Areas of Focus


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In the current biomedical discovery ecosystem, innovation is often driven by potential profitability. Ideas that could rapidly result in inexpensive, new, life-saving treatments often remain unexplored and are not brought to the market because of lack of financial incentives. This situation leaves many untapped opportunities. The Morningside Center seeks to fill this gap by focusing on the following areas of work:

Disease Database
  • Create and maintain a curated database of FDA-approved drugs with supporting evidence for cancer use
Prioritization Framework
  • Develop a scientific framework for prioritizing ideas based upon viewing cancer as an ecosystem rather than a collection of tumor cells
Epidemiology Studies
  • Identify FDA-approved drugs used by cancer patients that correlate with improved outcomes
Clinical Trials
  • Identify investigators for ideas ready for clinical studies
  • Provide seed funding
Novel Study Design
  • Develop novel models for bringing “financial orphans” to patients
  • Engage in advocacy and education efforts regionally, nationally, and globally