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Innovative Discovery

Our goal is to fuel interdisciplinary discovery and innovative solutions to improve human health.


  • Enable high-risk, high-impact research leading to the discovery and development of new therapies and devices
  • Catalyze synergies by bringing researchers together across organizational boundaries
  • Develop a Cohort of the Future that is representative of the State to target major disparities and significant health issues for Georgians


  • Facilitate innovation, entrepreneurship, and the development of intellectual property across Emory
  • Identify novel technology focus areas to guide recruitment and development of people and new technologies 
  • Expand the Synergy award program to drive collaborative research across Emory around key themes
  • Charge a task force to define, catalog, and understand existing cohorts and identify ways to leverage cohorts across Emory
  • Host a symposium on cohort design and utilization in research with partner institutions and cohort innovators from around the country

The world’s leading universities contribute to human development by disseminating established knowledge and creating new knowledge through research and discovery. Innovative discovery defines how we will foster collaboration in areas of research that cut across the schools and units of the WHSC and strengthen our infrastructure to support and promote ground breaking discovery. Emory’s successes in biomedical discovery, coupled with extraordinary growth in research funding, infrastructure, and personnel over the past decade provide an opportunity to build even greater research excellence.

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Examples of Innovative Discovery

Why are those born in the rural South less healthy and prone to die sooner?
Researchers from Emory are participating in a landmark study to understand why people born in rural communities in the South live shorter and less healthy lives than their counterparts elsewhere in the country.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Synergy II/Nexus Awards
WHSC and Office of the Provost have announced the recipients of the Synergy II/Nexus Awards, selecting four proposals out of 16 submitted.

HSRB-II construction slated to begin later this year
The new Health Sciences Research Building (HSRB)-II, funded by a gift made last year by the Woodruff Foundation, is scheduled to begin construction in December.

'All of Us' research program tops 1,300 participants at Emory, continues enrollment
The nationwide research program All of Us, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, has now enrolled more than 100,000 participants.

Emory continues high rankings in NIH research funding
The Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research has posted its 2018 rankings of schools and departments by NIH funding, and Emory once again scores among the nation's most elite universities.

Synergy Award winners will further collaborative research in health sciences
WHSC supports collaborative projects within the health sciences via the Synergy Awards

Innovation hub aims to drive tech R&D to improve outcomes, lower costs
The Emory Healthcare Innovation Hub was created to identify and solve consumer-centric problems in the health care industry.

Discovery and Developmental Therapeutics
This program at Winship includes basic scientists who identify new anti-cancer targets, translational researchers who refine these discoveries for clinical application, and physicians who treat patients with new cancer therapies and techniques.

Emory joins NIH in launching All of Us Research Program to advance precision medicine
The All of Us research program is a momentous effort to advance individualized prevention, treatment and care for people of all backgrounds.

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