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Data Science

Our goal is to transform discovery, education, and health care through data science


  • Launch a Health and Biomedical Data Science Center to drive research and teaching in biomedical data science and informatics across Emory and our partners

Year 1 Tactics

  • Appoint leadership and steering committee to coordinate and facilitate data sciences activities across Emory and our partners
  • Implement a plan to create the Health and Biomedical Data Science Center

Data Science is a critical enabler of success in all our strategic plan themes. By working together in collaboration with our partners, we can accelerate the impact of health and biomedical data science.

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Examples of Data Science

Artificially intelligent neural interfaces: DARPA funds Emory/GT/Northwestern research
Biomedical engineers at Emory/Georgia Tech and Northwestern were awarded a $1 million grant from DARPA for their research on artificial intelligence and neural interfaces.

THINK BIG Luminary Lecture by Gary H. Gibbons, MD
Director of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to speak at Emory on "The Promise of Precision Medicine: Harnessing New Technologies for Public Health Impact."

Project examines Georgia's nursing workforce
The Georgia Nursing Workforce Initiative is housed within the Emory School of Nursing's Center for Data Science, which helps nursing faculty and students tap into vast amounts of health, disease, and patient care data at Emory.

Artificial Intelligence: Blue Ridge Report separates fact from fiction
The Blue Ridge Academic Health Group (BRAHG) has released its Winter 2019 report: Separating Fact from Fiction: Recommendations for Academic Health Centers on Artificial and Augmented Intelligence.

Embracing Big Data
The Center for Data Science gives nurses the analytical tools to optimize health care delivery and outcomes

Promulgating PrEP
A national database of clinics prescribing pre-exposure prophylasix for HIV helps those at risk get the help they need.

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