Center for Affordable Medical Innovation


The Center for Affordable Medical Innovation (CAMI) is an interdisciplinary unit within the Woodruff Health Sciences Center at Emory University consisting of a core group of staff, and affiliated faculty from across Emory. Extending the vision of GlobalCures Inc., a non-profit medical research organization, CAMI was created to promote research, education, and advocacy for effective and affordable medical treatments.

In the current biomedical discovery ecosystem, innovation is often driven by potential profitability. Ideas that could rapidly result in inexpensive, new, life-saving treatments often remain unexplored and are not brought to the market because of lack of financial incentives. This situation leaves many untapped opportunities. CAMI seeks to fill this gap by primarily focusing on repurposing FDA approved drugs. Nutraceuticals and lifestyle changes are other areas of interest.

CAMI’s first area of focus is in cancer, a disease for which new drugs are often very expensive. Over time, CAMI will explore therapies in other areas as well as devices and diagnostics.

CAMI will seek strategic alliances with government agencies, foundations, industry, health insurers, health care providers, advocacy groups, and other academic institutions.