
  • Start – if you’re planning to launch a company around your invention
  • Scale – if you’ve started a company and want to learn how to grow it

The information on this site was collected and organized to give you an idea of what’s available to you, then point the way to more details. The site will develop further to provide greater interaction between you and the offices and professionals who want to help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

Emory Venture Navigator is a service of the Emory Biomedical Catalyst (EBC), in partnership with the School of Medicine and the Woodruff Health Sciences Center.

The EBC works to launch and grow more biomedical companies out of Emory. As a complement to other efforts that move Emory discoveries out of the lab and into the marketplace, the Emory Biomedical Catalyst identifies gaps and obstacles, makes new connections inside and outside the university, and provides the counsel needed to accelerate success.

While much of the information on the Emory Venture Navigator site is oriented around biomedical innovation, it’s intended to serve all Emory researchers.