Areas of Focus


Cancer cells

The Center for Affordable Medical Innovation’s first area of focus is around the repurposing of existing pharmaceuticals to reduce the burden of common high-cost health conditions such as cancer. Despite great strides in recent years, cancer care leaves much to be desired. Current treatments are typically toxic and often ineffective, especially for patients with metastatic disease. More than 600,000 people will die from cancer this year in the United States alone, and more than 8 million will die worldwide.

The good news is that there are existing drugs with potential applications to cancer that have not been fully explored. To advance this area, the center will initially—

  • Create and maintain a curated database of FDA-approved drugs with supporting evidence for cancer use.
  • Develop a scientific framework for prioritizing ideas based upon viewing cancer as an ecosystem rather than a collection of tumor cells.
  • Stratify ideas into those requiring additional preclinical validation and those ready for clinical trials.
    • For ideas needing validation, design and execute critical laboratory experiments to support later clinical investigation.
    • For ideas ready for trial, identify investigators for clinical studies, design and write clinical protocols, and provide seed funding.